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Today I bought this pretty clock. I also got some kitchen towels, a spice rack and a few other things from home that I needed.

I was going to work a boat show today, but we closed down after an hour because there was no one coming. Instead I went to dinner with my parents. It was a pretty good day.
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This past year I've matured more than I ever thought possible. I feel more independent and more myself than ever before. I've made more new friends over the course of this year than I have in a long time. I graduated from high school. I turned eighteen. I found someone to make me happy. I've reconnected with my friends and realized what's important to me.

There's not much more to say. Onward and upward.

They will see us waving from
Such great heights
"Come down now," they'll say
But everything seems
So perfect from far away
"Come down now,"
But we'll stay.
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Well, that was my last day of work. Huh.

I brought in Dad's Madonna CD from the car and we listened to that instead of Jimmy Buffett. I got hugs. I danced around for the last hour. Everyone will miss me.

Right now I'm just really fuckin' bored, though. I have to organize my room and all, since I'm going to be off to college soon. But bleh. I don't feeeeel like it.

This is loads of fun, though.

I got Jodie Foster on one picture, Elisha Cuthbert on another, and I'm searching for more pics to use. (SCORE! Elisha Cuthbert!)
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Today was a really, really good day. I went up to the Avenue with Mom this morning and she bought me a cute sweater to wrap up for Christmas, lol. And then I went to work for my last night shift (my last two days are Monday and Tuesday 11-5) and had a great time with Kristen and Michelle. Jim, oddly enough, was the one making the biggest fuss about me leaving. I'll actually really miss it there.

Then Grant came to pick me up and we went to Smokey Bones for dinner before going to Wal-Mart to meet up with Jeremy, Neil, Karl and several others, and then we went back to Jeremy's house where we were joined by elder Pembles and we watched Boondock Saints. I had not seen this before, but found it excellent. I also found myself wondering WHY I had not seen it before.

FIC RECS PLZKTHX. I know you fans are out there. *looks pointedly at [ profile] queen_kiwi, [ profile] lonely_streets, [ profile] dawning_star, all of whom have underscores in their LJ names and therefore I belong with them*

Tomorrow Today is Christmas Eve.

Yaaay! Mustfinishwrappingpresentsomg.

Aww, and Grant found one of his presents sitting out on my desk, unwrapped. Heh. It was a minor one, and don't worry, babe, it was mainly my fault for looking at it for a few days going 'I should put that away in case Grant sees it,' and, you know, NOT DOING SO.
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Hurrrrrr. I'm cold. So cold I dreamt I was in a snowy cave and kept getting buried in snow and had to run through snowy walls.

Too cold to go retake my Santa picture this morning. That will probably occur tonight after work, then, or better, tomorrow after work so it doesn't interfere with Rene's Yule celebration.

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Work was entertaining for the first half (it was a Keith day), but then I got mind-numbingly bored and extremely lonely. Very depressing.

Part of me feels like hanging out with people tonight, and the other half of me really doesn't want to.

I don't even know what I'm saying.
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Work sucks, and that's all I have to say about that.

If anyone wants to save me from gnawing off my own arm from boredom, come visit me around 2:30 or 3 or so.

I'll totally make it worth your while.
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Well, that was my break. An hour of eating turkey and mashed potatoes and reading Calvin and Hobbes.

Back to the grind.
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Last night was a madhouse. One of the servers quit before the dinner shift (he was supposed to be working a double), and it's not like we could have USED HIS HELP OR ANYTHING. Terribly, terribly swamped. We ran out of food in the kitchen and there was almost a fight back there.

And once things slowed down, I decorated the front lobby.

And now I wake up once more, ready to go in from 11-3 and then 4til. Oh, how I love double shifts with every bit of loathing inside me. I'm so, so, so tired.
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Today at work and at home, I read Shopgirl, by Steve Martin, which Grant has graciously let me borrow as a part of our strange little book club. I read the first twenty pages at the beginning of my shift until Jim noticed and made me put it away. It drove me crazy for the rest of the six hours, sneaking two pages or a half a page while he was on a phone call or talking with the owner. I actually did the idiotic thing of reading it in the car when I was going home. (Stoplights last forever during rush hour, okay?) I read it while I was making dinner for myself, during dinner, and when I was done eating I dumped my dishes unwashed and plodded off to my bed to finish the book.

I don't do that with books much any more. And I really can't remember the last book I tried to read at a stoplight. Spoilerish thoughts. )

When Jennifer came to take over for me at five, she asked me where I was the whole weekend, and then she said that on Saturday, things were crazy busy and horrible, and she went up to the hostess stand to Kristen and they were chatting for a minute and bitching about work and then Kristen suddenly burst out with "Where's Laura? I miss her! She needs to come back, because it sucks here!"

And that's why, at the end of the day, I like having this job and I'll miss it when I leave.
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Grant, I just got your text from yesterday. *kiss* Cheered me up after a shit day, thanks.

Work was terrible today. It was one of those days where it's absolute arse to be a hostess. There were two parties and neither of their reservation tickets were up at my desk, so I didn't know how many there were, if they were there, what was going on, where they were going or what they were. It took an hour for someone to finally tell me that the Harris meeting and the Rotary Club meeting were the same damn thing. The organization is terrible there. Horrible. Atrocious.

And then the customers were horrible and snotty and uninforming to me, and I sat half a party one place and half the other place because the second half didn't ask if anyone was already there, so the two that were already sat walked around going "...fucking idiots, I swear." And the servers were bitching about uneven seating and Lee and Tara got completely SLAMMED with tables because the tea room was closed off and no one wanted the booth room.

Thankfully, I'm going to try and go out to dinner somewhere nice, and I'll be extra sweet to the hostess and server there, and hopefully get back in time to order this when it pops up on If the schedule is accurate, it should come up in about two and a half hours.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is on Sex and the City tonight, the TBS reruns. Now that I think of it, Buffy and Carrie Bradshaw might get along pretty well. Both of them go on and on about the same issues and pursue men that are inevitably bad for them and don't know a good thing when they have it. Except Buffy is less annoying about it all.
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I had an incredibly happy weekend of snuggly joy, vodka-and-Mountain-Dew, massages and other, happy things that was like Christmas come early for a certain snarky boy of mine. One of the best night's sleep I've ever had, too. Happy, happy, happy. :)

And I made awesome new friends. I am a very happy Kitbit.

(Well, and at work today everything sucked because I kept yawning and I used my break to nap in the car and ended up locking my keys in my car, which I found out after work, so Zach helped me find the spare, and when I cleaned the bathroom I nailed my head on the bottom of the tampon machine...but the rest of the weekend was fantastic.)

Now I'm sitting here watching Law and Order and watching this site like a hawk. LIKE A HAWK. This may be my favorite. It reminds me if the ring that I look at every time I go past Zales in the mall. More on the coveted jewelry. )
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I love today. Today is awesome.

I went to see Flightplan at 1:30 with Becky and April (an hour of "What the FUCK is going on?" five minutes of "Ohhhhh," and twenty more minutes of "Wait, this STILL doesn't make any sense.") and then I came home, lazed about a bit, and then went to work. I worked with Briahna and Rachel, and Briahna and I always have a blast together. It was really, really busy.

After they both left, though, I was stuck talking to an old guy who liked to recite poetry at me, an old magician and two sunburnt college guys from Ohio in Florida for an internship. At eleven thirty I finally managed to sneak off to clean the ladies room and Keith stopped me on the way back and said "GO HOME. I would have sent you home earlier, babe, but you seemed like you were having so much fun talking to those guys." Heh. Maybe not that much fun, but it was nice.

And when I got home, what did I find waiting for me? Takeout fried rice from Siam Orchid that my parents brought home for me!


Life is good.
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So for most of my shift I stood at the counter, reading Mr. Midshipman Hornblower (checked out from library next door at 10:30, finished by 1:30. *sigh*), or alternately doodling WoW characters and ghetto-tastically inking them with ballpoint pen. Keith was manager, so he'd come out of his office and we'd complain about the music, customers and other random things.

At the end of my shift, about twenty minutes before Jennifer was supposed to take over for me, I took a takeout order from the ceviche guy. He always orders two things of conch ceviche with extra lemon and hot sauce on the side. And he'll usually tip about five dollars. For no reason. Hostesses don't get tips, and yet...tip us he does.

So Jennifer got there and I waited around for my five dollar tip guy. (Hey, I like money.) About ten minutes after five he showed up and I told him his total (21.09) and he handed me a $100 bill. But the register was out of paper so the drawer didn't open to give him his change. Jennifer went off to replace the paper and the guy goes, "Oh, forget it, I can't wait," and LEFT. Dude...?

Jennifer came back and stared at me and was like, "...Did he just leave you eighty dollars?"


"You're splitting that with me, right?"


OMFG WHEEEEE! So now Jennifer and I both have forty dollars and a healthy love for crazy rich people.
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Oh my God, ow. I fucking nailed my spine on this useless, for-decoration handle on the bathroom door at work. It's still in pain. Owww.

No, like, ow.

Work...was short. There's a new girl. Keith likes Clerks and laughed when I said "Bunch of savages in this town." No one wanted to go out for pizza with me after work, so I just drove to the beach and sat out there for a while, then went to the park, then went home. Now I'm watching Ever After.

ETA: My eeeye is twitching. Perhaps I should go to sleep.
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I don't want to go to work.


(No, see, it's awesome because it kinda means I have other things on my mind.)
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[ profile] laurelin_kit: We'll probably have a crazy after-party.
[ profile] laurelin_kit: The kind that no one we knew would hold while we were actually in high school.
[ profile] qwaszxplokij: with midgets?
[ profile] laurelin_kit: Yes, sex midgets!
[ profile] laurelin_kit: You can't have one; you're too young.
[ profile] qwaszxplokij: :-(
[ profile] laurelin_kit: Besides, you practically are a midget!
[ profile] laurelin_kit: Adorable enough, even.
[ profile] qwaszxplokij: I'm like a foot taller than you
[ profile] laurelin_kit: Totally not. Shut up.

Meanwhile, on [ profile] fandomhigh:

[ profile] wyld_stallyn is the music teacher!

Rob Gordon from High Fidelity is DJ-ing with familiar music.

And Jo March is trying to once again flirt with Hamlet.

My feet hurt like hell. Bill kept me late at work. Rarrgh.
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I had possibly the best day ever today. I went over to Grant's apartment this morning and woke him up. He cooked me lunch! It was very, very delicious. We also watched French Kiss. Today was definitely the best way to sort of celebrate six months together, especially in light of our phone call last night. I love having perfect days like today.

When I got back home I called up some of the Bitch Pack and then went over to Jackie's house and watched some of The 10th Kingdom with her, Rene and Kristin. Twas very entertaining, and Molly was there in spirit because we talked about what she did and didn't like about it, too.

Tomorrow I work a double shift. 11-4 and then 5-10. Why, yes, I do want to die. Yes. Ugh. (Come visit me? Lunch is cheaper.)

Which is why I'm going to go pass out so I can have as much sleep as possible before HEEEELL.


Rene, I get off work at ten tomorrow, and yes, it is convenient that HotFlixx is open until 2, so give me a call.
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I found one of my former Hallmark coworkers on Match.Com. I find this hilarious.

I'm totally exhausted and I left my lipgloss in the car. WOE. I was hoping to sniff them more before going to bed, but whatever.

I finally changed my desktop. That's a link to [ profile] teh_indy's Sin City caps, btw.


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