Mar. 7th, 2010

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San Diego Zoo - a set on flickr

So Grant and I landed, Cassie took us straight to In N Out, we went home and proceeded to drink until we were sitting in the hall outside the bathroom crying on each other at 3 AM, woke up at 6, got Carls Jr for breakfast and then went to the San Diego Zoo in a hungover daze.

Seriously. Carls Jr for breakfast. A western bacon cheeseburger for breakfast. We were wobbling around the zoo groaning for hours. IT'S LIKE LEAD. WE REGRET BURGER. OUR LIVERS! OH GOD OUR LIVERS. BURGER DRUNK BURGER NEVER AGAIN.

And the zoo was fantastic! We pretty much had it to ourselves because it was lightly raining. We made it most of the way through the park before we got tired and walking in wet shoes was no longer fun. We finished off the day at the gorilla exhibit, where we got to stand three feet away from them while they slept under the overhang to get out of the rain. It was fucking incredible, and the perfect way to end the visit.

After that we drove back and had dinner at a really tiny Thai restaurant in Duarte called Thai City which was AMAZING. AMAZING. Food was beyond words. I got the satay dinner which came with chicken satay pieces and shrimp fried rice. Cassie got clear noodles with beef (my personal favorite - we all sampled) and Grant got a combination spicy lemongrass seafood soup.

Now we're watching the Oscars and not drinking. (Yet)


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