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Since I'm in a classically bad mood, I'm doing a picspam of 8 Random Guys I Would Have Lots of Sex With.

In no particular order... )
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I'm pretty damn bored at the moment. I've been working like crazy on a fancy new layout, but I ran out of steam for a bit.

So, in lieu of actual work on anything, I'm going to do a picspam of pretty pretty men. A few other people around LJ have been doing picspams of pretty mouths/smiles, and I think I'll join in.

Mmmm. )

That's all I have the patience for now.
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Pretty. )

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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I was thinking today, and I realized that there's generally a common factor in the women I find attractive. (Aesthetically.)

None of you really care, I know, but you just want to see the pictures of the pretty. )

Most of them? Brunettes. Most of my characters? Brunettes.

And now I'm having a kickass awesome afternoon because I rented Mean Girls and The Notebook (numero dos for the hotsex) and am basking in the funny. Boo, you whore!
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To make up for being absent the last couple of days, I'm doing a picspam. I was looking through my pictures folder for lack of internet today and realized: damn. I've got a lot of pictures of pretty people. It would be morally wrong to keep these from the world. Hm.

Warning: not dialup friendly.

Ladies first )

And tomorrow: HOT MANFLESH.

Kudos to anyone who can name all these actresses, lol.
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Marc Blucas. Umm...umm...yes. )

Tired. But not. Bed now. (WITH MARC BLUCAS! Har har. I wish.)
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Naked French rugby players!

Just thought I'd, y'know, share that.
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Two words. Pic. Spam.

Amy Acker )

That's in honor of the happy mood I'm in, because that Horatio/Mariette/Archie fic I've been babbling about that [ profile] sinister_beauty's writing? Now it's a cowriting project with meee! *happy dance*


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