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Well. Didn't sleep very well last night, I can tell you that for sure.

But this morning I got up and started making my dishes for turkey dinner while snarking on the Macy's parade, while looking decidedly unglam in my pajama top and sweatpants. Ahhh, Thanksgiving. It doesn't last long, because the second Santa's sleigh appears on my TV, I start watching Miracle on 34th Street. Yes, the one with Dr. Hammond and Dylan McDermott and Matilda.

Oh yeah, how could I forget to mention this: I MADE AN AWESOME BUTTER CUSTARD! IT'S SO GOOD!
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Well, it's true that you can never go home again, I guess. Homecoming felt weird and awkward after I got past seeing people I hadn't seen in...well, okay, a few days. But some, not for ages.

Colleen was there and so was Lindsay Marks, didn't expect that at all. A nice surprise, though. Kali returned.

I'll let Grant regale you with his stories of romancing Mrs. Ladd.

We actually got there way, way, way early, so we went and played with ducks and chickens at the pond, and Grant was attacked by a vicious chicken. Then we were still early, so we went to the cemetary and said hello to my grandmother. I'll have to remember to tell Dad about that. I forgot earlier.

Homecoming had a few highlights. The DJ had one shining moment of glory and played You Shook Me All Night Long, prompting a prom flashback and a repeat performance. <3

We ate at Wendy's beforehand - and glancing back at my prom entry, I just remembered we tried to go to McDonalds for the pre-prom dinner back then, too, lol.

Um. Right. At some point Grant and I cannibalized the decorations on the tables and decided to make the faux champagne glasses float above the crowd, held aloft by the balloons they foolishly put near us. It took a while for us to balance it all out and then when it finally floated up, some bitches ripped it down and threw it around. Bunch of savages in this town. But we persevered, and sent glow sticks floating on high. It was glorious, glorious prankery.

We cut out early, fully intending to head off to the Days Inn, but Grant suddenly felt nauseous and so we went to the park and laid down for a while, and he wasn't getting any better, so we went back to my house and I gave him Maalox and he wanted to watch Love Actually so we ended up on the floor of the front room watching the movie, just like summertime.

(Grant, tomorrow I go to work at 5, and I do want to do something with you before that, okay? Give me a call when you wake up. The cell will be by my bed.)
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Laurelin_kit in A Part Together
Without a doubt above the ordinary, this heart-wrenching tale, set in the state's central bus station, strives for a new angle in the story of two sceptics, [ profile] brown_jackknife (Keanu Reeves) and [ profile] laurelin_kit (Marisa Tomei), who find themselves without hope after a plot to keep them apart is initiated by her well-meaning boss, [ profile] beckyincharge (Carrie-Anne Moss). From soaring heights to searing hurt, love knows no bounds in either direction.
Produced by ianiceboy

*is immensely amused*

Laurelin_kit in Tolerable Cruelty
In this compelling kill-fest, [ profile] laurelin_kit (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is an elite police officer with a really nice holiday house. She must silence [ profile] brown_jackknife (John Cusack) before her closest friend, [ profile] beckyincharge (Salma Hayek), harms him. After a quick snack, she forces her way into a secret castle. Winner of two Academy Awards, including Best Plot Alternative.
Produced by ianiceboy
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So, work today. And I've had an amazingly craptacular feeling swimming around in the pit of my stomach for the past two days, although yesterday the Veronica Mars marathon went swimmingly. I now have made two more addicts. Bweee!

Last night I went to see Kiss Me, Kate, the Summer Fine Arts production. SO. GOOD. Shara was incredible as Kate, and OMG LITTLE JACOB SO CUTE. He's going to be breaking hearts left and right. I saw so many people I knew and I love going back to see them. Lindsay Marks freaked the fuck out when she saw me. God, I miss SFA and CVP. I am too old for it, but it's still so sad. I love all of them. Being on stage is such a high. Such an incredible high. I miss SFA and all the people there and GAH we need a reunion.

Before work today I went over to Becky's and we sat around in her messy-but-improving room and talked for a while, then I fixed the frayed edges of her jeans so she could wear them on her first day as a waitress. She abused her poor boyfriend some when he stopped by, and then I left for work.

Today at work was mind-numbing. It wasn't so much boring or annoying as just numbing. Too slow to do much, too busy to spend all the time cleaning. I did sneak off to call Grant and see what he was up to. Brightened my day considerably.

I spent a godawful amount of time pacing behind the counter. Pacing. If I were in the zoo, they'd give me enrichment activities, like a rubber ball or something.

So now I'm watching Say Anything. Loveitloveitloveitloveitloveit.
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So, a few days ago, I graduated from high school.

I started crying while we were waiting in our rows to go in. All the people I'd known for six years were all lined up in their navy robes, waiting to leave and go to the real world. Rob led one more senior class cheer. Cassie and I sniffled together. I hugged Alan Barnes and congratulated him and he said wouldn't it be funny if hell opened and swallowed us up in the middle of graduation? So I made him admit he'd seen that episode of Buffy, too.

Mr. Murphy's speech made me cry. It was all about last times and how he'd never teach us again, which made me extra sad, because this year was the first year I'd actually had him for a teacher. All the other speeches were touching, but unfortunately said the same things, so yes, graduation is just as long and drawn out on this side of the podium. Except Christa's speech, which was much better. I liked hers and criiiied. I got to sit next to Natalie, since we're alphabetically close, and we whispered and sniffled through the ceremony, and lucky for me, Grant sat in the row behind me, so I could see him. Unfortunately for me, Becky sat far away from me so I couldn't see her.

When I went up to get my diploma, I waited to hear how many people cheered for me, as one does, but when i got there, I was so panicked and everything went silent. I hollered for all the people I loved when they went up to get their diplomas. At the end of the ceremony when we stood and threw our hats, Rob led the last senior cheer. I love our class.

After the ceremony when we filed out, I ran into James, who picked me up and tossed me around because I am a tiny thing. ;) I cried, stopped crying, started crying again, repeat ad nauseum. Everything was a blur of crying and laughing and feeling like the whole world was wonderful and I'd miss it so much. Kristin was crying and I hugged her twice. So happy but so sad.

Despite all the familial bullshit, my aunt Elaine, aunt Ann and uncle Richard, and Poppy and Agnes all came, as did my grandmonster Gamma. And Tommy was there! Stage manager Tommy! He has two eyebrows now! And he's dating Robyn, a friend of mine from SFA.

After graduation came Project Graduation at Andretti. First I went to the go-karts and raced around and PASSED ROB, MWAHAHA! Then Grant smoked his celebratory cigar and we walked around the park some. Bastards wouldn't let us on the kiddy playground. Keith and John came to Project Graduation, as did Garrett and Zeke. It was nice to see John again. I hadn't seen him since he was kicked off campus. We went upstairs and played laser tag and I so pwned your ass, Grant, don't even deny it. I did. Definitely. The Bitch Pack WON. Then I played my Star Wars game. YAYYYY, MY STAR WARS GAME! I BEAT IT! Then there was laser tag again and Keith kept shooting me, damn him. Then paddleboats, then shooting games, at which I OWNED and stayed at the game and beat it far after Grant got bored with it and moved on. Then we cheated at putt-putt golf, which is the national pastime, not baseball, as Hollywood would have you think. And by 'we' of course you understand that to mean Grant and I. Becky was off doing immoral things with her boyfriend. ;) At some point we saw magic. MAGIC! No, seriously, this guy made things disappear and reappear and cards flip and WE HAD NO IDEA HOW. It was amaaazing. He was seriously skilled. Then we got tired and made our way to the second floor and took over a big cushy chair and lazed around giving people cavities for a long time. Possibly the happiest time ever.

And then Becky and I were a little bit gay and there's photographic evidence.

I won an ugly dish set and Brittany Jones won a car. Where's the fair in that? :)

At five in the morning, we left. Grant gave me my graduation present: a book of Pablo Neruda poetry. I almost cried. I love you. Then we went to the beach to watch the sun rise and a couple of PRICKS did the equivalent of sitting next to you in an empty movie theatre. IT'S THE WHOLE DAMN BEACH! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THAN TWENTY FEET AWAY! Assholes. Anyway, so we moved farther down the beach and watched the sun rise. It was beautiful.

Later that day, after we'd slept, we went back to the beach, but within five minutes of arrival, storm clouds gathered. So we went to our separate houses and got dressed in normal clothes, and then he proceeded to get me addicted to a new drug called 'World of Warcraft.' Then at 10, we went to go see Revenge of the Sith again, coincidentally four rows away from Seb, Angie, Kari, Rob, Jon, Zeke and Steven. WE HAD NO IDEA. Weirdness.

And yesterday we went to a pool party at April's David's house, and the boys sunk the S.S. Differently Abled that April and I were sailing on. (The raft.) After the party, I gave Grant his graduation present, which was a DVD of Say Anything and a copy of High Fidelity, the book.

Then I woke up today and started writing this entry.
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Becky just posted the last chapter of Eyes of the Jackal.

Seriously haven't found a fic in years that made me cry so hard.

*crawls under covers to cry some more*
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Just got back from the mall and Barnes and Noble with Becky. She called me a little before dinner to see if I wanted to go shopping for prom dresses, so I said OKAY! She bought the most SHOCKINGLY MANGO dress I've EVER seen. But her boobs look fantastic in it, so more's the better. I put on this frightening pink THING with a pink feather trim that we called the Carlotta Dress, and a white strapless thing of doom with a poofy skirt that looked like one of Empress Sissi's hand-me-downs. She put me in a horrible pink and black poofy thing and a rather cute black dress with little roses. Dress-up, dress-up! We shopped around a bit more and then off to Barnes and Noble, where we tried to have a fic meeting, but ended up giggling and writing obscene phrases on each other and on napkins and oh my God, I'm so glad my Mom didn't notice what was on my arm when I just went out there to talk to her. Becky, you are a dirty, dirty ho! PIANO! Oh, how shocking, I didn't buy a THING I intended to, but we did pick out curtains. And we found the almost-Dr.-Jones notebook. People stop and stare, they don't bother us. Cause there's no where in the world that we'd rather be. LET THE TIME GOOOO BYYYYYYY, IIIIII WON'T CARE IF IIIIII CAN BE HERE, IN THE PARKING LOT WHERE WE...PARKED.


- Lost fic!
- Meg/Erik soundtrack!

Argh, it turns out I'm unusually exhausted and may fall asleep the second I hit the pillow again. Good-night, babe.
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Fanfic Author Appreciation Week
March 6 through March 13
Post to your LJ each day at least one of your
favorite fanfic authors
and why you love them, their work, and why they
need more appreciation

I'm going to start with [ profile] beckyincharge.

Becky and I started writing together in ninth grade. Her writing was already incredible. We threw notebooks across our English and History classes and passed them in the halls. One of these fics (cowritten with [ profile] lindi_of_rohan and [ profile] sangre_fria with guest writing by [ profile] renethetoaster and a guest character of [ profile] avelena's) is now in the slow, arduous process of being turning into an original series of novels.

Becky's stories are, many times, dark. And yet, she can write the simplest, funniest things.

Almost all her work is archived here. The cowritten stuff with me is in a box in my closet, in notebooks. Some will be hidden forever out of shame, and some will surface later after revision.

She has stories archived from the following fandoms: Phantom of the Opera, Red Dwarf, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Young Guns, Gundam Wing, and, oh, look! Dragonball Z!

Magic Dust (of the Infamous) remains one of my favorite fics of all time. God, do I love this. It just fits in seamlessly with the characters and the original characters – oh, gasp, horror, get over it – are perfect compliments to the YG-verse. This is a sort of AU of the YG fic we wrote together that's in my closet.

Where the Whirlwinds Sleep makes me cry, the entire way through. The end.

The Jack Sparrow in her PotC fics is dead on. She has his dark side, his wild side and his womanizing side all rolled into the correct Sparrow-shaped package. I think hers was one of the first 'Jack/You' fics, and the ending is a slap in the face to anyone who misinterpreted her intentions in writing it.

Her Phantom of the Opera fanfiction takes my breath away. She knows the characters inside and out. She doesn't shy away from the darker aspects. She isn't afraid to write the cold-blooded murder. She doesn't sugar-coat it. She doesn't toss Raoul to the side like a two-bit villain or an undeserving, undeveloped fop. Her characters stay true to canon. She can break them, destroy them, and you still know who it is. They're recognizable. It's beautiful.

Becky is underappreciated because she needs to get her butt out there and advertise. :p Kidding. Becky's fics need more appreciation from people who can appreciate them, as elitist as that sounds. It takes more than the rabid E/C phangirl to see past "OMG ERIK AND CHRISTINE SHOULD BE 2GETHA ALWAYZ" and look at the characters she's working with, developing, layering, and see the art that her stories are. This girl is an amazing writer. Soon, the whole fandom world and the whole publishing world will realize this and pay her insane amounts of money – publishing world, anyway, fandom will give her porn.

So, yeah. [ profile] beckyincharge. The reason I write as well as I do: to try and keep up.
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Birthday was awesome, if the actual day happened to be anticlimatic. The dinner on Sunday turned out wonderfully, even if it was missing a few people. The steak was delicious, the company was fantastic. By far the highlight of the evening was Becky's present to me. She gave me a beautiful acrylic painting of the Phantom of the Opera. This pose. It's hanging on my wall in a poster frame until I have the chance to go get it framed professionally, as it deserves. It's so beautiful. I can't describe how talented she is. Seriously teared up when she gave it to me.

From the parents, I recieved:
- Gosford Park (SQUEE! The movie that made me fall in love with Clive, all the way back in 2001/2002.)
- Peter Pan (I don't even have to explain why this makes me so thrilled, do I? If you've seen or heard of the way my room is decorated, you should know.)

So, that's joy.

Rehearsal? Fucking hell, I can't wait until tomorrow night when we open. Seriously, GRR. GRRRRRRRR. I was going to elaborate, but there's just too much to shriek about.

Boy, this mood icon is appropriate.

EDIT: MANUEL WANTS YOUR LOOOOVE! (Seriously, click on that.)


Feb. 5th, 2005 12:55 am
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Totally not much has been going on. Went to see The Wedding Date with Becky earlier, SO CUTE OMG. Did I mention SO CUTE? And hilarious? And Dermot Mulroney has a really, really nice ass. Just sayin'. Jack Davenport SQUEEE! SQUEEE! SQUEEE! Go see it, if only for him! (Squee!)

Tomorrow? Volunteering, and then rehearsal.

I am dead exhausted and I wanna curl up and go to sleep forever and ever.


Jan. 2nd, 2005 11:06 am
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Happy New Year, everyone. :) This last year has been tough, but it feels better since I ushered in '05 with one of the best nights ever. First I went to Liz's party and we watched some of The Road to El Dorado, then we roasted marshmellows and had s'mores. After that, I went to Becky's to spend the night with her, Rene and Molly. I watched Becky smoke her last cigarette ever, we watched Dracula 2000, we watched Sleepy Hollow and then after Molly fell asleep, Rene, Becky and I had a discussion on which parts of Gerard Butler we would like to lick. It lasted longer than you might think. I got that belonging feeling again while I was there, like I ws home again.

So Happy New Year. Even though more times than not it kinda sucked, because of the way it ended, I'll probably keep it in my mind as a pretty good year. Now let's face our graduating year and give it the finger. BRING IT ON, '05, I CAN TAKE YOU!

Now, I'm gonna go put on some clothes.
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Becky: [And in the dream] ...I accidentally shaved off BOTH my eyebrows! ...
Me: Oh my God, that's horrible! You'd be Ron Howard!
Becky: *SHRIEK*
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A) First, recommend to me:
1. a movie:
2. a book:
3. a musical artist, song, or album:

(B) I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want.

(C) Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything.

Today is Veteran's Day, which means that if the world were fair, the library would be open so I could take advantage of this and go sit around to write. WITHOUT SHINY INTERNET. I spent the night at [ profile] lindi_of_rohan's last night, two hours of which were spent with [ profile] beckyincharge asleep on my lap. Because Pandas are cute that way. And the rest of the time we moll-ested Molly. (She's gonna kill me for that one.)

I finally got my 10th Kingdom DVDs. WHEE!

*ahem* I didn't get to do this online last night with [ profile] sinister_beauty, so...AAAAUGH OMG LOST OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG KATE OMG SAWYER OMG! EEEEEEEEEEE C/C! *faints*
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I'm not dead. However...yesterday Jeanie and I had an interesting intro to a conversation that went something like this...

[ profile] lonely_streets: ahahaha. i've killed myself.

[ profile] laurelin_kit: Really? That's amazing that you're typing this. Your body has got some mad skills.

[ profile] lonely_streets: watch out, i'll kill you too.

But today I have to make a whole bloody board game, an index card with a semester's worth of physics work and satisfy my urge to be slightly creative. But I'll probably forego that last and just sleep. Because sleep is good. Definitely.

Belated congrats to the class of '04, I love you all. THANKS FOR THE PARKING SPOTS, SUCKERS!

Anyway (I say that a lot. I need to work on my transitions.), today after school Molly and Rene came inside after dropping me off to see the kittens I'm fostering (Sunshine, Opie, Tony and Jack. Yes, I named two of them.). We were playing around with them (Jack dove into Molly's lap with his face in an unusual place) when the doorbell rang, and lo! It was Becky, stopping by for NO REASON WHATSOEVER! So we all got to play with the kittens and Becky got to molest me in her panda way. Which she does, as anyone who has spent any time in a room with us will tell you. We're so straight we've gone past gay and are back to straight.

Because this wouldn't be complete without a mention of some fannish thing I'm doing right now, I'm listening to Tenacious D songs. You might not think this is that fannish, but go search on google for "Wonderboy Angel/Spike" and download the vid. Oh yes. And...OMG ANGEL FINALE THIS WEEK DAMMIT NO.

And 24 is on tomorrow yay! I love Michelle. I am also working on this board game for English exam, themed Pride and Prejudice and am trying to make up for my lack of BoardGame!Creativity by being witty and putting in lots of pictures of Mr Darcy. Maybe that'll work, yeah.

Had a good day today, despite it being secretly laughing at me behind my back, going "HAHAHAHA! Pitiful fool, how can you be happy when your EXAMS start tomorrow?!" Days can be damn annoying sometimes, especially when they make fun of you when you try to enjoy them. It's like having a sex partner who laughs at your funny faces in coitus. In theory, of course, since I don't HAVE a sexual partner, and, yes, Becky, I saw that joke coming a mile away and have already had the chance to find it not funny. :)

Okay, totally doing the working thing now. And definitely not considering working on my Fred fic. Of course not, and not looking up pictures of, say, Jake Gyllenhaal either. Nope nope nope. Making with the work thing.
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[ profile] laurelin_kit: although the whole "dave, you're a stupid bastard" spoiler is LIKE a blooper in itself
[ profile] beckyincharge: which one?
[ profile] beckyincharge: when does Jo NOT call him a stupid bastard?
[ profile] beckyincharge: she probably says it during sex
[ profile] laurelin_kit: when he can't find canada
[ profile] laurelin_kit: LOL
[ profile] beckyincharge: LOL
[ profile] beckyincharge: cant find canada
[ profile] laurelin_kit: lol
[ profile] laurelin_kit: DAVE, YOU LOST CANADA!

EDIT:spoiler in question, or at least some of it )
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I have Becky in my house! JACK BAUER POWER FOUR OR FIVE HOURS! Yeeeah! Becky has been over for the 24 hours. We wants Jack!


Becky has been writing me porn!

Lots of porn! Many porn! Doc porn! Porn that is so chaste porn that it's almost...not porn! But it's still porn, cause they're doing it in the daytime with the LIGHTS on! REEEEEEEEEEEER PORN!

We've been watcing 24, and there's all these EVIL TISSUES on the floor because of the phone caaaaall! Becky says meh. It was so saaad! And Mason! Everyone (Becky made a high pitched noise) should watch 24! Because JACK IS SEX! SEX SEX SEX! TAKE-CHARGE JACK TURNS ME ON! And Becky has gone almost an entire day without hitting on me. (She just laughed. "Jack, the cure to lesbianism.") But Becky is not a lesbian!

All the time.

Haha. Wee, look at mood! EVEN THOUGH THERE ISN'T ANY ACID!!!!!! We kept staring at our hands in the car on the way back form disney. It was like..there...WAS acid! We kept seeing all these signs, and STILL CAN'T FIND A TITLE FOR THE YG FIC!

But we bought Blaze of Gloreh! it. A lot. AND THEN WE...SAT DOWN!

And decided to write the most deranged post in the history of my journal. bwaahahahahahahahahahahaAAAAAAAAAAAA! Yes, precious. We did. HA, we saw the same guy at disney that we did last time! And his name is Richard. OH, THE IRONY!

Suuuure. Kit can't stand to lose, so she BLAMED IT ON THE ACID.

I did not! I blamed it on the ISN'T ANY ACID! NO ACID! JUST TOO MUCH CAFFIENE! YES! NO ACID! Shut up, Huey Walker! What's sad is, we didn't even have to watch that movie to get like this. Nor did we have to take the acid. Because there wasn't any.

Sure there wasn't any acid. There was caffiene, but there was REPRESSED SEXUAL ENERGY! LET'S face it. We need sex. We need porn. We need to get laid.

WHERE'S KIEFER WHEN YOU NEED HIM? Eh. So Becky wrote porn. And...yeah. She wrote Dave/Jo porn. She wrote Dick/Jo porn, which is...PORN. Especially if you think about the NAME. And she wrote Doc/Gin porn for meeeeee and she's still writing it! Yeah, it's porn. What was that Star Wars icon with Padme? "My fandom truly, deeply needs to get laid." So where's Kiefer? I would use the predatory mood right now, or the horny one, BUT THERE ISN'T ANY ACID!

I want Sheen, you take Kiefer. And Yes, there was acid in our muffins. Admit it.


Oh, I'm just thinking outloud.

Laughing isn't a thought. ...And you're doing it again. Ahem. sheen SWEX!


I have to pee.

No you don't, that's just become a reaction to something you can't respond adequately to.

Good point. Sorry, but you know that milk we had this morning?

There was no acid.

*sound of Becky laughing hysterically*


I kind of, eh...slipped some acid in your milk. It's your move.

I don't believe you.

Well how else would we PASS OUT DURING 24?!

That was before we had milk, Becky.

Oh, sure, get technical.

It's not technical. It's just not being stupid.

The sexiest part about you is your brain!

What brain?

The one above your thighs and below your back!

I don't have a penis, Becky.

Well if you did, it would be backwards. Like a little tail!

HOW THE HELL DID WE GET INTO THIS DISCUSSION! CHANGING SUBJECT, CHANGING SUBJECT! So how about that Sheen know, Charlie Sheen? Does he wear tighty-whities?

No, but in Major League (PALMER IN SPEEDO!) he grabs his crotch and tells someone to blow him! *raises hand*

Becky, would you really, honestly...I'm not even going to ask that. Hey, how about those gay dancers in Tarzan Rocks? I THINK WE FOUND HALDIR'S JOB!


Your libido.

But it's SOO liberating!


Oh, you mean before 2005? ^_____^ Ah don' maaaaahnd! Beckeh ebonics.

MEHHHHHHHHHH! I WANT...UM...PORN. Becky, write me pr0n. Hee, pr0n. Uhhh...fat rappers on TV. Oh no, the parents are moving towards the door. We might not get to see this. And squee to death.


Becky just left, while still insisting that there was acid. Yes, precious. AAAAACID! THERE WAS NONE! NONE AT ALL, NEVER ACID! SHE WAS LYING! I think I'll watched naked Kiefer. Or manip. Yeah. Actually I'll probably end up having to do my homework. Dammit. But THERE ISN'T ANY ACID! HAHAHAAA, SEE icon icon icon! Appropriate! Hahaaa! So hyper! I swear, we spent 80% of the hour and a half drive to Animal Kingdom laughing. We went to Animal Kingdom, got wet on the rapids ride, saw kitties (tigers), saw TARZAN ROCKS AND THE GAY MALE DANCERS, saw the Bronto Butt of Reala's DOOM, saw the Dino-Bite, ate in the Dino-Bite, got odd karma in the Dino-Bite (THEY HAD BORN TO BE WILD, WILD THING, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE AND OTHER SIGNIFICANT SONGS ON THE JUKEBOX, which we heard in phantom soft noises throughout Dinoland.), I held up an empty fry box at a beam of light coming through a window, went "Siiiiiimbaaaaa" and made Becky choke on her soda, got rained on (which happened last time we went to Disney, and got rainchecks, which is why we got to go yesterday) and saw a DYNAMIC bus. Really, it said dynamic on it. IT'S A SIGN! We tried the whole time to come up with a title for the fic we've been writing for SIX MONTHS and been RESEARCHING THE HELL OUT OF OUT LITTLE BRAINS FOR, AND TORTURING MOLLY FOR, AND WRITING FOR SIX MONTHS AND STILL NO TITLE! MEEEEHHHHH!

And I really hadn't thought about the whole lights-on part of the porn-that-isn't-porn that she's writing me. Wow, it is. Heeyyyy...ummm...PORN. Write fast, Beckeh, and I shall manip fast!

But yeah. We laughed about Melia. I made [ profile] aberrantpundit an icon. We took pictures of the SIGNS we saw.

WE WENT TO VIRGIN MEGASTORE! They have 24!!!! They have Desert Saints! I was so very tempted to beg my mom for $10, but she's already helping me to buy 24 S1 and S2. They had Bed of Roses! They had lots of CITY, they had that! They had Stand and Deliver! They had Major League I&II! They had a 24 guide, the US one, which sucks. I like the fan-made UK one better.

Ahhh, am slowly winding down. But I'll be enjoying my DVD-ROM later today, so I might be hyper again-

AHHHHHHHHH I FORGOT HOW COULD I FORGET? THEY HAD FLASHBACK ON DVD! I SO WANTED IT! OH MY GOD, I LOVE THAT MOVIE! ranting about acid above. BUT I WISH I COULD HAVE BOUGHT THAT TOO! We bought Blaze of Glory, which Becky is going to get once I order my own copy off MUSIC SO WONDERFUL! I just wish there was more of the instrumentals by Alan Silvestri. AND I WISH THERE WAS A YOUNG GUNS I SOUNDTRACK! Ahhh winding down again. I have to pee. Really, it's not just a reaction. So, I'll shut my mouth.

VIVE LE PORN! Ha, we followed around Scottish people at Disney to listen to their accents. And we saw lots of Brits wearing FCUK shoes and shirts and stuff. So, uh, off I go to pee, and then manip and clean up the tissues strewn on the floor from S2 10-11 pm!
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*yawns deeply* Just spent last ten minutes rereading Magic Dust, and deciding to ignore this recent wankfest spawned by an entry best left alone. Every time I reread through it I find all these little quirks that I'd either not found before or found and forgot, like the tiny parenthetical remark about Billy retrieving Doc's watch. It's like a tiny polaroid. Oh, and Becky, Jamie's dress changes from light green in chapter three to yellow in chapter four. Dave has mites. Or fleas. He can't decide. *smiles* And he fights bears. But not in Magic Dust. Hn, Dave tries to pull off a snobby sneer.
“Little Miss Virginia was gettin really hot for ya.”

“Dave,” Chavez said firmly, not having the stomach to see the look on the other man’s face. “Never say that to me again.”

“All I’m sayin is that you shouldn’t have passed that one up,” Dave said as he came to a stop before the center of the theater, and squinted against the lights again. “She was alone and didn’t look like she’d object to much of anything you’d try to pull. Now which side is west?”

I love that bit. It's In character humor is great. And I can so see Chavez's I-don't-want-to-see-it face. I still can't believe you put Ping in there.


*facedesks* gythhjgbvmnkkkkkkkkkklll;;.k,kjmnnnbhvgfc
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Becky: Dr........Peppeh! ::swims in the bliss of the soft drink with a PhD::
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Becky wrote it. She wrote it. I don't think I've cried harder watching any movie. I haven't cried this hard since..I don't know.
I've also just smeared mascara down my cheeks rubbing my eyes, so I should go wash my face.
Becky, you should post that on LJ.


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