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My birthday is coming up and I'm not saying here's my amazon wishlist, go, internet, prosper, but I know there's at least one person who might consider buying me a present, and it's not like I wasn't already spending an inordinate amount of time browsing forever21's scarf section for things that look like J Crew or Anthropologie knockoffs. So I'm sorry if this is unforgivably tacky, but hey, at least you can look at my collage of things I find pretty and/or interesting and make judgments.

Edit: HA, I used Google Images to find a picture of a wooden corkscrew and I just realized it's $130.

Dr Grant

Jul. 25th, 2010 07:46 pm
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Look at this GQMF right here.

Shopping haul for Grant: tie (J. Crew), shirt (Banana Republic), socks (Urban Outfitters), blazer (Zara).

My haul: cardigan (Banana Republic), wrap shirt (Banana Republic), skirt (Anthropologie)



Nov. 27th, 2007 07:55 am
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Oh my God my legs. So sore. So much shopping yesterday. IKEA is awesome and I want everything in it. Specifically either two chaises to make my own sectional sofa or the sectional sofa and lots of bookshelves and a nice chair. I bought a tile wall hook for my bathrobe at Urban Outfitters.

Journeyman is very nearly canceled because NBC hates happiness. Woe.

Today I think I'll see if I can get my grandmother's sewing machine to work and maybe look at some fabric or something.
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Whenever I picked up my phone today it was completely silent on the other end and when I called my voicemail the little automated voice was talking too softly to hear. Phones are dumb.

Today I went to the zoo and petted giraffes. They were very large and very cute. Tomorrow I plan to go to Orlando to the new and my very first IKEA. I'm excited as all hell; you have no idea. If a person could explode from anticipating a furniture store, I'd do it. I also want to go by the Home Depot Expo Center and Urban Outfitters and the disgusting Sanrio store at the Mall at Milennia.

This post would have been more interesting with photos of giant giraffe heads, but my battery was too low to take photos at the zoo.
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DC was really cool. I think I kind of blew my wad on the first two days, so to speak, because my favorite things were the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the National Zoo. My mom and I went to the two aforementioned places and Union Station and as many monuments as possible and the Air and Space Museum and the Hirshhorn (sp?) Museum of Modern Art (I hate hate hate 75% of modern art, with a special burning place in my hate for light installations). The camera crapped out after the first two days - I thought I'd have way more life in that battery and more space on the memory chip, but whatever. I wish I'd gotten a photo of Yoko Ono's wish tree. And maybe the reflecting pond.

Flickr's being a bitch today, so I'm not uploading all my photos, but here's about half of them. I'll upload a few select zoo photos to Photobucket for you guys.

Zoo photos! )

Also, Bruce Willis is kind of awesome.

I had some great shopping this past week. I have five new pairs of shoes. Sure, two pairs are the 2 for $5 Old Navy flip-flops, but still. Shoes. Before going to DC I got some brown strappy heels for $20 from Sears and then yesterday I got $9 green espadrilles at Payless. I tried to find a photo of them or an equivalent. They sell some exactly like it at Target in blue and yellow. Yesterday I also went to WalMart and got some knockoff Vans for $8. They're cute; they're khaki with one little stripe of argyle down the top.

And today, Mom and I went to Vero to the mall there and the outlet strip. I got a $14 jean jacket from the Gap Outlet and a $5 striped tee as well, and then at AE I got this in navy! I've had my eye on that bag for a while, and at $10 it was irresistable.

Good episode of The Office tonight. I love Pam.

Oh, I got Pokemon Diamond. That's why I'm using this icon, lol. I've been playing it kind of constantly all week. Let me show you my Pokemans. My Pokemans. Let me show you them.
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Some of you know that my glasses broke on the way to work yesterday. Like, I was driving, and I touched the side of my glasses, and they just fell apart. Did I mention this was while I was driving? So when I got to work, I taped them together with the melty clear tape that the Rotary Club left behind two weeks ago. Thank God it was the side of the glasses, not the bridge, or I'd have been cursing the universe and drawing a scar on my forehead or something. (Reparo, bitches, reparo.) So today I went to JCPenney to get them fixed, and apparently they cannot be fixed. My glasses committed suicide and they are beyond repair. The glasses doctor could not defibrillate. So instead he attached another earpiece and welded or screwed it on or whatever, because now I have FrankenGlasses. Like I said, I'm very glad they didn't break at the bridge, or I'd look like Sawyer.

After I got that done, FrankenGlasses and I went walking around the mall to celebrate my ability to adjust my glasses and not have them fall off. And oh God, Bath and Body Works is mean. Cruel. Their Christmas scents are out, and they are godly. I'm going back as soon as I deposit another paycheck and I'm going to buy the gingerbread combination shampoo/bubble bath/shower gel. Gingerbread. As in, the BPAL Yuletide LE that I just barely resisted. They also have a hot chocolate one that actually smells like hot chocolate. It smells like something you should drink.

I also began contemplating my Christmas presents for people, and mmm, I love Bath and Body Works for their convenient little prepackaged sets in cute purses. (Unfortunately, all my relatives love them too, so I should specify scents in the comprehensive Christmas list complete with links and pictures that I'm about to make. That's not selfish, either. My relatives need all the help they can get. I once got three of the same thing for an occasion.)

I also need a damn good Chrismas mix CD.

I need Photoshop back so bad. I must clear off this disk so it no longer tells me my scratch disks are full. (Bitches.) Can someone explain to me whether iTunes actually makes copies of all the songs it puts on my iPod, because that's sure as hell what it looks like to me. There's a whole extra library of m4a files matching all my music in my iTunes folder in My Music. Help? Help? Help?


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