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OH! I miss my big, gay, saw-it-in-theatres-twice movie!


If you ever wanted to look up Colin Farrell's skirt...



Jared Leto looks fantastic in eyeliner, incidentally.

Seriously? You know what I want? I want this movie in its original form with the kissing. I want this movie to have all the boring shit edited out and for it just to be a Prettyfest of Colin Farrell/Jared Leto gay. You think if I'm a really good girl, Santa will get it for me?

Okay, one last joke. What do you tell a gay war hero with two black eyes? Nothing Alexander the Great hasn't told him twice! Bahahaha. The eyeliner looks funny in daylight.

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So, how lame is it that I'm putting HoYay in my novel without even realizing it? Seriously. Was writing and suddenly looked at my words and there HoYay was!

"I suppose," sighed the King. "Take him to the blacksmith and tell him the king commands that this boy receive the best armor he has." Pulling a ring from his finger, he held it out carelessly. "Take this ring to the man." When Sir Edmund took a step forward, Edward shook his head firmly. "Not you. Your boy."

Lionel stepped forward, feeling his knees tremble as he found himself standing before the King of England, chosen by God to lead. Looking down, not daring to meet his eyes. Lionel reached out, quavering, to take the ring. "Your Majesty," he murmured, looking up without even realizing it, locking eyes with Edward. He blinked in shock as Edward's cold blue eyes held his steadily. Unwavering. The hard

"Yes," said Edward firmly. "You'll make a fine knight."

Or maybe I'm just on a little bit of crack.

But when my mental picture of Edward III is this and Lionel is this...It'd be pretty. Just saying.
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Well, now that Keanu is finished being straddled by Patrick Swayze and they're cuffed together...maybe this movie will end.

"Give me just one wave before you take me."

Take you?

Really, it's not a porno.
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"I know you want me, Johnny. I know you want me so bad it's like acid in your mouth. But not this time."

Really. This isn't a porno, I swear.
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"Let's go man. We are going to ride this all the way, Johnny, so let's go."

No. Contrary to popular belief, Point Break is not a porno.

Point Break

Sep. 6th, 2003 12:23 am
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I'm sitting here watching this truly horrible movie called Point Break with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. It's such a terrible movie, with Evil!Patrick Swayze. I'm thinking the only thing that could make it better was if the reason Patrick Swayze dragged Bad Acting!Keanu out to the back of the van to make out. Sadly, no, it was to let him spew out with badly acted expletives. I think I should watch PotC now. For the thousandth time.


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