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1. Last Thursday Mike and I went to Animal Kingdom courtesy of my cousin who works there, and then we called Nick and had him meet us at Epcot when he got off work for drinking around the world. It was fantastic. I had a great time. I took some photos.

2. I finally got to meet Mike's girlfriend and all of his friends and they love me. They referred to me as the female version of Mike, which is pretty accurate. Mike and Jen are working on a New Moon trailer parody and have asked me to play Alice, which means I get to STEAL A CAR. Or rather, look badass next to my yellow Bug.

3. I'm home for Christmas and thus stuck with my old, shitty laptop that doesn't have AIM on it, so if I've vanished, that's why.

4. I've been shopping for presents for the past few days. I got my mom a Meiwa kumquat tree, which is perfect. We've been looking for a new citrus tree and her acacia tree just died after Hurricane Fay, so there's a tree vacancy in the yard.

5. I've been making slow-cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast. They're delicious. I also bought fresh scallops for Christmas dinner so we can do a surf-and-turf.
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I decided to take a break from studying and go to the mall. I've been on the hunt for makeup storage and a toothbrush holder that isn't a Lion King glass. I saw a thing in the latest Real Simple about using mismatched ceramics to store your makeup, so I thought I'd check out Anthropologie. I would love to show you a photo, but on that fantastic weekend last week where everyone came over and got drunk and fucked with my head, Rob also happened to drop my camera, and it is now broken and my dad is going to send it off to be repaired.

Anyway, I looked in the sale section in Anthropologie and found three things. I can't find any of them on the website, so I'll describe them. I have a glass with some sort of woven basket cuzie that I'm going to put eyeliner and stuff in. I bought a tall glass with a blue L on it and a black woodcut looking stamp of a tiny Cupid. The last thing I bought was a small bowl about 5" diameter with an orange glaze on the outside that looks like it has little bubbles. I think I'll put smaller things like smallish eyeshadows or something. Then I went to Publix for food, came home and made Swedish meatballs. And after this episode of Gilmore Girls, I will go back to studying for my tests tomorrow.
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Today I bought this pretty clock. I also got some kitchen towels, a spice rack and a few other things from home that I needed.

I was going to work a boat show today, but we closed down after an hour because there was no one coming. Instead I went to dinner with my parents. It was a pretty good day.
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My room is 90% finished right now. The paint is on the walls and my furniture has been completely rearranged in my room. My bed is now under my wide window and framed on either side by my wall units, and my desk is on the other side of the room. I also have room for a chair in here, as well. Tomorrow or maybe the day after I'll finish putting it together; all I have left to do is put up the bamboo blinds and hang some of my framed prints. I might go to IKEA this week and get curtains as well.

Today I got restless and went down to the Vero Beach Outlet Mall for some new pants. I got a pair of jeans at the GAP Outlet for $13, and they fit, which is awesome. I also got two new dresses - one from the GAP Outlet again and a dress from BCBG Max Azria that is actually the dress that Chuck is wearing in my icon. No joke. It's adorable. I do need to find a place that does alterations because it needs to be taken in at the shoulders a tiny bit, but other than that, perfect. Especially since it was only $29 and originally it was about $120. I almost emptied out my bank account to buy this gorgeous red coat at the Banana Republic outlet with a mandarin collar and military buttons. It was so pretty. Oh my God. You have no idea. It took immense willpower.

I just finished taking the e-Learning online tutorial for my BCC online classes, which taught me valuable skills as "Checking my email" and "Posting in a forum." It included helpful tips as "avoid humor and sarcasm, which can easily be misinterpreted over the internet." I'm so glad they were able to help me with that. I would never have figured it out on my own.

Tomorrow I start my classes - calculus from 10:50 to 1:05 and online Film Appreciation. Becky, I'm looking at you. That means I'm free after ONE tomorrow to do le furniture shopping.

Puppy! This is not helping me try to resist adopting a puppy. So smooshy. So fluffy. So cute.


Nov. 27th, 2007 07:55 am
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Oh my God my legs. So sore. So much shopping yesterday. IKEA is awesome and I want everything in it. Specifically either two chaises to make my own sectional sofa or the sectional sofa and lots of bookshelves and a nice chair. I bought a tile wall hook for my bathrobe at Urban Outfitters.

Journeyman is very nearly canceled because NBC hates happiness. Woe.

Today I think I'll see if I can get my grandmother's sewing machine to work and maybe look at some fabric or something.
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Whenever I picked up my phone today it was completely silent on the other end and when I called my voicemail the little automated voice was talking too softly to hear. Phones are dumb.

Today I went to the zoo and petted giraffes. They were very large and very cute. Tomorrow I plan to go to Orlando to the new and my very first IKEA. I'm excited as all hell; you have no idea. If a person could explode from anticipating a furniture store, I'd do it. I also want to go by the Home Depot Expo Center and Urban Outfitters and the disgusting Sanrio store at the Mall at Milennia.

This post would have been more interesting with photos of giant giraffe heads, but my battery was too low to take photos at the zoo.
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I came home this weekend for Father's Day to find the inside of my house covered in plastic and my room full of furniture. Hm. I was kind of unaware that it would be in such chaos. On the plus side, everything it cleared and put away now and the ceiling (which was the reason for the bubble house) is done and painted. We still have plywood floors and unfinished walls in half the house, but that's normal. That's been there for a year.

Yesterday was spent shopping for Father's Day with my mom while the house was all torn up. We got him a yellow poncho (to put in the bottom of the gear bag in case it rains unexpectedly and he doesn't have his rain gear), sunscreen towelettes, a digital voice recorder, a pen shaped like a golf driver, two pairs of shorts and a belt. All gifts were well-recieved. I really love buying presents for people.

In addition to the Dad stuff, I picked up a small canvas duffel bag (mine is blue) from Old Navy for $13 and a nice pair of jeans for $15. The bag is the same size as Dad's Cruising World bag that I used on the camping trip last weekend. After using it then, I decided I needed an almost-overnight bag like that, but sturdier than one that comes with a magazine subscription. So the bag is perfect.

Today I went down to Sebastian with my dad and helped him gas up one of the boats and then we went out on the river for a short while, but came back when it looked like rain. Then I went home, went to the meat market and got stuff for dinner. We had New York strip steaks and twice-baked potatoes for dinner and Key Lime tarts for dessert. And now it's one in the morning and I've got two different kinds of cookie dough cooling in the fridge waiting to be sliced and baked tomorrow morning. When I will also try and make fried rice before we go to Winter Haven to visit Poppy and Agnes for Father's Day. I'm only now running out of energy. But hopefully I'll have time to look up answers for my history quizzes before I really run out of steam.


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