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Oh, wow. Oscar noms. Let's see, what am I pleased about? Well, I'm not pleased that DiCaprio got a nom for Blood Diamond and not The Departed. I wasn't really interested in seeing The Blood Diamond, but The Departed was fantastic. The fact that Ryan Gosling got a nom totally makes my day. I feel a strange affection for Half Nelson, even though I never got to see it. Must be because a)Ryan Gosling and b)Broken Social Scene did the music.

The Mark Wahlberg nom came out of left field, in my opinion. Yeah, he was great, but it didn't seem like he would get a nod when there's Martin Sheen and Jack Nicholson in the running as well. I'm happy for Alan Arkin's nom, mainly because it means recognition for Little Miss Sunshine. Jackie Earle Haley managed to freak me out entirely in Little Children. That, I guess, is the mark of a good actor, although I'll probably hide under my bed if he wins and does a speech.

Helen Mirren versus Meryl Streep! American acting royalty versus British acting royalty! With Kate Winslet thrown in the mix! Honestly, I'm surprised that Little Children got so many nods. It sounded like an Oscar-worthy movie, it was damn good, but it was a blip on the radar in movie theaters.

GO ABIGAIL BRESLIN! And in your face, Beyonce!

One nom for The Good Shepherd. Ouch. I want The Prestige to win something, but in all likelihood Pan's Labyrinth will take art direction. Probably the same with cinematography, although I'd like for The Illusionist to sneak in there. If Marie Antoinette doesn't win costume design...why am I even writing this? Of course it'll win costume design.

Why did they even bother nominating other films? Scorsese's taking home an Oscar this year. I'm very much torn between The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine for Best Picture.

Guys. Guys. Borat got a nomination. Best adapted screenplay. Academy Award Winning Film: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Can you see it? Little Children got another nod there. And I'm rooting for Little Miss Sunshine for best original screenplay.

I'll post more cohesive thoughts later on who I think will win in all categories, but right now I have to go to laundry.

P.S. The hot water is out in my hall. How fun is that?

Below is a list of all the films nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award since 1970 (with the winning picture at the top of the list for each year, with the exception of 2006). Bold the ones you've seen.

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"The first woman to ever breastfeed an apple." Chris Rock, I take it back, you're funny.
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