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Okay, one: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is pretty damn attractive. Remember when Danny Glover taught him how to cook with tobacco spit? Yeah, I tried to forget that part, too. BUT! BUT! The big thing about those scans? My God, the design. The design! The white space! The small text! Black and white photo! Text spacing! And what's that font? The tall one? I want that font. I also want Helvetica. Can anyone send it to me? "Coolvetica" just isn't the same.

And aw, I want to read the article on Feist.

My stomach hurts for no reason.

Oh, also, I started reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain today. Grant bought it a few weeks ago and lent it to me earlier this week and I've just gotten started on it. I didn't spend that much time back in the kitchen when I worked at Abaco Jack's, but still some of how he describes life as a cook is a familiar environment to me. Anthony Bourdain is kind of a badass. I'm heading back to campus early so I can sit outside and read some more.

Oh, I heard some bad news. It's entirely possible that How I Met Your Mother is on the chopping block. Or at least, its future is uncertain. So here's Watch With Kristin's Save One Show article and poll. I voted for How I Met Your Mother. Gilmore Girls, though I love it, needs to be taken out behind the barn and as much as I'd love to think that if Veronica Mars got another season it would be able to pick itself up again and be great, they're never writing Logan off the show and so it's more likely that it'll just get worse. So I'd prefer it to go now, where I can still bitch about how the network cancelled it when it was awesome instead of bitching about how it turned awful and ruined itself for me. And I can have dreams of a Logan-free VM season.

But anyway. Vote for How I Met Your Mother, and you'll be voting for AWESOME. Barney would want you to.

Edit: Shit, where are my keys?!
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I'm so sick of artists violating the Sacred Covenant of Breasts. Breasts are not bolted to the chest. Breasts are not constantly pushed up together. Breasts are not made of grapefruit halves. So I drew a picture of Marie Antoinette wearing the very thin slip from the movie.

Marie Antoinette, under the cut with no witty tags! )
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Just came back from a really fun LAN party at Steven and Aaron's townhouse. Well, it ended up being more like a WoW party. We ran Sunken Temple and Blackrock Depths and was going to run Rene through Deadmines, but died of exhaustion after having to do Jailbreak all over again arrgh.

Anyway, the main point of this entry is that I done art. It's half collage, half acrylic painting, and too big to scan in, so I took a photo.

You are not the kind of guy who should be coming home at this time of the morning Sunday morning six a.m. )
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Another comic! This one is my second KOTOR comic, but the only one posted here. I haven't finished the game. Please do not tell me anything about the plot. I refuse to be spoiled.

Upper City adventures. )
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So, because I'm disgusting and sappy, I'm going to watch one romantic movie every day until Valentine's Day.

Tonight, it's Ever After.

Why Fanfiction Is the Bestest Thing EVER. I wholeheartedly agree. The main reason I got an 800 Verbal on my SAT is because I was at the height of my ficwriting and beta-ing duties. Fanfiction is the reason I want to write for a living. Everything I've learned about writing, I've learned from fanfiction. It is an invaluable tool for writers.

I'm going to try and finish coloring my KOTOR comic tonight.

I slept through the afternoon today when I should have been brainstorming on my privacy argument and doing my laundry. So I'm gonna have to do laundry tomorrow and brainstorm fast tonight and tomorrow before my meeting with the professor. At least it's only a ten minute meeting.

ETA: The Broccoli Test intrigues me. It's whether someone can signal to their significant other across the supermarket, without words, that they want them to pick up some broccoli.

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I drew a picture of Rene a while back and finally colored it.



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