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So, because I'm disgusting and sappy, I'm going to watch one romantic movie every day until Valentine's Day.

Tonight, it's Ever After.

Why Fanfiction Is the Bestest Thing EVER. I wholeheartedly agree. The main reason I got an 800 Verbal on my SAT is because I was at the height of my ficwriting and beta-ing duties. Fanfiction is the reason I want to write for a living. Everything I've learned about writing, I've learned from fanfiction. It is an invaluable tool for writers.

I'm going to try and finish coloring my KOTOR comic tonight.

I slept through the afternoon today when I should have been brainstorming on my privacy argument and doing my laundry. So I'm gonna have to do laundry tomorrow and brainstorm fast tonight and tomorrow before my meeting with the professor. At least it's only a ten minute meeting.

ETA: The Broccoli Test intrigues me. It's whether someone can signal to their significant other across the supermarket, without words, that they want them to pick up some broccoli.

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Have you ever hated something after you've written it? Have you ever been so sick of writing a story that you never wanted to see it again?

Me too. So I burned a draft of the novel I had to write for senior project last year.

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[ profile] ladyjaida made an entry about writing and the process and it being not fun on occasion.

It's really great to see my own feelings echoed in someone else about writing. It makes things so hard when you look around and think that everyone else has their problems, yes, of course, but that they're little tiny problems that they can get over quickly and still write massive amounts and make it seem like they were just skating along. That other people aren't wondering why they should bother, or thinking that the ideas you have could have been so much better if so-and-so wrote it. And if they could be better if so-and-so wrote it, does that mean that your style is only emulations of someone else's?

That's why I like reading other people's thoughts on writing. It helps for those moments where you're not quite sure if you should actually be doing this or if it's just you that's having these problems and those problems mean it's not for you. Writerly posts on my friends list always make me stop and read and see how their thoughts are similar to mine and which ones I don't understand. The ones that come to my mind immediately are the ones from [ profile] ladyjaida, [ profile] trollprincess and [ profile] cleolinda.

Reading [ profile] ladyjaida's writing posts makes me more confident in my wacky ideas, because if she can think of long, excessively British names and the like and wonder if people would wear waistcoats in the future, maybe it's okay for me to do so also. I mean, I like reading about things like that. It's good to know that at least one other person also enjoys things of that nature.

[ profile] cleolinda's Novellas of the Night post is something that [ profile] beckyincharge and I quote incessantly when we're writing. "Where are you now? How many pages do you have? Are you on a new chapter yet?" ... "I swear to God--work on your own thing, man."

And I'm always greatly impressed by [ profile] trollprincess's ability to edit and rewrite all her drafts. I get tired of editing. Proofreading I can do until the end of time, but the cut-and-paste thing just throws me off. And rewriting entire passages drives me insane. I've never been good with drafting in any form. "But I just did this! Why do I have to do it again?"

It's encouraging, anyway.
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Okay, I need help. Spam me with pictures of pretty people and not-so-pretty people, because I'm on the hunt for facemodels.

PLEASE, give me as many pictures as possible.

And if anyone wants to devote part of their search to brunet men who look like they're in their twenties, that would be awesome.

ETA: YOU ALL SUCK. Thanks for the help.
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Today it all came true. I held the key in my hands and I knew the way. Everything fell apart like slivers of glass and I felt strands of the sun touch my fingertips. I felt the sun on a hot day and the fire on my face as I lifted my sword and faced the dragon and I looked to my right and saw the king and his knights and then touched the sky and I am she, but before I could shed a drop of blood they were braiding and coiling my hair and putting fallen lights into it and the corset was tight but the cloth was so smooth. Did you know that I could fly? I touched a star and then fell from it. I landed on a ship and turned over, my hands on his chest and our mouths met in the sticky hot evening air, tasting like rich honey and spices while he taught me the shape of his name. Go down, go down, past the wood, past the metal and listen to the song of the roots threading their way through the soil and the beautiful music they make as they sing to the fishes. I can hear the song of the air and feel the notes and the staff as it twines around my fingers and down into my throat my voice suffusing me with the tender touch of music and words that I write with the palms of my hands, holy palmer's touch, on paper that's warm and moves like waves in the sea of stars. Put your ear to the ground and feel the hand and know. I know it all, I have the key, and I know the words. I'm going.
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Title: Skin
Author: [ profile] laurelin_kit
Rating: Hard R
Version: Movie

Grey and Dappled Gold )
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Change of plans! I'm going to try and adapt A Perfect Violation into my one-act!

And, because I'm silly and I *did* make a banner for it, I'll link to the fic.

Click on the picture to read the fic.

You think it would work as a one-act? Mrs T is pretty lenient when it comes to naughty material.

NaNo memes

Oct. 31st, 2004 11:09 pm
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(first meme crossposted to [ profile] echoofthemuse.
Working title (if any): Hahahaha...yeah, I need a title.
Main character(s): Eileen, Lionel, Edward III, Edward Balliol
Genre: Historical
General Plot: In 1332, while hunting down Scottish nationalists, young squire Lionel comes upon a woman living in the woods of Northumberland. She drives him away and threatens his life. A year later, Lionel, now a knight, returns with King Edward III and Edward Balliol to Berwick-on-Tweed to return Balliol to the Scottish throne and restore peace. As the siege begins, Lionel again returns to the woods that will soon be explored for materials with which to build trebuchets to keep the woman - Eileen - from being discovered. As the stakes rise and the danger increases for both sides, Eileen must reconcile her childhood loathing of knights to help Lionel see beyond his idealism before the petulant and volatile young king destroys any chance of peace between the two countries.

Other NaNo meme ganked from trollprincess )

I feel very WAAAHHHH. I don't know why, but I do. I'm gonna see if I can stay up late to write research paper/NaNo.

Okay, so, I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow I may get up with my alarm and write before dragging myself to school in the bare minimum and HOLY SHIT I NEED TO READ CANTERBURY TALES I'M GOING TO DIE.
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Okay, that's it. *kicks self back into LJ-land* I need to get back in this.

Senior project proposal due tomorrow. Unless I can think of something better in twelve hours, I'm turning in a proposal to write a novel about the end of the world. My other option has been nixed by the parental veto. Funny.

Apocalypse | Other
bunker!sex | ONE fade
threesome | to black
slash | sex scene

So, in the end, it makes no sense. And I think I need to change something about it. Not the plot, because "IT'S THE APOCALYPSE! EVERYONE HAVE SEX, NOW!" is kinda realistic in a weird way. But I need to do something other than...that. Or at least make an edited copy for my mom to read. >.<

Then there's the research paper that's supposed to go along with it. What am I supposed to do? How the Apocalypse Affects My Life? The End of the World in Literature? Yeah, right.

Twelve hours. Right. Think fast.



New fic ideas popping around in my head that won't go away. All WiPs, of course, because that's the way my damn brain works. Most of them still need titles, because that's also the way my brain works.

Fandom: Angel
Summary/General Idea: It's 2112, almost everyone is dead or disappeared but Angel, who in a post-apocalyptic mess of a second try at LA (the first one fell into the ocean in the apocalypse that kills Buffy), is having a shitty time of it. The Initiative runs the military, Wolfram and Hart are in the Supreme Court and he's being blamed for some murders. This fic plays with reincarnation.

Fandom: Crossover between Angel and Harry Potter
Summary/General Idea: Wesley teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts. SHUT. UP. STOP LAUGHING. I know you can picture it, too. And yeah, yeah, another apocalyptic mess of a thing, the usual drill. This will merrily fuck with timelines because I can't be arsed to make up a new generation of Hogwarts students, and no one would care about them if I did.

Fandom: HArry Potter
Summary/General Idea: I got so sick of seeing Marauders-Sue upon Marauders-Sue getting every single thing wrong that I started planning my own MWPP romance with Sirius/OC (because I haven't seen ONE done right, and I doubt mine will be perfect either) and Peter/OC (because, really. Peter needs his share of the suffering love. And I liked the idea.) So, there'll be some skinny Ravenclaw chick who's shite with Transfiguration and would rather live than do the saving-people thing and a strong-willed Hufflepuff who's sick of Sirius and James pushing Peter around.

And then there's the obligatory notebook-upon-notebook King Arthur fic that [ profile] beckyincharge, [ profile] lindi_of_rohan and I are writing. We're trying to make the boys het, but it's just so hard. Twisting Dark Ages KA canon to fit and spawn some of the legends Malory put out? Kinda difficult. Gawain and the Green Knight? TOTALLY going to be in there, because I love Gawain. Quest for the Grail? FUCK no. I hate that part, it's stupid. I like KA Galahad better than blond, pure, Lancelot's son Galahad, whom I wanna smack around. KA Galahad I'd smack around a different way. Mmmm. Hugh Dancy. Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot will be there if I have to write it myself, which I probably will. And YAY for rescuing of realistic damsels in realistic ways with realistic attempts at characterization on both parts!

Speaking of Hugh Dancy, Ella Enchanted is coming out on DVD tomorrow. Now, words cannot describe how much I loathe that movie for raping one of my favorite books with a tent peg and kicking it onto celluloid (digital, now, but I like the word celluloid better). It was bad. Bad, bad, bad, and I wanted to KILL MYSELF through 75% of the movie. Obligatory dance number? Lucky for the theatre cleanup that I didn't have a gun, because I hear it's hard to get blood and brains out of cheap upholstery. The only thing they got right in that was Char. Hugh. My journal entry right after seeing it contained the sentence "Hugh Dancy is my new sex toy."

And that's why I'm going to buy it. It burns, it pounds my pride down into a little nub, but that's that. Hugh Dancy is hot and wears leather pants and takes off his shirt (BEAUTIFUL SKIN OMG), and I'm going to buy it. Along with Tempo, reasons for which are amply displayed in that link.

Right. I have to sleep tonight (as opposed to last night). Signing off now, and I promise I'll try not to neglect LJ from now on.



May. 12th, 2004 06:15 pm
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Doing two catchy memes at once! Yay!

One: My WiPs in a nutshell. (May have to get the planning notebook for this one...hmnmm.)


If It's Tuesday, We Must Be In Greece
Spike: I go to find Buffy. Oh, look, she's right over there being chased! I shall help her!
Buffy: I am being chased! Hey, is that SPIKE? He's supposed to be dead!
Spike: *saves*
Buffy: Oh my God! No time for shock, we are now in a wacky kidnapping thing trying to resurrect some ancient demon!
Spike: Ain't it just like old times?

Pull Me Out From Inside
Fred: Wah! Have nightmares! Oh crap, it appears I'm dead. But wait, no I'm not! I'm in Pylea in my dead and rotting corpse! Ick.

Untitled Lost Boys fic
Sam: Damn, Frog brothers left. Oh wait, they're back!
Frog brothers: We're back! We have more weapons!
All: Yay!!!

Red Wine and Sand: A Love Story
Billy (the Kid): I am hot and crazy.
Jane: You are indeed. Let us fuck.
Billy: No! I'm dead!
Jane: Pat Garrett! You suck! I shall now be reformed and no longer a prostitute!

Second meme!

Ask any of the characters I write for in any of my fics any question whatsoever and I will answer them.
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Pick five, or ten, or more, of your fic titles. List them in your journal and explain how you came up with each one. Post this promptly as well, so that the meme spreads.

I'm pretty boring, actually )
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For every one good, insightful, well-written, witty, poignant book aimed for teens, there are at least one hundred pieces of socially and politically conscious, moral-stuffed, monologue intense, angsty, flat, meandering pieces of shit starring completely uninteresting two-dimensional characters meant to carry one (usually stupid) idea. I haven't found ONE book in the school library about a person in the U.S. 1800's that didn't revolve around said person discovering that, in fact, slavery is bad and should be abolished. And there can only be so many 'Summer of Innocence's before the whole premise of first, soppy love involving ferris wheels and maudlin poignancy of sloppy kisses that are OH SO MEANINGFUL and touching then TRAGICALLY BUT SO FITTINGLY ending as school starts because it could never be.

And I remembered why books based off TV series set DURING the series always suck. Nothing REALLY important can happen because if it has to happen it has to be ON THE SHOW. I was so desperate this weekend for MORE ANGEL stuff because I can't always get at the DVDs [ profile] aberrantpundit loaned me that I checked out three Angel novels and three Buffy ones. I was all in the middle of a fight thing with Kate (whom I have massive girly crush on at present) and Angel versus random bank robbers and I felt very "Oh! Will Kate see he's a vampire? What would she do?" and I remembered. No. Of COURSE not, because that kind of thing has to happen on the show. Nothing important can happen in these books.

Which is why you fic authors need to publish. Not so much with the slash, because regrettably (though I'd love a couple of bound volumes of THAT wonder on my shelves) I don't think the corporations would condone that as being 'official' material. Damn.

Hrn! Have new icons! I made the two Buffy ones and the Han Solo one is one of [ profile] dunc's old ones.
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Oh, most kickass, I wrote something! Chapter of Lost in the Shadows. This is great!

Nelson: Be Happy Please (chapter 8) )

Wrist hurts. PUPPET!ANGEL DOWNLOADED! Possibly the most entertaining 40 minutes I've ever spent. Couldn't stop laughing. I'll be quoting it from now until doomsday.

I want more icon space. Damn, I want a paid account. *curses parents* IT'S NOT THAT MUCH! I have all these new, beautiful Buffy 24 icons and can't use them because I'm too deeply addicted to the three I have NOW. Grr! Oh well.

Another song addiction: Bif Naked's Lucky. Found on

Going to bed now.


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