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San Diego Zoo - a set on flickr

So Grant and I landed, Cassie took us straight to In N Out, we went home and proceeded to drink until we were sitting in the hall outside the bathroom crying on each other at 3 AM, woke up at 6, got Carls Jr for breakfast and then went to the San Diego Zoo in a hungover daze.

Seriously. Carls Jr for breakfast. A western bacon cheeseburger for breakfast. We were wobbling around the zoo groaning for hours. IT'S LIKE LEAD. WE REGRET BURGER. OUR LIVERS! OH GOD OUR LIVERS. BURGER DRUNK BURGER NEVER AGAIN.

And the zoo was fantastic! We pretty much had it to ourselves because it was lightly raining. We made it most of the way through the park before we got tired and walking in wet shoes was no longer fun. We finished off the day at the gorilla exhibit, where we got to stand three feet away from them while they slept under the overhang to get out of the rain. It was fucking incredible, and the perfect way to end the visit.

After that we drove back and had dinner at a really tiny Thai restaurant in Duarte called Thai City which was AMAZING. AMAZING. Food was beyond words. I got the satay dinner which came with chicken satay pieces and shrimp fried rice. Cassie got clear noodles with beef (my personal favorite - we all sampled) and Grant got a combination spicy lemongrass seafood soup.

Now we're watching the Oscars and not drinking. (Yet)
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I'm going to LA tomorrow. My flight leaves at 12:30 AM. It'll be me and Grant going to visit Cassie for the week, going to the San Diego Zoo, Vegas, and just having a blast. I'll hopefully be able to get online some of the nights and talk to people, since all three of us have laptops and are internet people.

In the meantime, my kumquat liqueur will be sitting in my room steeping and turning lovely.

Hopefully being three hours behind will make it easier for me to be awake when Rob is. It sucks having to go to sleep after only talking for like an hour or two.

Now to finish this delicious onion pie for dinner.
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My birthday passed somewhat uneventfully at the beginning of the week, with the exception of getting harassed by some crackheads in the Wal-Mart parking lot. So I'm 23 now. I had Grant, Nick, Orlando Rob and his girlfriend over on Saturday for a James Cameron movie night, which basically consisted of Titanic. It's long enough to satisfy.

As my trip to LA to visit [ profile] sangre_fria gets closer I keep having more travel-related dreams. First I dreamed that Grant and I were going to take off in an airplane that was basically a flying car with a trailer, and so I refused and said they needed to bring us a real plane. (And then Grant vanished and I found baby birds and kittens in a corner of the airport, so that was a drastic change in tone.) And two nights ago I dreamed I was packing to take a flight to Paris. So now I want to go to Paris. Failing that, watch French Kiss and eat macarons.

This weekend I'm going home to go to the Grant Seafood Festival (my roommate will, of course, remain at home with the shotgun and the pit bulls). So I'll hopefully get off my ass and charge my camera before then. Maybe the big cat people will be there again. And maybe I'll snap a few photos of the food before I shove my face in the little paper trays.

Not Dead

Jan. 3rd, 2010 12:46 am
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I have clearly been very lax with my posting. I know, terrible of me, depriving you all of the fascinating minutiae of my ever-changing exciting life, which currently involves YouTubing NSYNC videos on the couch while my boyfriend sleeps on the floor in front of the tv.

Is it a good excuse to say that my finals shellshocked me into a catatonic state? No? Whatever. It's not like I've been doing anything really awesome this break. It's been pretty quiet. Shopping for presents, making food. I made candy for the first time - salt caramels - and they turned out fantastically. So fantastically I am currently kicking myself for not bringing some up with me.

I met up with the Fellowship (my group of friends from high school) over break. Really looking forward to hanging out with [ profile] renethetoaster sometime soon, since we had a great time watching Nostalgia Chick videos and agreeing that we could totes review historical epics together. The rest of the visit was fraught with revertigo but it was good to see people again.

With help from Smitten Kitchen's max out tiny kitchen post, I've been working on ideas for my similarly tiny kitchen. I made a lovely pegboard over break which I will be putting up sometime this week. Also thinking of making a drop-leaf wall-mounted table for extra workspace. Today I dragged hapless boyfriend to Crate and Barrel and Ikea to purchase ramekins, a pot lid rack and some Blomster candlesticks.

On the subject of projects: I have an XBox I'm going to softmod into a media center, I need to reupholster the armchair I refinished in August, I want to put some Grundtal racks in my kitchen so I can avoid using my counterspace.

Like I said, thrilling exploits.
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It's been four whole days and I haven't yet shared the wondrous story of my birthday party! I can't believe it!

It was on Friday, that monumental day when I turned 21, and surprisingly enough I haven't been caught on the 11 o'clock news, running naked and drunk down a city street. But there's still time. I promise.

The party was supposed to start at around five or six, but those two hours were spent sitting on the couch waiting for people to show up with only Becky for company, who had to leave to go to work at seven. Thankfully, just as I was about to panic and feel abandoned on my birthday, people started flooding in. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and coke and two kinds of beer and Smirnoffs and vodka and coconut rum and Jack Daniels (for Ethan). Also, karaoke.

A few photos. Probably none of me. )

I don't know how I managed to NOT upload one of the ten million blowtorch photos, but I'm too lazy and too close to leaving to quickly slap one up there, so here's the story behind that. First, Bryan is awesome. He's been offering to bake me things for the past six months or so. When I was recovering from mono, he made me creme brulee so I could gain back weight. Also, brownies. And finally, finally, I'm able to eat as much sweets as I damn well want to, so he offered to bring desserts to my party, and he DID. He made creme brulee, brownies and brought the materials to bake chocolate crater cake in my kitchen. He is fully responsible for the five extra pounds I'm sporting right now. (But in a good way! That is not intended to make him feel guilty!) But Richard provided the blowtorch to make the crusty sugar on the top of the creme brulee, and Bryan got to use it, and Richard took about five thousand photos of Bryan in various stages of burning things.

I still have brownies and crater cake in my fridge.

I got lots of lovely things for my birthday, which I'll take photos of maybe on Thursday when I get back from Jacksonville, and I might elaborate more about my party then too, but I had to get something up before the three hour drive of hell tonight. So here it is.

My party was awesome. I sang lots of karaoke. I know all the words to many many embarrassing songs. The end.
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Two things that make me angry today.

1. The Senior Prank. The West Shore Class of 2006 did their senior prank the other day, as I found out from [ profile] archie_costello here. The senior prank was, according to her:
somebody used a stencil and spray-painted 'class of 06' all over the school - on the walls, on the walkways, doors, everywhere. they also spray-painted 'fuck you west shore' and stuff like that on some of the walls.

What the fuck. What the fuck, people? That's completely tasteless, rude and hateful. I can't even describe how angry I am about this right now. I'm thinking about going in to visit the school tomorrow and telling the administration how very sorry I am that their senior class is a bunch of FUCKTARDS who have no IDEA how awful they are and are so ungrateful that they can't recognize how good they have it there. Sure, Melia can be a dick sometimes, and he's a real stickler for PDAs, but what has he ever done to you, personally? What has Mrs. Van Meter done? What has Ms. Shirley done? What have all the teachers done to you, personally, to warrant such a nasty, blanketed statement? How can you say "fuck you" to the entire establishment? I mean, God forbid you actually specifically target certain people, but fuck you too! What fucking assholes you must be to do that!

If anyone has any more information than what Felicite has already given me, please feel free to let me know what's going on.

2. [ profile] flame_of_death has a troll. He started trolling when she posted cam pics, saying she should post pictures of her sucking mean dick, [ profile] sangre_fria stood up to him, and now he has a journal called [ profile] sangre_friahate. My advice, Kari, is to block him from commenting in your journal, report everything he does and make screencaps of all his comments and appropriate replies as evidence.
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“Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more.”
Erica Jong, 1942, writer and feminist

Valentine's Day was great. This past weekend Grant and I spent Saturday and Sunday together, and Tuesday I went down to see him again and got a dozen roses for my trouble. :) We went to Target and he bought a bookcase so he could make room on his desk for my big Valentine's gift...

FISHIES! Or rather, a fish tank, because the tank has to sit for at least 48 hours before fish can go in it.

So, my birthday is exactly a week from today. I'm probably not going to have a party. There's just no time to organize anything and no one would be able to come anyway. Let's face it, everyone's gone, and it's not like anyone wants to take the time to meet up.
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Tomorrow I'm moving, but there are three people here that have pressing business with me.

MOLLY! Come by my house sometime and pick up your present. I will not be there, but my parents will deliver it to you and all will be okay.

JACKIE! Your t-shirt is here! Come by my house or send Kari if you don't know how to get here and pick up your present!

BECKY! If you want to drop off my present, you may do so, or you may wait until I come by to visit.

ALSO, MOLLY! You're here for another month, right? Come see me at Stetson! YOU HOR!

And now, back to packing whilst watching Firefly.
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This past year I've matured more than I ever thought possible. I feel more independent and more myself than ever before. I've made more new friends over the course of this year than I have in a long time. I graduated from high school. I turned eighteen. I found someone to make me happy. I've reconnected with my friends and realized what's important to me.

There's not much more to say. Onward and upward.

They will see us waving from
Such great heights
"Come down now," they'll say
But everything seems
So perfect from far away
"Come down now,"
But we'll stay.
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Yesterday was exceedingly fun! Work was good, because it was a Keith day, and then sometime around 3:11 p.m., the door opened and who came to visit me but Grant! I was very, very pleased. I even bounced. And jumped him. He said I was being unprofessional, but fuck that, it's 3 in the afternoon and no one is at the restaurant anyway. Glee! Visiting! Yay!

Rene's Yule celebration was fun and awesome. There was burnination and orgies to keep warm. Grant attended and worshiped the warm cider with us. John and Keith were invited and they graciously brought cheeseburgers. We all had fun piling random shit onto the fire, and then we got sick of the cold and moved on to Rene's house. Secret Santa exchanging was had, except for those who didn't have theirs with them or shipped to them yet.

After the Yule party, I hung out with the boys at Richard's house for a little bit (which was very fun and I wish I hadn't had work in the morning) before going home and playing KOTOR ("You just happen to be supercool and on this ship? Before, I was impressed. Now I suspect you must have had something to do with the attack on Bastila!") until my head nodded.

So to make up to the awesome of yesterday, today sucked.

ETA: But I did find out that I work with a domestic terrorist.
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Work was entertaining for the first half (it was a Keith day), but then I got mind-numbingly bored and extremely lonely. Very depressing.

Part of me feels like hanging out with people tonight, and the other half of me really doesn't want to.

I don't even know what I'm saying.
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So, Thursday was Grant's birthday. Friday was his party. Now that was one awesome, awesome time.

It was me and Cassie against an entire sausage fest of a party. So many boys. So much fun. By the time I got around to my Smirnoff, though, Grant was feeling sicky (blue tequila plus 151 plus Cheeto shot will so do that to you) and I had to take care of him. He fell asleep around four and I stayed up talking with Jeremy until five, then finally gave in to my exhaustion and made Grant relinquish half of the covers so I could sleep.

I had a great time. I love hanging out with all the guys.
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If I've been conspicuously absent from LJ life and from IM, I'm sorry. I do promise that if you're on my flist, I do read your entries. My life has pretty much been divided into work and WoW. I'll still sit around online sometimes, though. Anyway, just checking in and reminding you that I love you. Of course, half the time I try to IM someone, they don't respond, go to away, and then sign off. Does my screenname smell or something?

As far as life goes, I'm still working. I'm making plans for college in the spring. It's looking like UCF.

Anyway, I'm going to be in Orlando on Sunday for Halloweeny fun, and going to see RHPS that night if we can find a showing. KATY, HELP ME. If not, we'll rent the DVD and put on the "audience participation" subtitles, get smashed and chant along and throw things.

Right. Bored now.
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Well, it's true that you can never go home again, I guess. Homecoming felt weird and awkward after I got past seeing people I hadn't seen in...well, okay, a few days. But some, not for ages.

Colleen was there and so was Lindsay Marks, didn't expect that at all. A nice surprise, though. Kali returned.

I'll let Grant regale you with his stories of romancing Mrs. Ladd.

We actually got there way, way, way early, so we went and played with ducks and chickens at the pond, and Grant was attacked by a vicious chicken. Then we were still early, so we went to the cemetary and said hello to my grandmother. I'll have to remember to tell Dad about that. I forgot earlier.

Homecoming had a few highlights. The DJ had one shining moment of glory and played You Shook Me All Night Long, prompting a prom flashback and a repeat performance. <3

We ate at Wendy's beforehand - and glancing back at my prom entry, I just remembered we tried to go to McDonalds for the pre-prom dinner back then, too, lol.

Um. Right. At some point Grant and I cannibalized the decorations on the tables and decided to make the faux champagne glasses float above the crowd, held aloft by the balloons they foolishly put near us. It took a while for us to balance it all out and then when it finally floated up, some bitches ripped it down and threw it around. Bunch of savages in this town. But we persevered, and sent glow sticks floating on high. It was glorious, glorious prankery.

We cut out early, fully intending to head off to the Days Inn, but Grant suddenly felt nauseous and so we went to the park and laid down for a while, and he wasn't getting any better, so we went back to my house and I gave him Maalox and he wanted to watch Love Actually so we ended up on the floor of the front room watching the movie, just like summertime.

(Grant, tomorrow I go to work at 5, and I do want to do something with you before that, okay? Give me a call when you wake up. The cell will be by my bed.)
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I had possibly the best day ever today. I went over to Grant's apartment this morning and woke him up. He cooked me lunch! It was very, very delicious. We also watched French Kiss. Today was definitely the best way to sort of celebrate six months together, especially in light of our phone call last night. I love having perfect days like today.

When I got back home I called up some of the Bitch Pack and then went over to Jackie's house and watched some of The 10th Kingdom with her, Rene and Kristin. Twas very entertaining, and Molly was there in spirit because we talked about what she did and didn't like about it, too.

Tomorrow I work a double shift. 11-4 and then 5-10. Why, yes, I do want to die. Yes. Ugh. (Come visit me? Lunch is cheaper.)

Which is why I'm going to go pass out so I can have as much sleep as possible before HEEEELL.


Rene, I get off work at ten tomorrow, and yes, it is convenient that HotFlixx is open until 2, so give me a call.


Aug. 13th, 2005 12:28 pm
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Tomorrow Grant moves away to Orlando. I'm going to visit him on Tuesday. I know we'll be okay and things won't change that much, but right now he's just moving away and leaving and it's breaking my heart. Once I get through this week I'll be happy again. This week is when everyone is preparing to pack up their things and have their farewell parties and go off to college, and I'm stuck behind, stalled at the crossroads where I should be moving on, but I'm not.

When everyone's gone it'll be so empty here. Cassie will be here for a few months, but then she'll be gone, too. Becky is working two jobs. My younger friends are busy with high school. I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to end up sitting in on Mrs. Teplica's classes a lot.

I have a mix CD to work on tonight.


Jul. 3rd, 2005 02:21 am
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I am on so much crack right now. I just spent an hour and a half on CandyBar DollMaker.

In honor of my time-wasting-ness, here's dolls. )
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Wow, I had a hell of a weekend. On Friday I went up to Ft. Wilderness with Becky, April and Cassie and met Grant there, since he was already in the area thanks to college orientation. A golf cart was procured by my parents while we were swimming (and having an evil game of Marco Polo - A GIRLFRIEND DOES NOT DOUBLE AS A HUMAN SHIELD!), and then we spent a few hours driving around in it. I was driving fine, it was fun, I was scaring the three unfortunates on the back bench seat, and then Grant decided to drive and promptly crashed it into a stationary cherry-picker. We will never let him live it down. Never. ♥

We went to the petting zoo and snuck in after hours to see the ponies. They were cute ponies, but to our horror, we all discovered that Grant had a disgusting talent: whenever he petted one, it pooped. Seriously. Three for three, I think it was. We found ponies necking and I named them Obi-Wan and Anakin. (One was mottled tan, one was black. Of course they're Obi-Wan and Anakin!) The horses in the barn were all Clydesdales and Percherons and other massive things with heads the size of our torsos, and had quite clear signs saying "DO NOT PET OR FEED." And...and...wait for it...guess what we did?

All of us lazed around in the bedroom a while because it was pouring outside and then he had to leave and drive home in the rain, in the dark, because he had work tomorrow. (I was not pleased with this situation.) He was fine, though, and didn't get lost and drove home okay.

Becky crashed early (after we all had a long, deep conversation about societal views on sex and love and gossiping about people we hated and bitching about weird people and talking about religion, as we do at all sleepovers) and Cassie and April and I stayed up until about 3 A.M. scaring ourselves with talk about ghosts. And I showed them some Logan/Veronica scenes.

The next morning we woke up and went over to the Wilderness Lodge, followed by rain. We waited around in the gift shop for a while and then went outside to the pool when it cleared up. WHEEE, WILDERNESS LODGE HAS A SLIDE! AND A HOT TUB! The water was peeerfect and we saw a duck in a nest near the top of the slide. DUCK! It was very cute. I am officially in love with hot tubs. I need to either crash hotel pools a lot more, or make a rich friend. We went back to the cabin for lunch and had the best sandwiches ever. Roast beef and provolone all melty and mmmmm. Mmmmm. Then we watched Love Actually because it was raining again, and later took out the cart again and tried to go to Port Orleans, a plan which failed, so we just decided to go see Monsters, Inc. Hmmmph, and I got pulled over. Sort of. A guy asked me if I had ID to be driving the golf cart. YES, I DID, BITCH. :)

That night Cassie and I stayed up while Becky and April dropped off along the way and we watched The Phantom of the Opera. In the morning we woke up way early and decided to go to Port Orleans. So at around nine, we took the Disney bus to the marina, then the ferry to Magic Kingdom, then the monorail to the transportation center, then the monorail RIGHT BACK to Magic Kingdom, then waited for a half hour for a bus to Port Orleans, then we walked to the pool. I hadn't even gotten my swimsuit top wet when my parents showed up and it was eleven o'clock and they wanted to know if we were having fun. We hung around Port Orleans until about 2, swimming in the cooold water, groping each other and making lifeguards stare and going on the slide a million times and avoiding Creepy McLecherous-Stare. The hot tub there was lovely and picturesque and mmm, hot tub. It was so much fun. We ate expensive Disney food and then began the long drive home, in which everyone else napped but me.

When we got home, my BPAL scents hadn't arrived yet. WTF! Everyone left and I went in the pool and lazed around until Grant got off work and he came to pick me up to go see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Angelina Jolie stole my heterosexuality, too, but Brad Pitt kept returning it. It's very tired now from all the changing of hands. Damn, that movie was awesome. So funny, so sexy, so many explosions and gunfire and shooting and sex and fighting and YES. Must own this movie and watch it many more times without the twelve year-olds in the next seat over annoying the fuck out of me. Awesome, awesome movie.

And this morning I was hired for a job at a greeting card/trinket store in the mall whose name rhymes with spallmark.


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