Feb. 5th, 2010

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Kitalita: I love coffee. I had one cup and now I want to reorganize my entire apartment, make a banquette and relearn how to sew.

So that was my yesterday. I came home from genetics and cleaned my entire bathroom top to bottom, stopped to eat lunch, lost steam, drank some coffee and then went insane on the apartment.

And then I started measuring walls and looking at furniture plans and trying to see how hard it would be to build a banquette for the corner of the dining room.

One of the projects I know I'm going to do because I have some crazy blank wallspace is make some large scale print signs.

Candi Mandi posted instructions on how she made this large faux vintage sign for her bedroom, and I think I want to make one for the entryway and above my headboard.

Unfortunately, I seem to have a massive mental block about what song lyrics or line I want to put up. I'd love to use a song by the New Pornographers, but that would require a song of theirs that isn't made up of nonsense lyrics. How, exactly, does one put "the phonebook's been ripped off and two shapes in the dark across the way know the price of flight its weight and size" on a poster?

So. Anyone have any ideas? I'm looking for something kind of poppy and bright.


Feb. 5th, 2010 09:35 pm
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A couple of months ago when my mom was still looking for a dog (she has since found one) we went out to the humane society to see what they had. We got taken back to the quarantine area to see the dogs that weren't out for adoption yet.

In the back, they had this wolf. This huge, beautiful, black and brown wolfdog. He was so sweet. He had a massive furry ruff and he would press his neck up against the fence so I could give him scritches. When we tried to walk away to look at other, realistic dogs, he howled when I was out of sight and jumped up against the gate when I started to walk back. He was loving and snuggly and when I felt confident enough to put my entire arm around the side of the gate to pet him he just leaned into me while I was petting him.

Honestly the ONLY reason I was able to walk away from the LEAST practical dog EVER was the fact that he WAS a wolf hybrid, and there are strict adoption rules here, and the woman at the pound said that there was a wolf hybrid rescue in the state that would be coming by to take him.


So I have no idea why, months later, I'm looking up photos of wolfdogs and missing that damn dog. There is no way I could have kept a BEAR-SIZED DOG in my apartment, there's no way I could afford to feed him, and I'd probably be screwed if I ever wanted a pet smaller than him, and if I wanted to buy a dog bed for him I would have to buy AN ACTUAL TWIN BED. But it's just one of those stupid things where you spend maybe twenty minutes with a dog and totally fall in love. I just have this insane urge to drive out to the pound and ask which rescue came and picked him up but I'd be terrified that I would get there and they would say no one ever picked him up, and ugh. This is why I don't go to the pound.


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