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Grant: You finish season 4 of Who yet?
me: Not yet [...] I want to but I want to like have it be perfect
like I'll light candles or something
and put on a silk nightie
and get some wine
and get ready for my night with the Doctor
Grant: Just watch the fucking episodes
me: on an unrelated note, Eccles was in my dream last night
Grant: Was it a sex dream?
all we did was decide that we liked each other and that we would totally do it
which has happened a lot lately

Dr Grant

Jul. 25th, 2010 07:46 pm
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Look at this GQMF right here.

Shopping haul for Grant: tie (J. Crew), shirt (Banana Republic), socks (Urban Outfitters), blazer (Zara).

My haul: cardigan (Banana Republic), wrap shirt (Banana Republic), skirt (Anthropologie)

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Hopefully trivia at Barney's Beanery tonight with [ profile] worldforawhile, Grant, [ profile] sangre_fria and Risha. The hopefully is Dana, all the other cool kids are going to be there.
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For the past week I've been on a cross-country road trip with my best friend before he goes to med school in the fall. We went through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and made it to LA and [ profile] sangre_fria by Thursday, even taking time for a full day in Austin and New Mexico.

I don't have all the photos I've taken because the first 1 GIG of photos I took from Florida to Arizona haven't been edited yet. But today Burger Drunk Burger took a trip to Lake Arrowhead outside LA. It was about the most beautiful place I've ever been. We bought cheese, a baguette, salami, and other assorted snacks from Trader Joe's and sat by the lake with a picnic. I can't even express what a perfect day it was. The weather was perfect and cool, the sky was an amazing clear blue, and everything around us was just unbelievably beautiful. I really can't tell you that the photos I'm posting are anything as beautiful as it actually is.

(album here)
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I'm going to LA tomorrow. My flight leaves at 12:30 AM. It'll be me and Grant going to visit Cassie for the week, going to the San Diego Zoo, Vegas, and just having a blast. I'll hopefully be able to get online some of the nights and talk to people, since all three of us have laptops and are internet people.

In the meantime, my kumquat liqueur will be sitting in my room steeping and turning lovely.

Hopefully being three hours behind will make it easier for me to be awake when Rob is. It sucks having to go to sleep after only talking for like an hour or two.

Now to finish this delicious onion pie for dinner.
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My birthday passed somewhat uneventfully at the beginning of the week, with the exception of getting harassed by some crackheads in the Wal-Mart parking lot. So I'm 23 now. I had Grant, Nick, Orlando Rob and his girlfriend over on Saturday for a James Cameron movie night, which basically consisted of Titanic. It's long enough to satisfy.

As my trip to LA to visit [ profile] sangre_fria gets closer I keep having more travel-related dreams. First I dreamed that Grant and I were going to take off in an airplane that was basically a flying car with a trailer, and so I refused and said they needed to bring us a real plane. (And then Grant vanished and I found baby birds and kittens in a corner of the airport, so that was a drastic change in tone.) And two nights ago I dreamed I was packing to take a flight to Paris. So now I want to go to Paris. Failing that, watch French Kiss and eat macarons.

This weekend I'm going home to go to the Grant Seafood Festival (my roommate will, of course, remain at home with the shotgun and the pit bulls). So I'll hopefully get off my ass and charge my camera before then. Maybe the big cat people will be there again. And maybe I'll snap a few photos of the food before I shove my face in the little paper trays.
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Grant: Stephanie will be dragging me to that Gerard Butler movie soon.
me: What, the Ugly Truth?
Grant: Yeah
me: My sympathies
Grant: I plan on ogling Katherine Heigl in strappy dress, but I'm still not happy about it
me: Did you forget that Katherine Heigl looks like your mom?
Grant: Maybe she has a nude scene? I'm trying to stay positive.
Grant: Oh fuck you. FUCK YOU. Now I have nothing.

Grant: Oh, you'll get a kick out of this. So this last weekend my family looked at old photo albums and something occurred to me. My mom looked like ScarJo when she was my age.
Grant: RUINED! That said, my mom was pretty hot in her 20s. And my dad was very good looking too.
me: Your parents had hot sex
Grant: Yep
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Grant: Stephanie will be dragging me to that Gerard Butler movie soon.
me: What, the Ugly Truth?
Grant: Yeah
me: My sympathies
Grant: I plan on ogling Katherine Heigl in strappy dress, but I'm still not happy about it
me: Did you forget that Katherine Heigl looks like your mom?
Grant: Maybe she has a nude scene? I'm trying to stay positive.
Grant: Oh fuck you. FUCK YOU. Now I have nothing.
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This will teach me to never leave my apartment without washing my hair and putting on makeup.

I thought this morning, hey, I only have one morning class, and I only slept for four hours last night. I'll just put on shitty clothes, not wash my hair and go sans makeup. Everything went fine, I went to class, I came back to my apartment. As I pulled into my parking space I got a text from Grant asking me to pick him up at the health center because he was sick like death and couldn't drive. So instead of going straight home to make myself look human, I get to wander around campus, see people I haven't seen in ages and I get back here four hours later than I thought I would, smelling like feet and starving.

Not that I wasn't happy to do it, obviously. I immediately grabbed any medicine in my bathroom, crackers and soda in case Grant was nauseous, and sped off to the rescue. I'm always happy to give people a hand when they get sick, ALWAYS. I know how much it sucks and how nice it is to have someone sit there with you or help you out. So, Grant, if you wake up and want soup, just call. I have some excellent recipes.
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Grant: Since when is Will Smith a scientologist?
me: There were rumors a few months ago.
Grant: Now he's getting Xenu with it. No? Fuck you.
me: That was awful.
Grant: Nonsense. So what did Will Smith say to the thetans?
me: Welcome to Earth?
Grant: Welcome to erf. Close.
me: How many more of those jokes do you have? Can you do one about Wild Wild West?
Grant: What did Will Smith say to conventional religions?
me: What?
Grant: "No, I don't want nada. Nonna that. Brutha be six gunnin' runnin' that. Buffalo soldia. Look, it's like I told ya! Any damsel that's in distress be outta that dress when she meets Jim Xenu." I'll be here all night folks.
me: Did you remember that?!
Grant: Hell yeah.
me: You actually remember quotes from Wild Wild West off the top of your head?
Grant: Uhhh. Yeah. You don't?
me: I have nothing I could even say to that.
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me: You wouldn't happen to know the predominate musical structure in Evita, would you?
Grant: Uhhh

(me: I want to say opera or operetta but I'm not sure. I think I will go upstairs and steal Kay's book to find out.
Grant: Do you realize who you're talking to?
me: I know
Grant: I didn't even know there was such a thing as an operetta)
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It started out well enough.

me: I'm going to make a test run of my London broil for Thanksgiving sometime soon.
I need people's opinion, and I trust the residents of your apartment to tell me the truth and give suggestions. Would you like some free food maybe next week or this week or something?
Grant: Most certainly.

Then it took a swift turn for the worse.

Grant:I decided I would make a sweet potato pie
Grant: FUCK
Grant: No, seriously, fuck off my fucking pie
me: I'll make ANOTHER pie!
Grant: PIE OFF
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me: How's Spore?
Bryan: It's pretty addicting.
me: What critters have you made?
Bryan: You only make one. It's also me, so I maxed all his stats by putting random parts on it so it's a pile of stats.
me: What does it look like?
Bryan: 4 legs, two different types of feet, horns, spikes, wings, spines, armored knees and elbows, pinchers, a beak and seconds as an attacking mouth, eyes, and some more spikes
me: ...I'm going to need a photo.
Bryan: Grant called it an abomination. brb dishes

me: Is it really an abomination?
Grant: It's terrible
me: It sounds like it. He can't even describe it.
Grant: It's beyond description
me: All he can do is list features and I just see like...a round ball of spikes and eyes and limbs in my head making a howling noise like the gates of hell. In my mind it sounds like that.

This. This is what I miss when my friends are busy with their classes. Shit like this.
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Newsflash: Fire-roasted tomato and olive oil Triscuits are fucking delicious.

Wow, you guys. An update is long overdue here. Um, okay. So this past weekend I went up to Orlando to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure with all my friends. I don't "do" roller-coasters, but neither did Kate or Nick, so we hung out on the Caro-Seuss-el and other kiddie rides until we all met up again for the Jurassic Park exhibit and then later the Spider-Man ride which I went on three times - more on that in a minute. I've never been to ANY of the Universal Theme Parks, as I'm a Disney person, so this was all new and exciting. Even better - free. I think the Jurassic Park section is my favorite for pure nerd value. For anyone who hasn't been there, you actually get to walk under the giant Jurassic Park gates with the theme music playing in the background and there are dinosaur heads poking out of the woods and the actual visitors center is there and eee eee eee eee eee!

Spider-Man broke at the climax the first two times. At that point, everyone else said "Fuck this" and waited outside, but me, Bryan and Rob went on for one more try, and it worked! It worked!

That night I slept on the couch at Tivoli, and Ethan and I stayed up until six in the morning talking about everything we could think of. The next day, Ethan, Grant, Kate and I went to International Prime Outlets to shop. Grant bought SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS, pants and shirts. Did I mention the socks? Because he was really excited about the socks.

After the shopping, Nick, Grant, Ford and I went to a cigar bar for a few hours. I had a Mike's hard lemonade, which was good, and then we stopped by the liquor store to get more booze before heading over to Kate's to watch Fern Gully. FERN GULLY. Which I haven't watched since I was maybe eight. I spent the night on Kate's couch that night after showing her a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, which I was pleased to hear her quote the next day.

Sunday was the big day of the weekend. Kate and Ethan had, for a few weeks, been planning a surprise birthday picnic for Bryan and Rebecca's 21st birthday parties. I already gave Rebecca her present last week - reusable Target shopping bags, and before you laugh, she was very pleased with them. I confess that I have no idea what to get Bryan, but his birthday isn't technically here yet, so I'm still safe. Anyway, the surprise went off without a hitch. Neither of them had any clue. It was fantastic. We went boating on the lake, Bryan climbed on the roof of the pavilion, we all played badminton aided by copious swearing - it was a lot of fun. Also, Bryan was smashed. Which was immensely amusing. He drank a good portion of a bottle of Gentleman Jack.

I'm very impatient to get my MOO Mini Cards that I got with my flickr account. Bryan knows what I'm talking about. I've been checking the mail obsessively for weeks now. And then last week I noticed that it's been THREE WEEKS, and checked, and it hadn't actually been ordered. So now I reordered last Thursday and I've been dying ever since. I bought frame mats to be able to set them up the way I want them and I made size mock-ups with green paper and I WANT THEM NOW.
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Grant: So how many epsiodes of Dexter have you watched?
me: Just the one so far.
Grant: Bad Laura!
me: Revenge of the Sith is on!
me: Besides, I've had one of those days where I want to do things but I can't bring myself to get up from the chair.
Grant: So you're saying you have no excuse?
me: I...have no excuse.
Grant: I figured as much.
me: cries!
You're now in the dungeon
You can hear the distant scuttle of rats. The shackles are tight on your wrist, and the rust is cutting into your flesh.
You can hear the muttering of guards through a small, barred porthole on the door, although, you cannot see them
What do you do?
Read more... )
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Grant: ...The classical station just started playing original music from Diablo 2.
me: Seriously?
Grant: Yes. It's very good music. But I was chilling on Mozart, and then... I.... recognize this? Why am I thinking of murky tombs? Di-ab-lo? WHAT THE FUCK
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I went to Blue Springs/Hontoon Island this weekend for camping with Rebecca, Josh, Bryan and Grant. We stayed at Blue Springs the first night and the next day we went to Hontoon Island where we met up with Ethan, Justin, Nick and Kate, and then even later after that we all went to dinner.

It was the best weekend I've had in a long time, even though I froze my ass off at night and Rebecca's backpack got stolen and torn apart by bears. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun, and I felt normal.

I put up a lot of photos here and on Facebook. I really like this photo.

I also bought a new purse today. Photo inside. )
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I love everyone.
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This is ridiculous! Perfect weather all morning and then when I have to go to my statistics class, it starts pouring at like a forty-five degree angle. I got halfway down the Towers walk before my umbrella nearly blew out and I realized I wouldn't make it. Sooooo frustrating. I have my notes printed out and everything. I don't wanna not go today.

Anyway, I'm alive, lol. I realize it's been since...May...that I've updated. Once you get into not updating it snowballs, I guess. Biggest news: I got a new car!

I can't resist adding a few more photos. )

I've been looking for cars to replace the truck from hell, and I test drove this one just for fun. We went on to the Honda place afterwards and got our hearts broken over a 2006 blue Civic (Mom wanted that and I'd get the Vibe) when it was about four thousand more than expected. So we went home, dejected, and I came back the next weekend to continue car shopping and THE BUG WAS TOTALLY IN THE GARAGE WHEEEE! And my parents said all these wonderful things about how I'm a great kid and I deserve an awesome car since my grades are good and I've driven the truck for over two years now and was so compliant about getting the Vibe and I haven't been arrested or anything. Thus, I get a car! I plan to put black pinstripes on the side and call it the Lil Pussy Wagon.

Real-time LJ update! It is now four! I did go to class! The shuttle came by and I ran out the door mid-LJing and caught it. So I just spent two hours in statistical hell.

Continuation: I went camping this weekend at Wekiwa Springs with Ethan, Richard, Grant, Rebecca, Stephen, Steven, Aaron, Catie, Jeremy, Nick and Bryan. It was awesome, although sleeping on the ground was not awesome, and neither was getting about fifty bug bites. But it was all worth it for the canoeing and the freeeezing springs. And the bears! Did I mention the bears? Because there were bears. They walked through our campsite while Rebecca and I were asleep. Bears! They were also wandering around while we were awake, but I never saw them. Everyone would go "Look! Bears!" and I'd look and they would have moved already. Furry bastards.

So that's my life since May. Now I'm going to go shower and clean my room.


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