Jul. 15th, 2010

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This is, more or less, the color palette of the living room at my parents house. I do not love it.

From right to left, the colors represent the walls, accent color, accent color, the couches and the wall units. The first, fourth and fifth are the ones that are difficult to change. The walls and the wall units actually look pretty nice together. The couches are a cool light brown, and the wall units are teak. I kind of hate the dark blue and vivid red for the accent colors, but aside from just looking at it and going "ugh" I can't quite figure out what would be better. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Remember back when Garden State came out and everyone became immediately obsessed with Let Go, by Frou Frou, and when Sin City came out, and everyone was obsessed with Cells, by the Servant, and when Closer came out, and everyone listened to a lot of Damien Rice?

Get ready to love Scala and Kolacny Brothers, motherfuckers, because their cover of Creep was just used in the theatrical trailer for The Social Network, David Fincher's Facebook movie. (Yes, that is an extreme oversimplification of the plot.)

I have been listening to this Belgian girls choir for at least five or six years. It is next to impossible to find any illegal downloads of their music, so you'll just have to spend some money. (amazon) (iTunes)

I found them during Covers week on [livejournal.com profile] audiography at some point in time, first with a download of their cover of I Touch Myself by the Divinyls. The cover is so sweet and earnest - a complete change from the playful tone of the original. They have a few music videos on Youtube, including one for the Cure's Friday I'm in Love and several live performances which include unreleased songs.

They are honestly one of my favorite groups. I love well-done covers, and I've always loved choral arrangements of songs. Another similar favorite of mine is the Langley Schools Music Project. Their cover of God Only Knows is completely fantastic. (here and sorry about the baby home video, it's the only one I could find)

There, a quick primer on Scala and Kolacny Brothers. Now you can download all their music as quickly as you can and pretend you knew about them before.

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So I'm taking a break from deep cleaning my entire room (something I'm almost certain needs to be classified under "manic episode" or "temporary insanity") and I decide to check out My Blogs, and by My Blogs I mean the things I check every two hours. I come upon this entry from Dooce. (And as an aside, I always feel really stupid linking to something from either Dooce or Kottke.Org because chances are most of the people who read my blog are the same kinds of people who read Dooce or Kottke, and it's kind of like going "Hey did you know about that Old Spice guy? Hilarious, right?")

But whatever, here's what Dooce says. (and I just realized this is like a nesting doll of Links Everyone Has Already Seen because it's from kottke anyway, but still)

I was reading one of my favorite websites, kottke.org, the other day when I saw that he had posted this video of an iPhone app called Talking Carl dueling it out with another Talking Carl. Unbeknownst to me, Jon was over at his desk watching the same thing, and there we were laughing to the point of hyperventilation simultaneously. I was like, dude, you have got to see this, and he was all, no wait, you need to see this first. So take it from us, you need to see this:

Whatever, I think, I'll watch it, but it can't be that funny, right? WRONG. Within the first twenty seconds I was rigid with laughter and I ended up laughing to the point where sound was no longer coming from my mouth and tears were in my eyes. I laughed so hard that I am risking everyone rolling their eyes at this nesting egg of old meme because I CANNOT RISK YOU NOT SEEING THIS.

Full disclosure: funny voices almost always make me laugh.


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