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[ profile] skyblade writes about the Avengers movie.

What we have is the release of several different movies. with an end-game in mind. To be honest, it strikes me as one of those "Charge you to see more than one movie" deal. There were several criticsms of Iron Man 2 when it came out, and a lot of the defenders used the reasoning that they had to "set things up." I don't think that really flies as an excuse, however. One should now have to spend ten dollar and wait two years for something to pay off. Hundreds of millions of dollars for a set-up? Besides, if you're not enjoying the ride, I have serious doubts about the destination.

He's going to yell at me for picking that quote but I have no idea what else to pull.

Ferris Club, featuring the best character.
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Rob: I feel like it's 1999 again
Rob: Or at least 2000
Rob: That big election is coming up
Rob: I don't see how Gore could lose
Rob: But what's the worst Bush can do? Will probably be another place holder like his dad
me: I don't know, but did you beat all the gym leaders yet?
me: I totally fucked up my blue game
me: I have a Blastoise that won't listen to me and the rest of my team is like level 2 and keep dying.
Rob: Oh, that's right. Us conversing ten years ago would be creepy.
me: Indeed.
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me: Efron has one f
me: your tweet
Rob: I did it to save space
me: no
me: I mean you gave him two
me: but there is only one
Rob: I did it to kill space
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I'm going to LA tomorrow. My flight leaves at 12:30 AM. It'll be me and Grant going to visit Cassie for the week, going to the San Diego Zoo, Vegas, and just having a blast. I'll hopefully be able to get online some of the nights and talk to people, since all three of us have laptops and are internet people.

In the meantime, my kumquat liqueur will be sitting in my room steeping and turning lovely.

Hopefully being three hours behind will make it easier for me to be awake when Rob is. It sucks having to go to sleep after only talking for like an hour or two.

Now to finish this delicious onion pie for dinner.
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Rob: Ah, now the sow's coming down a little more
Rob: but it's supposed to stop at six
Rob: *snow
Rob: but for the record
Rob: female pigs are also coming down from the sky
Rob: I should be more concerned about this
Rob: than I am
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me: Your mouth CAN get pregnant
Rob: I wonder if this means one day we can in fact get an ass baby
me: Phil Nichols in comments: "Being mostly ignorant of the female parts down there, how does one urinate lacking a vagina? Could go on for awhile, but will leave it go at that."
Rob: haha
me: the next commenter signed in as "Phil Nichols Is Dumb"
Rob: the discourse in this country
Rob: bless it
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Friday: Florida Aquarium in Tampa
(click for gallery)

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Monday: Animal Kingdom
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Not Dead

Jan. 3rd, 2010 12:46 am
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I have clearly been very lax with my posting. I know, terrible of me, depriving you all of the fascinating minutiae of my ever-changing exciting life, which currently involves YouTubing NSYNC videos on the couch while my boyfriend sleeps on the floor in front of the tv.

Is it a good excuse to say that my finals shellshocked me into a catatonic state? No? Whatever. It's not like I've been doing anything really awesome this break. It's been pretty quiet. Shopping for presents, making food. I made candy for the first time - salt caramels - and they turned out fantastically. So fantastically I am currently kicking myself for not bringing some up with me.

I met up with the Fellowship (my group of friends from high school) over break. Really looking forward to hanging out with [ profile] renethetoaster sometime soon, since we had a great time watching Nostalgia Chick videos and agreeing that we could totes review historical epics together. The rest of the visit was fraught with revertigo but it was good to see people again.

With help from Smitten Kitchen's max out tiny kitchen post, I've been working on ideas for my similarly tiny kitchen. I made a lovely pegboard over break which I will be putting up sometime this week. Also thinking of making a drop-leaf wall-mounted table for extra workspace. Today I dragged hapless boyfriend to Crate and Barrel and Ikea to purchase ramekins, a pot lid rack and some Blomster candlesticks.

On the subject of projects: I have an XBox I'm going to softmod into a media center, I need to reupholster the armchair I refinished in August, I want to put some Grundtal racks in my kitchen so I can avoid using my counterspace.

Like I said, thrilling exploits.
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This is what happens when two nerds idly wonder how to make lembas bread. A quick google search discovers this site, which includes recipes for Elven black-bottom cheesecake muffins, Merry's spiced chai (what), Mushrooms a la Gandalf and Sauron's eye cookies.
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me: Cassie just texted me to tell me how huge Chris Pine's junk looks
Skyblade: I see
me: She's in the third row and she says it's downright intimidating
Skyblade: wow
Skyblade: No wonder he's the captain
Skyblade: and all the women in the universe want that
Star Trek film spoilers )
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Queen Esther: so Kiran, what IS an Old King Clancy?
laurelin_kit: --- that
Kiran: Its like a reverse cowgirl
laurelin_kit: what's a reverse rick moranis?
Kiran: but with more beer
Kiran: thats missionary but with weed
Queen Esther: montreal meatpie?
laurelin_kit: musty goaltender?
Kiran: doggie style but with socialized medicine for all
Kiran: 69 but on a zamboni kit

But then [ profile] kiran59 left us...

Skyblade: Also
Skyblade: they so need to name a sex act after Wolverine
laurelin_kit: haha
laurelin_kit: definitely
Queen Esther: heh
Skyblade: possibly something that involves three fingers
Skyblade: I got it!
Skyblade: The Wolverine's Burrow!

Meanwhile, over in AIM:

Queen Esther: ... I need to get that off my screen, but there is nothing I can say to it


laurelin_kit: butts
Queen Esther: butts
laurelin_kit: butts
Queen Esther: butts
laurelin_kit: butts
Queen Esther: butts
laurelin_kit: butts
Queen Esther: butts
laurelin_kit: butts
Queen Esther: butts
laurelin_kit: butts
Queen Esther: butts
laurelin_kit: butts
Queen Esther: butts

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me: What do you think famous dogs eat?
e: Smaller dogs.

[ profile] skyblade: Actually
[ profile] skyblade: my sister's friends had these two bunnies, Fluffy and Snowball
[ profile] skyblade: They had these little charts
[ profile] skyblade: "Size, eye color. Favorite Food."
[ profile] skyblade: On Fluffy's, I scribbed out carrots and put "Favorite Food: Snowball"


Apr. 25th, 2009 03:39 pm
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Yesterday was an overall nice day. I got my physics test back with an A - that's never happened before. Dollhouse was excellent last night. And around eleven Mike came to pick me up to go have dinner with his family at Buffalo Wild Wings after his show. It was really nice. I've only met one brother and Mike's mom, and now I know the whole family. I haven't seen Mike in over a month. That's the perils of having friends who do shows, I guess.

I'm going to see it tonight - Othello. I have to get directions to the theater and all, but I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, after that we hung out on the couch watching two episodes Pushing Daisies before he had to go. I stayed up really late watching the rest and sitting in chat. It was a really great, relaxing evening.
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[ profile] skyblade: also, spyware now probably thinks I'm gay
[ profile] laurelin_kit: What were your exact searches?
[ profile] skyblade: I searched for "male star shirtless"
[ profile] skyblade: then I started clicking on specific names
[ profile] laurelin_kit: Haha
[ profile] laurelin_kit: Alec Baldwin's chest hair has, like...patterns.
[ profile] laurelin_kit: Swirls.
[ profile] skyblade: it's a fro
[ profile] laurelin_kit: It could be braided.
[ profile] skyblade: he could put a pick comb in it
[ profile] laurelin_kit: He could hide drugs in it.
[ profile] skyblade: Kim Basinger had sex with him for warmth
[ profile] laurelin_kit: Jimmy Hoffa is in there!
[ profile] skyblade: Farmers in Yatusk breed Alec Baldwins for their coats
[ profile] skyblade: the Baldwin pelt is coarse and abrasive, but thick and durable
[ profile] laurelin_kit: He sheds every year from the heat. What comes off of him clothes a family of Eskimos for a year.
[ profile] skyblade: Alec Baldwin doesn't need a movie career. He gets by on powering New York by taking two burshes and scrubbing them against his chest.
[ profile] skyblade: the static also powers New Jersey and parts of Long Island
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I painted my fingernails last night, just a nice clear coat. I've discovered that I'm fine painting my left hand, but when I have to hand the brush off to my left to do my right, I lose all dexterity whatsoever. I feel like Koko the gorilla trying to paint someone else's nails. At a stoplight on the way to school this morning I found a patch of nail polish on my knuckle. Really terrible.

Every single Tuesday and Thursday driving to class in the morning I end up sitting in traffic on campus for almost ten minutes just going through two traffic lights that can't be more than fifty feet from each other. Next week I'm taking my camera so I can show people exactly how ridiculous this setup is. I want to kill some fucking traffic engineers.

I went to Amigos last night and spent six dollars at dollar margarita night. I even got to take the last one with me in a plastic cup while me, Nick and Rob walked across Waterford to go to the sports bar. We met up with my cousin and her friends and got to drunkenly sing "Don't Stop Believing" with an entire drunken restaurant for the second time in one evening. Truly, it was a magical night.

After the very mildest of prompting, I put on Fellowship of the Ring before I went to bed. (I'm very open to suggestion when drunk.) It was nice. That movie is a very comforting film to me. I've watched it so much that I'm just infinitely familiar with the sounds associated with it. I could probably turn off the video of my TV and just go to sleep listening to the audio track.
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We haven't had many rainy days this year. In fact, before two weeks ago I had actually forgotten what it felt like to have a rainy day. I'm not kidding. It's been either cold and really sunny or stinking hot and really sunny. But suddenly, the clouds came, and I could walk without squinting. And then the day after it rained it was surprisingly freezing.

Today when I woke up it was a little gray outside. I spent an hour and a half feeling guilty about breathing, buying groceries, owning furniture and clothes in ecology, and then when I got out it was POURING. I managed to flirt my way into sharing an umbrella with a really cute brunette named Sara (just for [ profile] skyblade) to make it back to the parking garage, and then I narrowly escaped death driving back to my apartment in suddenly torrential rain.

As much as I like rainy days, I had forgotten that rainy days mean that I don't want to leave the apartment. Actually, that's not that bad. I just felt vaguely guilty about sitting on the sofa for most of the afternoon. But now I'm going to order Chinese.

I'm getting a chair from my aunt's house. It's wood frame, classic lines, with upholstered cushions that I'm going to get redone. My dad used to sit in it to watch TV when he was a kid. And no offense to my dad, but that was a little while ago. I've been looking for resources for modern, bright colorful fabrics. There are no Marimekko patterns that I'm partial to this season, so I'm at a loss. Ikea Stockholm could be nice, but I was hoping for more outside the box. Any suggestions?
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Something of a palate cleanser after an hour and a half of the Harry Potter versions of the "where's the bathroom on the Millennium Falcon" conversation.


Skyblade: The Empire promised standardized time



laurelin_kit: Actually, that was part of an EU novel I planned once

Skyblade: I think there's very likely a shit planet

laurelin_kit: That Coruscant keeps building up on top of itself and there's subterranean networks of old streets

Skyblade: witha giant space faring septic barge

laurelin_kit: And obviously that's where creepers live

laurelin_kit: Eew

laurelin_kit: Do not EVER fire on the septic barge

laurelin_kit: Imagine flying through a cloud of poo in space

Skyblade: hahaha

Skyblade: yes

laurelin_kit: So nasty

Skyblade: a great big stinky oort cloud

laurelin_kit: And some probably gets stuck in crevices of the ship, and then you LAND

laurelin_kit: And EVERYONE can smell you

laurelin_kit: EVERYONE.

laurelin_kit: It might burn off in the atmosphere

laurelin_kit: But then the sky smells like burnt poo.

Skyblade: Although maybe with the methane

laurelin_kit: I have no idea what that smells like, but it has to be BAD.

Skyblade: it would go nova

laurelin_kit: Haha

Skyblade: set the atmosphere in fire

Skyblade: burned to death flammable crud vapor

laurelin_kit: A giant match after a giant space fart

Skyblade: yes

Skyblade: I now have to go to the bathroom quick

laurelin_kit: Haha

Skyblade: back

laurelin_kit: Appropriate timing for a bathroom break

Skyblade: You know, this needed to be in the movies

Skyblade: If Lucas will give us a character named Dooku, and the entire Gungan race

Skyblade: he can't claim to be above this sort of thing

laurelin_kit: He should at least give us poo

Skyblade: fiery space poo

laurelin_kit: I mean, other than what he calls the prequels.

Skyblade: exactly, why not just get literal there

laurelin_kit: I'd rather watch something about Coruscant's septic system than watch Anakin and Padme roll around a field with giant four-legged testicles.

Skyblade: you know what else needed poo?

laurelin_kit: The Matrix Sequels?

Skyblade: Jackon's King Kong

laurelin_kit: Ooh

laurelin_kit: There's potential for massive poo in that.

laurelin_kit: Literally and figuratively.

Skyblade: yes

Skyblade: I wanted him to throw a giant turd

Skyblade: at the planes

laurelin_kit: That would have been spectacular.

laurelin_kit: And poo doesn't ruin a movie. Look at Jurassic Park.

Skyblade: Yep

Skyblade: When you see a giant animal

laurelin_kit: There's always giant poo.

Skyblade: you're obviously going to wonder

Skyblade: it was sick dino poo, too

Skyblade: You know what would have been even better?

Skyblade: if the T-Rex pooed

laurelin_kit: The spinosaurus pooed in the third one.

laurelin_kit: Lots of poo. It pooed a satellite phone.

Skyblade: and you saw like, chunks of the lawyer's polyester suit

laurelin_kit: ha!

laurelin_kit: Because it survived stomach acid.

laurelin_kit: Polyester can do that.

Skyblade: Exactly
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This is what I've been doing lately at night.


Mar. 26th, 2009 01:09 am
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Oh goddammit.


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