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I went clubbing last night. Clubs have dumb names like VAiN and Bliss. It was fun though. Saw a lot of Ed Hardy shirts and Guido dance moves. And girls in underwear dancing on tables. Yay, nightlife. I ended up using my weirdly specific radar to find a pub in the vicinity and got a pint and chips.

Also I think my new fleet of Britta icons will help me want to post on LJ more.

I've been doing a rewatch of Buffy and Angel. I think it's safe to say that Hell Bound (Angel 5x04) is possibly the scariest thing the Whedonverse has ever done. Personally anyway. Also, good lord, Angel season four SUCKS. Ugh it makes me so angry.
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visited 24 states (48%)
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It appears I have done my best to avoid all the flat states. That's not exactly intentional.
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My birthday is coming up and I'm not saying here's my amazon wishlist, go, internet, prosper, but I know there's at least one person who might consider buying me a present, and it's not like I wasn't already spending an inordinate amount of time browsing forever21's scarf section for things that look like J Crew or Anthropologie knockoffs. So I'm sorry if this is unforgivably tacky, but hey, at least you can look at my collage of things I find pretty and/or interesting and make judgments.

Edit: HA, I used Google Images to find a picture of a wooden corkscrew and I just realized it's $130.
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This past week the ladies at the Hairpin emptied out their purses for the world to see, and since I love that shit and the last time I did it was in 2008 (love how I always need bandaids), I figured I was due. I considered throwing my dice bag in there to get some cred but it felt disingenuous, seeing as I haven't played since our DM moved away.

Here we go, clockwise starting with the wallet!


1. Fossil/Relic wallet, full of discount cards for Borders and ABC Liquor and I think five bucks.

2. A measuring tape, which, you have no idea how useful this is sometimes. No idea. I was planning to empty this out and use it as a pill case, but it doesn't close properly. The mints were disgusting so I ended up dumping them out. I'm still hopeful.

3. Dinosaur print makeup bag containing a tampon, Clinique black honey lipstick, chapstick, a ponytail holder, two nail files (?!) and white citrus perfume.

4. Sad utilitarian keys. I no longer have a key fob because I lost my keys somewhere across America when I was roadtripping this summer and didn't realize it until I was home. They could be anywhere from Los Angeles to Pensacola, and I have no fucking idea where. That was a problem when I tried to get back in my own car, let me tell you.

5. Lucky Brand purse (that I may have stolen from my mom).

6. Moleskine planner, Staedler pens. The hipster standard. I'm more likely to be organized if I have pretty shit that I feel guilty about not using. And my six year old ipod which still works like a champ and has every embarrassing song I've ever downloaded since I was 16.

7. Freefloating "Yes to Carrots" lip balm and lotion. Excellent shit, and you feel all responsible and organic.

8. Pocketknife and unholy rats nest of a jump drive on a string and old handsfree for a phone I haven't had since October that I discovered when I opened the zip pocket on the inside of my purse. Bonus: busted silica packet!

9. Iphone with Jonathan Adler case and naked lady matches from a tapas restaurant with one burnt match put back in the box.

10. Bandaids, which are a necessity if you're me, honey-scented solid perfume (I change my perfume according to season, okay) and my ACTUAL pill case.
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Sometimes I play a game where I watch students leave a classroom and I see how many guys I find cute. The results are usually dismal. There are way more cute girls than cute guys on this campus. Unfair! When I see cute girls I usually just study their adornments and try to determine if I can reproduce their messy updos or purchase my own stylish Anthropologie belts. I think this inequality may lead to some sex-role reversal scenarios where female intrasexual competition will occur, and we will use our newly developed antlers to fight over appealing males.

However I have also noticed that my personal preference for a male goes up by about two points if I discover that he's a funny nerd, so my new strategy is to stand outside classrooms making Arrested Development jokes and see who laughs. And then I will offer him a shiny pebble or feather and see if he responds.

I will never get tired of this gif.
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Sage butter roast turkey with cider gravy
Mashed potatoes
Acorn squash macaroni and cheese
Zucchini quiche
Green beans
Cornbread stuffing with apples and sausage
Pumpkin pie
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Having an iphone has enabled me to pick a direction and start driving. So that's what I did today, finding myself burdened with a few free hours. I had no plan and no idea where I wanted to go. I actually thought I might head south, or maybe find a beach. But as I pulled to the light at the entrance of my apartment complex, I put my left turn signal on to head back to this house someone I used to know once lived in.

Reception is murder bad here.


I'm not even kidding. Everything about that back-ass-wards area screams murder. Driving out there you have this fucking seven foot deep ditch directly next to the road. MURDER DITCH. I would have a photo for you but YOU CAN'T PULL OVER, THERE'S A MURDER DITCH THERE. And fuck if I'm gonna crane over with my camera and blindly click, even if the road is entirely fucking deserted. The reception out there? I'm pretty sure that tweet went through only when I got back on a well-maintained road about a half an hour later. And in case you all wondered about my sanity during this trip, I was either stopped or at a red light for every single one of these tweets. I'm adventurous, not suicidal.

P1030394 P1030393

I saw the sun set over the St John's river in the middle of nowhere.

Somewhere between the east coast and sanford

@kitalita: First red light in 20 min

@kitalita: Never been more annoyed to see a taco bell

At this point I'd been driving around the country (and I mean COUUUNNTRY, as in a plywood sign with "RABBITS" and a phone number spray painted on it leaning against a telephone pole) for about an hour. I only saw two traffic lights in that entire time. And despite the fact that the soundtrack for this adventure was Girl Talk's new album, it only felt hipstery during the brief time that Karen O song from Where the Wild Things Are kicked in.

The arrival of the Taco Bell heralded the return to the massive fucking urban sprawl of the city, and the disappearance of anything photogenic. Although it took about another hour to make my way home, it became less an adventure of sightseeing and more a migratory dance party involving only the upper body. I did take ONE more detour to find the new location for Rocky's Replay.


The hot dogs are no longer only fifty cents but that loss has been made up for by way more floor space and the acquisition of new games, INCLUDING the Star Wars arcade game. So now when I hang out there I can impress people with more than my ability to fail spectacularly at Dance Dance Revolution.

This was a successful adventure, I think. An excellent way to spend the afternoon.


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An update: Wild Fingerchew spotted sleeping on his bag outside HPA waiting for an opportunity to sit in front of someone in evolutionary bio and devour his own hand.


Oct. 18th, 2010 11:45 am
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Today I have three things I need to do.

I need to review my French vocabulary for the oral midterm at 1:30.

I need to do my lab work before 2:30.

I need to do my French homework online before midnight.

If I had time, I might go home to get some of my Star Wars figures for my French project due on Friday.

So, think. Think, my Disney princesses. What is the key factor in all of this? What essential yet silent component could destroy this to-do list and keep me running around frantically? Who do I rely on time and time again to pull me through my busy days, or even a day like today, which really isn't that busy at all?

Oh, yeah, you know what it is. It's my netbook. My lovely faithful netbook. My lovely faithful netbook who has taken ill and will not boot.

Because all those things up there? They require a computer. Because my French textbook? Oh, it's an ebook. And my homework? It's online. And the lab work? It's a research assignment. On the internet.

This is not unprecedented. I called my dad to inform him that I would be coming home with my netbook to see if we can get its shit together and he told me that the other day he had one thing to do: mow the lawn. But then the mower blade hits something, and he looks at the mower and realizes that one of the bolts is gone, and another bolt had NEVER BEEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE, and the casing was cracked, and the engine was no longer being held INSIDE the motor by anything, and there went the entire day, just fixing the mower.

So it's not like my entire day is down the toilet. There are tons of computer labs around campus. And I'm used to it. I need to hit the ground running every week.

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If you ever thought for even a second about whether you should watch Community, watch this video.
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Take just a few minutes of your day and watch this.


Sep. 21st, 2010 10:05 pm
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That's all.
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Going to the pub to celebrate my updo.

updo2 updo1

My camera was misbehaving in the second photo. I had no idea I was making that face until I uploaded the photo to my computer.


Sep. 13th, 2010 02:18 am
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If you laughed, congratulations. You're an art nerd.


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