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I was away for the past few days back in Melbourne. On Friday, Ethan, Richard, Neil and I drove down so we could watch Tristan (the littlest Pemble, Ethan and Richard's brother) graduate. It was pretty cool, even though I only knew about five kids in that class and some assholes brought air horns. Apparently it's not love unless your love blasts out the eardrums of those around you. I bumped into a few of my old teachers: Mr. Bentley, Ms. Ladd, Ms. Jenkins and best of all, Schle. He was excited to see all of us, and remembered us all. After the ceremony we went back to the Pemble's for dessert with the family and then to Andretti to chaperone the Project Graduation lock-in. That really translates to "dick around with go-karts and putt-putt golf for free." Which we did, at length, and with Jackie, too!

The next day I woke up at 1:15, 45 minutes before my appointment to get my hair cut. I made it in time, and my hair is fantastic. Best comparison I can make is that it's Sister Maria hair from The Sound of Music. It's spectacular. I love it so much.

We drove back late Saturday night on rural roads, and hit a possum. I didn't see it happen so I can pretend it got away.

Today was a lazy, relaxed day. I went to Target to pick up some kitchen supplies and cloth napkins and ended up leaving with two extra things: a racerback bra and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark on DVD. Then I came back here and made first Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuits (I've got the recipe down perfectly, I think), sausage-cheese balls for breakfast this week, and then chipotle-lime chicken and yellow rice for my dinner, which I'm now almost done eating at my desk.

In a little bit, if I have someone to keep me company, I might make pierogies to freeze for Wednesday's game night.
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Two things that make me angry today.

1. The Senior Prank. The West Shore Class of 2006 did their senior prank the other day, as I found out from [ profile] archie_costello here. The senior prank was, according to her:
somebody used a stencil and spray-painted 'class of 06' all over the school - on the walls, on the walkways, doors, everywhere. they also spray-painted 'fuck you west shore' and stuff like that on some of the walls.

What the fuck. What the fuck, people? That's completely tasteless, rude and hateful. I can't even describe how angry I am about this right now. I'm thinking about going in to visit the school tomorrow and telling the administration how very sorry I am that their senior class is a bunch of FUCKTARDS who have no IDEA how awful they are and are so ungrateful that they can't recognize how good they have it there. Sure, Melia can be a dick sometimes, and he's a real stickler for PDAs, but what has he ever done to you, personally? What has Mrs. Van Meter done? What has Ms. Shirley done? What have all the teachers done to you, personally, to warrant such a nasty, blanketed statement? How can you say "fuck you" to the entire establishment? I mean, God forbid you actually specifically target certain people, but fuck you too! What fucking assholes you must be to do that!

If anyone has any more information than what Felicite has already given me, please feel free to let me know what's going on.

2. [ profile] flame_of_death has a troll. He started trolling when she posted cam pics, saying she should post pictures of her sucking mean dick, [ profile] sangre_fria stood up to him, and now he has a journal called [ profile] sangre_friahate. My advice, Kari, is to block him from commenting in your journal, report everything he does and make screencaps of all his comments and appropriate replies as evidence.
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Have you ever hated something after you've written it? Have you ever been so sick of writing a story that you never wanted to see it again?

Me too. So I burned a draft of the novel I had to write for senior project last year.

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This past year I've matured more than I ever thought possible. I feel more independent and more myself than ever before. I've made more new friends over the course of this year than I have in a long time. I graduated from high school. I turned eighteen. I found someone to make me happy. I've reconnected with my friends and realized what's important to me.

There's not much more to say. Onward and upward.

They will see us waving from
Such great heights
"Come down now," they'll say
But everything seems
So perfect from far away
"Come down now,"
But we'll stay.
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Okay, you know what? I KNOW Mame is this weekend. That's why I was ASKING about the dates and TIMES, so I could see if I could go to a fucking matinee, because I work nights.

So, apparently there IS a Saturday matinee, but I didn't find that out until Saturday MORNING. Guess what that means? TOO LATE FOR ME TO MAKE PLANS. And also, I don't even know the fucking time. So, break a leg or whatever, because I work tonight and can't go to that performance either. Saturday matinee is the only one I could have gone to. I wanted to see you guys, but hey, no deal. Everyone fucking sucks.

I don't even know how long it runs. I don't know what time it is. I have to go to work at 6, and it better be over by then.

You know what, fuck you all. If I ever want to know something, I'll find it out myself. I'm driving over to Satellite and fucking WAITING outside the auditorium until it starts.
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Well, it's true that you can never go home again, I guess. Homecoming felt weird and awkward after I got past seeing people I hadn't seen in...well, okay, a few days. But some, not for ages.

Colleen was there and so was Lindsay Marks, didn't expect that at all. A nice surprise, though. Kali returned.

I'll let Grant regale you with his stories of romancing Mrs. Ladd.

We actually got there way, way, way early, so we went and played with ducks and chickens at the pond, and Grant was attacked by a vicious chicken. Then we were still early, so we went to the cemetary and said hello to my grandmother. I'll have to remember to tell Dad about that. I forgot earlier.

Homecoming had a few highlights. The DJ had one shining moment of glory and played You Shook Me All Night Long, prompting a prom flashback and a repeat performance. <3

We ate at Wendy's beforehand - and glancing back at my prom entry, I just remembered we tried to go to McDonalds for the pre-prom dinner back then, too, lol.

Um. Right. At some point Grant and I cannibalized the decorations on the tables and decided to make the faux champagne glasses float above the crowd, held aloft by the balloons they foolishly put near us. It took a while for us to balance it all out and then when it finally floated up, some bitches ripped it down and threw it around. Bunch of savages in this town. But we persevered, and sent glow sticks floating on high. It was glorious, glorious prankery.

We cut out early, fully intending to head off to the Days Inn, but Grant suddenly felt nauseous and so we went to the park and laid down for a while, and he wasn't getting any better, so we went back to my house and I gave him Maalox and he wanted to watch Love Actually so we ended up on the floor of the front room watching the movie, just like summertime.

(Grant, tomorrow I go to work at 5, and I do want to do something with you before that, okay? Give me a call when you wake up. The cell will be by my bed.)
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So I woke up this morning and said "Shit!" because SHIT, I WAS SUPPOSED TO DROP OFF MONEY AT THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE FOR TRISTAN TO GET ME HOMECOMING TICKETS! I made it there by lunch and was greeted by "My favorite person!" also known as Melia, who made jokes with me about how Grant didn't buy my prom ticket last year. He has not forgotten, no. So Tristan came and took the money and then Melia snuck me in to the yearbook room "to help with yearbook for the class period." And I totally...did...yeah. Sat in on lunch, felt generally awesome because people were happy to see me.

Then I dropped by to see Mrs. Ladd on the way out, and then later on came back for Mame rehearsal and hung out there for two hours or so. That was fun. I miss all of that. But I have tickets now! W00t! Now we just have to decide which group to go to dinner with, if we go at all!
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So, a few days ago, I graduated from high school.

I started crying while we were waiting in our rows to go in. All the people I'd known for six years were all lined up in their navy robes, waiting to leave and go to the real world. Rob led one more senior class cheer. Cassie and I sniffled together. I hugged Alan Barnes and congratulated him and he said wouldn't it be funny if hell opened and swallowed us up in the middle of graduation? So I made him admit he'd seen that episode of Buffy, too.

Mr. Murphy's speech made me cry. It was all about last times and how he'd never teach us again, which made me extra sad, because this year was the first year I'd actually had him for a teacher. All the other speeches were touching, but unfortunately said the same things, so yes, graduation is just as long and drawn out on this side of the podium. Except Christa's speech, which was much better. I liked hers and criiiied. I got to sit next to Natalie, since we're alphabetically close, and we whispered and sniffled through the ceremony, and lucky for me, Grant sat in the row behind me, so I could see him. Unfortunately for me, Becky sat far away from me so I couldn't see her.

When I went up to get my diploma, I waited to hear how many people cheered for me, as one does, but when i got there, I was so panicked and everything went silent. I hollered for all the people I loved when they went up to get their diplomas. At the end of the ceremony when we stood and threw our hats, Rob led the last senior cheer. I love our class.

After the ceremony when we filed out, I ran into James, who picked me up and tossed me around because I am a tiny thing. ;) I cried, stopped crying, started crying again, repeat ad nauseum. Everything was a blur of crying and laughing and feeling like the whole world was wonderful and I'd miss it so much. Kristin was crying and I hugged her twice. So happy but so sad.

Despite all the familial bullshit, my aunt Elaine, aunt Ann and uncle Richard, and Poppy and Agnes all came, as did my grandmonster Gamma. And Tommy was there! Stage manager Tommy! He has two eyebrows now! And he's dating Robyn, a friend of mine from SFA.

After graduation came Project Graduation at Andretti. First I went to the go-karts and raced around and PASSED ROB, MWAHAHA! Then Grant smoked his celebratory cigar and we walked around the park some. Bastards wouldn't let us on the kiddy playground. Keith and John came to Project Graduation, as did Garrett and Zeke. It was nice to see John again. I hadn't seen him since he was kicked off campus. We went upstairs and played laser tag and I so pwned your ass, Grant, don't even deny it. I did. Definitely. The Bitch Pack WON. Then I played my Star Wars game. YAYYYY, MY STAR WARS GAME! I BEAT IT! Then there was laser tag again and Keith kept shooting me, damn him. Then paddleboats, then shooting games, at which I OWNED and stayed at the game and beat it far after Grant got bored with it and moved on. Then we cheated at putt-putt golf, which is the national pastime, not baseball, as Hollywood would have you think. And by 'we' of course you understand that to mean Grant and I. Becky was off doing immoral things with her boyfriend. ;) At some point we saw magic. MAGIC! No, seriously, this guy made things disappear and reappear and cards flip and WE HAD NO IDEA HOW. It was amaaazing. He was seriously skilled. Then we got tired and made our way to the second floor and took over a big cushy chair and lazed around giving people cavities for a long time. Possibly the happiest time ever.

And then Becky and I were a little bit gay and there's photographic evidence.

I won an ugly dish set and Brittany Jones won a car. Where's the fair in that? :)

At five in the morning, we left. Grant gave me my graduation present: a book of Pablo Neruda poetry. I almost cried. I love you. Then we went to the beach to watch the sun rise and a couple of PRICKS did the equivalent of sitting next to you in an empty movie theatre. IT'S THE WHOLE DAMN BEACH! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THAN TWENTY FEET AWAY! Assholes. Anyway, so we moved farther down the beach and watched the sun rise. It was beautiful.

Later that day, after we'd slept, we went back to the beach, but within five minutes of arrival, storm clouds gathered. So we went to our separate houses and got dressed in normal clothes, and then he proceeded to get me addicted to a new drug called 'World of Warcraft.' Then at 10, we went to go see Revenge of the Sith again, coincidentally four rows away from Seb, Angie, Kari, Rob, Jon, Zeke and Steven. WE HAD NO IDEA. Weirdness.

And yesterday we went to a pool party at April's David's house, and the boys sunk the S.S. Differently Abled that April and I were sailing on. (The raft.) After the party, I gave Grant his graduation present, which was a DVD of Say Anything and a copy of High Fidelity, the book.

Then I woke up today and started writing this entry.
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The last few days of high school ever were rather awesome. I didn't have anything to do, really, so I just wandered around. I had a terrible time with the yearbook exam, though. I had to make a whole yearbook spread on InDesign, which I never learned and only just learned in time for the exam. Somehow I survived. I ended up skipping Heussner's class and going to drama for both days, and by skipping I mean telling Ms. Heussner that I was going to another class and then going. I wandered around most of the day with no pass, reveling in my seniority. Wednesday was a completely blank nothing no work day and it was awesome. My very last day of high school. I skipped weight training completely and went and hung out in Mrs Rehm's class. I felt really weepy because it was me, Cassie and Becky hanging out again, just like it was in ninth grade. We even had some Blue Fic to read and watched bits of Remember the Titans and had a miniature conniption when the VCR operators almost skipped the boykissage.

After that, I went home and soon Grant came over with The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and we watched some of that and then the Lost finale Part One. Then we went off to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Geeks were there by the droves. They had choreographed lightsaber battles until the manager told them to knock it off. FIGHT THE MAN! Then there were two hours to go and noooothing to do but wait. We tried sleeping on each other and almost did, but people were retarded and loud and make them go awaaaaay. Finally the movie came.


We went to Denny's afterwards and spent most of the time there partially snuggling and partially using each other as support so we wouldn't fall forward asleep into our food. We probably gave people cavities, but I was so happy. We kept making Darth Vader noises at each other like we've been doing all week. I got home around 4:30 and fell into bed and poor Grant got back home at 5:00. 4 hours later we were both at graduation practice this morning where I was barely awake and kept fucking up and we watched the senior video. I sobbed at the end. I'm going to miss West Shore. I'm going to miss all the day-to-day activities and seeing little kids I know and smiling at all my friends and knowing I'm known and loved. I'll miss the people.

They did the senior prank. A car painted blue and silver and with 'Class of 2005' on the hood was reassembled in the commons area. Beautiful, truly beautiful. :) Good job, guys.

We went to the senior picnic afterwards and Becky and I acted very gay again and Grant picked me up a lot. We had cheap barbeque and ice cream and watched a fake arrest. After everyone filtered out, Grant and I stayed behind and talked to Alex and Christa for a while. Then Alex left and we kept on talking to Christa until she had to leave, so we finally decided to trot off, and discovered his ride left without him. Woe! So we called my mom and she came to pick us up and take us to my house. While we were waiting, we went to visit little Tristan in Schle's room and that kid launched himself across the room to give Grant a flying-squirrel hug. Adorable, adorable, adorable.

Back at my house we watched Star Wars: A New Hope on the couch and tried to stay awake. Very, very tired things we were. Now for the last few hours I've been watching TV (OMG THE O.C. FINALE! WTF! Beautifully done last scene, though.) and working on a Very Special Project. Oooh, and I went swimming. Perfect water temperature.

I'm very hungry. Tomorrow morning when I get up I might have to snag some money from the parental units and go to Denny's for - guess, babe, just guess - hashbrowns. Very hungry.

Tomorrow is graduation. And after that, Project Graduation. All-night party at Andretti Thrill Park. I'll have the time of my life.
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So today I didn't come into school until the middle of fifth period because I hadn't finished the Lit project. No, really, it was terrible, I meant to. I was in the middle of working on it when the laptop batteries ran down and the computer went to sleep. I got annoyed and started powering it up again and then sat down on my bed to wait because it takes a long time....and then woke up at five to my mom going "Is the project done?" All the lights were on, my clothes were still on and I hadn't even pulled up a blanket or gotten under the covers. My glasses were on. So Mom, in a merciful gesture from above, let me skip until it was done.

Unfortunately, later I had Writer's Workshop with Rehm. You know, WHOSE CLASS I SKIPPED EARLIER TO AVOID TURNING IN A PROJECT. I hid behind my backpack the whole time. I don't think she noticed. I can't believe it. Sooo lucky.

Right after I ate an early dinner I was about to go study, but Mom told me to go rest, so I, once again, found myself fully clothed and passed out on my still-made bed for hours. Nice, very nice, although I dreamed about listening to specific music, so I kinda have to listen to it now.


Oh, for future reference, my internet is getting cut off on school nights at 10:00 p.m. EST. Just so you know. But there's only eleven school days left.
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School today was okay, blah blah, Ms Rehm gave us a speech about the future, kinda made me bittersweetly sad. Grant basically skipped out on newspaper to come hang out with us in drama. He was dressed up as Andy Warhol for Humanities, so he had baby powder in his hair to make it look grey. More grey, anyway. Most of it had gone away by then, so he just looked like a Beatle. (HEAR THAT, [ profile] ignited? :D) Lennon minus the glasses.

We played four-square in weight training! (It was free day.) I haven't played four-square in aaages. I missed it. A bunch of the teenage boys were playing their own game of four-square and Coach Eller looked at them funny and told me "Don't say anything, but I've never seen a bunch of teenage boys play four-square before." These were the tough guys, y'all.

Post-school, I went over and watched Clerks with Grant. We were going to go see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy at 7:15 or 7:45, but Clerks ended at 7:15 and we would have had to speed to get to the 7:45 and even then might not have gotten tickets or good seats, so...fuck it. We went to Denny's for dinner way late and gave all the goths and hillbillies cavities. Go us!

So now I'm about to pass out on the keyboard. Tomorrow there will be library volunteering and...and...and...fuck it, I'm sleepy. Good night. <3!


Apr. 28th, 2005 08:53 pm
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Boyfrieeeend. :) Tomorrow we do things ALL AFTERNOON AND EVENING. I can't wait!

To do:
Everybody Has A Story
English study guides
Independent novel project

This is terrible. I'm so unproductive.

*isn't working*

*still isn't working*
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Hmph. And here I am, slaving over college applications. And after that, I have a Passage to India essay to BS. And a study guide to work on. And a sociology worksheet to do.

Speaking of sociology, it's flour baby time! Mine doesn't have a gender yet or a name, so give me a hand, please.

[Poll #476589]

By the way, last night I dreamed that Molly had a baby and named it something weird. And there were giant flounder, like, the size of my living room in a river thing and it was scary. Waking up was good.
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Appropriate icon like whoa.

What should I be doing? Writing my essay. What is my brain doing? Spitting out the following: "A Passage to India is a really boring book. I didn't like it at all. In fact, I barely read any of it. I just read the part of the book I was required to summarize, and even that was boring. I hate it. It's just an Indian 'To Kill A Mockingbird' except with a gay Atticus who loved an Indian man who, in my mind, looks like Naveen Andrews."

Until my mind works again, I'm rereading some Secretary and this bit just got me.

She always watches him when he does this. He reads fast; eyes skimming and flickering, and he doesn’t miss a thing. This letter’s perfect, not a comma out of place; a work of fucking art if you go in for that sort of crap. The ink’s black, and the paper’s cream, and it’s elegant and under-stated, just like him. She starts to think about his bare back, hidden under those crisp shirts, two shades darker than the paper, no more, because he’s so not the soaking up the rays kinda guy, and goes off into this daydream where she’s writing on him, maybe with one of those fucking sharpie pens, hearts and loops and –

ASKFJAKLSJFAKSFJKJFDAFD. I love this fic. I love its hot. I love the mental pictures it shoves in my head.
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Senior boards went well. I stayed up really late to work on them, finished the visual this morning while talking to Grant and did the notecards in the cafeteria after checking in. My hands were shaking and I was totally freaking out. Freaking. Out. Like mad, man. My handwriting was so crabbed and jerky.

I ended up being in a room with Mayuri, Justin Babcock and that great tap-dancing bastard, Ross. Everyone did great, even if Justin did take my thunder about the medieval time period being part of his childhood. I was fine, fine, until I got up to the front of the room and all moisture left my mouth. I stammered and babbled, but they liked me, so thank God.

I waited by Grant's car for an hour for him to get out so we could go get pancakes. I called Becky to see how she did, but she wasn't so sure. Hope you did okay, babe. Tommy dropped by to keep me company and we claimed the sandy parking strip between the road and the railroad tracks to be Sin City and drew Old Town and the farm. Grant showed up finally so I ran across the street to meet him halfway, Tommy yelling "Slo-mo! Slo-mo!" after me and getting a familiar finger for his trouble, and Grant caught me and picked me up, big hug and kiss. Did I mention I'm crazy about him?

Pancakes were great, if HUUUGE, and guess who served us? JENNY! So we drew on the placemats with the crayons she bought us and left her a pretty picture. Did you liiike it? After IHOP, we wanted to go to his place to watch I ♥ Huckabees, but the answer was no, so we just went to Best Buy and looked at DVDs. I bought Say Anything, which we WILL be watching together, and Cruel Intentions. He drove me back home and came in for a bit then reluctantly had to go. Very reluctantly.

And I still can't concentrate on work. Or anything. I hate school but I want to gooooo.

Prom! 2005

Apr. 10th, 2005 02:52 am
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Prom Timeline

1 April (8 days to go): After seeing Sin City, in the parking lot of Steak N Shake, Grant asks me to prom. I express my joy in my usual way by nearly backing into someone else's car.
2 April (7 days to go): I find my dress in a size four - suffocating. I order a size 6, overnight shipping.
4 April (5 days to go): Dress is not here. Grant and I decide on McD's for dinner.
5 April (4 days to go): Dress is still not here. Changed plans - Japanese food for dinner.
6 April (3 days to go): I wonder about prom tickets. After discovering I am left without a ticket, I run frantically around the school, waving a $20 bill and praying for a miracle. I recive my ticket after the following conversation with Dean Melia: "SO WHO ARE YOU GOING WITH?" "Grant." "I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING OUT WITH SOME OTHER GIRL." "Theybrokeup. Thankyoufortheticketbye.
7 April (2 days to go): Dress arrives! That was not overnight. Shoes must now be found, and they are found, but in the wrong size, so a 45 minute drive in the pouring rain and thundering lightning is required to get them.
8 April (1 day to go): I go to Wal-Mart, buy a strapless bra, pantyhose and various sparkly eyeshadow. Then I go to the mall and go to Icing, then Claire's, then the Body Shop, then Icing, then Charlotte Russe, then Icing, then Dillards. No jewelry is found. I curse the skies.
9 April (DAY OF PROM): I go to Wal-Mart again, no jewelry. I go to Icing, then Body Shop, then Macy's, then Claire's, then Icing, then Charlotte Russe, then Dillards, then JCPenney, then Icing and finally buy a pair of earrings. I arrive home (driving on fumes, I might add), fall into the bath. Mmm, jacuzzi. I drive like a bat out of hell to my hair appointment, where I then get my hair trimmed and then styled into curls by way of excruciating pain and then burning heat. I drive back home and jump into my dress, hose and shoes. I end up not wearing the earrings I just bought, but ones I've had for ages, and a necklace I don't wear much. Thanks to an Elizabeth Arden card of makeup examples as displayed on the Goddess Catherine (Zeta-Jones), I apply my sparkly gold makeup just in time to be finishing up to the yell of "LAURA! GRANT'S HERE!"
--- --- ---

And after a few thousand pictures, we actually got to leave. (BEAUTIFUL CORSAGE.) In the most awesome bugvertible (see picture here), by the way. Then it was off to Hioki's Japanese Cuisine, where I had chicken teriyaki and made fun of Adam. The food was amazing.

Girly! Becky, you looked so, so, so classy and beautiful. Molly, nice boobs your dress was lovely. Rene, you rocked the fifties secretary look. Cassie looked fantabulous in red, with the best hair ever. April, WOW. Just...WOW. :)

Then when we made it to prom...

Girly! Kari, oh my God, you looked so hot. Jackie, awesome, awesome color. Lizzie, your dress was marvelously sparkly. Noelle, no one else had your dress, nor did anyone else have your coolness. Christa, YOU WERE THERE! And you looked so chic! How did the film school interview go? Amanda...charming. Charming.

(Please smack me if I forgot anyone.)

So Grant and I didn't dance nearly as much as we thought we would, which surprised me. But there was much dancing, much craziness and many times, a writhing mass of girlflesh. The boys had fun looking, I'm sure, and joined in sometimes. Our class song is "In My Life" by the Beatles, F-anyone's-I. Requisite playing of "I like big butts" created a rather tight writhing mass of bootydancing girlflesh, but then Grant joined in, and that was thrown all to hell, but in a really fun way that involves me dancing with him a lot. THERE WAS NO CHA-CHA SLIDE! Or if there was, I missed it. Although they did play a squaredancing song. O.o And finally, with the good music, they played "You Shook Me All Night Long" and Grant just picked me right up and lifted me over his head and spun around. And have you ever been so happy that when you're not grinning your mouth twitches to be smiling as wide as you can and then you smile so hard your face aches but it just makes you happier? (I have.)

Crazy shit: Jesse stole the Prom King scepter, Grant and Jesse slowdanced during the King and Queen dance, our table stole all the candles from our table and the next one over and Grant tried to steal one of the giant stars from the entrance to the dance, and we had glow sticks and raved some, but mainly I just stuck mine down the front of my dress.

Post-prom we all went to Denny's, Grant and I shared a slice of cheesecake and Jesse had an achin' for bacon. Then, because it's was only one o'clock, and I didn't want to go home that soon, Grant and I drove down to the park and sat on a bench by the river for a while.

And thus ends my perfect night.
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Things To Do Before Saturday (PROMPROMPROMPROMPROM)

+ Get jewelry
+ Get hose
+ Get strapless bra
+ Decide how I want my hair
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Sometimes it's the little things that make you feel fantastic again. For instance, thanks to an afternoon shopping run, I now have new socks, new underwear, two new bras in pretty colors and new pajamas. These were all things I needed to get (except the pajamas), but the possession of said new things is a great, great feeling.

Although I know quite well this will not happen, I still want someone to pop out and tell me that they'll do my sociology worksheet for me.

Fuck it. I'll do it tomorrow morning.


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