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This past week the ladies at the Hairpin emptied out their purses for the world to see, and since I love that shit and the last time I did it was in 2008 (love how I always need bandaids), I figured I was due. I considered throwing my dice bag in there to get some cred but it felt disingenuous, seeing as I haven't played since our DM moved away.

Here we go, clockwise starting with the wallet!


1. Fossil/Relic wallet, full of discount cards for Borders and ABC Liquor and I think five bucks.

2. A measuring tape, which, you have no idea how useful this is sometimes. No idea. I was planning to empty this out and use it as a pill case, but it doesn't close properly. The mints were disgusting so I ended up dumping them out. I'm still hopeful.

3. Dinosaur print makeup bag containing a tampon, Clinique black honey lipstick, chapstick, a ponytail holder, two nail files (?!) and white citrus perfume.

4. Sad utilitarian keys. I no longer have a key fob because I lost my keys somewhere across America when I was roadtripping this summer and didn't realize it until I was home. They could be anywhere from Los Angeles to Pensacola, and I have no fucking idea where. That was a problem when I tried to get back in my own car, let me tell you.

5. Lucky Brand purse (that I may have stolen from my mom).

6. Moleskine planner, Staedler pens. The hipster standard. I'm more likely to be organized if I have pretty shit that I feel guilty about not using. And my six year old ipod which still works like a champ and has every embarrassing song I've ever downloaded since I was 16.

7. Freefloating "Yes to Carrots" lip balm and lotion. Excellent shit, and you feel all responsible and organic.

8. Pocketknife and unholy rats nest of a jump drive on a string and old handsfree for a phone I haven't had since October that I discovered when I opened the zip pocket on the inside of my purse. Bonus: busted silica packet!

9. Iphone with Jonathan Adler case and naked lady matches from a tapas restaurant with one burnt match put back in the box.

10. Bandaids, which are a necessity if you're me, honey-scented solid perfume (I change my perfume according to season, okay) and my ACTUAL pill case.
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Having an iphone has enabled me to pick a direction and start driving. So that's what I did today, finding myself burdened with a few free hours. I had no plan and no idea where I wanted to go. I actually thought I might head south, or maybe find a beach. But as I pulled to the light at the entrance of my apartment complex, I put my left turn signal on to head back to this house someone I used to know once lived in.

Reception is murder bad here.


I'm not even kidding. Everything about that back-ass-wards area screams murder. Driving out there you have this fucking seven foot deep ditch directly next to the road. MURDER DITCH. I would have a photo for you but YOU CAN'T PULL OVER, THERE'S A MURDER DITCH THERE. And fuck if I'm gonna crane over with my camera and blindly click, even if the road is entirely fucking deserted. The reception out there? I'm pretty sure that tweet went through only when I got back on a well-maintained road about a half an hour later. And in case you all wondered about my sanity during this trip, I was either stopped or at a red light for every single one of these tweets. I'm adventurous, not suicidal.

P1030394 P1030393

I saw the sun set over the St John's river in the middle of nowhere.

Somewhere between the east coast and sanford

@kitalita: First red light in 20 min

@kitalita: Never been more annoyed to see a taco bell

At this point I'd been driving around the country (and I mean COUUUNNTRY, as in a plywood sign with "RABBITS" and a phone number spray painted on it leaning against a telephone pole) for about an hour. I only saw two traffic lights in that entire time. And despite the fact that the soundtrack for this adventure was Girl Talk's new album, it only felt hipstery during the brief time that Karen O song from Where the Wild Things Are kicked in.

The arrival of the Taco Bell heralded the return to the massive fucking urban sprawl of the city, and the disappearance of anything photogenic. Although it took about another hour to make my way home, it became less an adventure of sightseeing and more a migratory dance party involving only the upper body. I did take ONE more detour to find the new location for Rocky's Replay.


The hot dogs are no longer only fifty cents but that loss has been made up for by way more floor space and the acquisition of new games, INCLUDING the Star Wars arcade game. So now when I hang out there I can impress people with more than my ability to fail spectacularly at Dance Dance Revolution.

This was a successful adventure, I think. An excellent way to spend the afternoon.


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Going to the pub to celebrate my updo.

updo2 updo1

My camera was misbehaving in the second photo. I had no idea I was making that face until I uploaded the photo to my computer.

Dr Grant

Jul. 25th, 2010 07:46 pm
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Look at this GQMF right here.

Shopping haul for Grant: tie (J. Crew), shirt (Banana Republic), socks (Urban Outfitters), blazer (Zara).

My haul: cardigan (Banana Republic), wrap shirt (Banana Republic), skirt (Anthropologie)

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I'm still cleaning. Just took a minute to post the photo of my completed bookshelf.

Next stop: making another one for Grant.
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Worked on the shelf again today. I had trouble spraying the clear varnish at first, and my dad and I were troubleshooting it for like an hour before resorting to a brush, and the minute I started that and my dad went to clean out the sprayer, he realized we just needed to dilute it a little. So an hour of troubleshooting and then fifteen minutes of spraying when it worked. Tomorrow I'm going to add one more coat to it, and then, hopefully, I will be done.

Making furniture is easy but it does require you put some time in. I see people posting about how they finish things in one weekend or one afternoon on Knock Off Wood. What the hell finish are you people using? And then I scroll down, and oh, of course, they painted. Because I only work on the shelves over the weekend, it can take weeks to get a complete finish. Polyurethane requires at least eight hours to try before adding another coat, and you sand it down in between. So if you ever wondered why it takes me so damn long to finish a project, that is why. I can't even tell you how many unexpected things delayed work on the shelf. But that's how it always goes. Theoretically it can be done in two or three weekends, but in reality it takes so much longer than that.

This is why I should be committed for planning to make an entertainment center next.
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Hopefully trivia at Barney's Beanery tonight with [ profile] worldforawhile, Grant, [ profile] sangre_fria and Risha. The hopefully is Dana, all the other cool kids are going to be there.
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For the past week I've been on a cross-country road trip with my best friend before he goes to med school in the fall. We went through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and made it to LA and [ profile] sangre_fria by Thursday, even taking time for a full day in Austin and New Mexico.

I don't have all the photos I've taken because the first 1 GIG of photos I took from Florida to Arizona haven't been edited yet. But today Burger Drunk Burger took a trip to Lake Arrowhead outside LA. It was about the most beautiful place I've ever been. We bought cheese, a baguette, salami, and other assorted snacks from Trader Joe's and sat by the lake with a picnic. I can't even express what a perfect day it was. The weather was perfect and cool, the sky was an amazing clear blue, and everything around us was just unbelievably beautiful. I really can't tell you that the photos I'm posting are anything as beautiful as it actually is.

(album here)


May. 31st, 2010 08:54 pm
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Grilled panzanella for Memorial Day. I also made lemon garlic chicken from the Williams-Sonoma outdoor living cookbook, but we were too busy rushing to the table for me to get a good picture. Next time I'll remove it from the pan and crisp it under the broiler separately because the pieces snuggling next to each other didn't get good color. It was delicious though.

I've never made panzanella before. I'm officially in love. Although I think I want more bread next time, considering I just wanted to dive in and eat every tomato and lemon vinagrette soaked piece of bread before moving on to the (delicious) grape tomatoes and grilled asparagus and onions.

ALSO made some white sangria with grapes, strawberries and apples soaked in rum for a day, and then my parents convinced my grandmother to eat one. THAT was fun.

Panzanella recipe )
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Today my dad and I went to see Star Wars in Concert at the Amway Arena, and my god, it was glorious. GLORIOUS. An entire stadium of people who love Star Wars enough to buy tickets to an orchestrated movie montage narrated by Anthony Daniels. It was almost worth the price of admission alone for the opening crawl.

They had props outside the theater for you to look at, which I checked out during intermission. The coolest, in my opinion, were the Chewie suit and Han in carbonite. While I was walking past the display with two Ewok costumes in it, there were two boys up close staring at it, and I heard their father chide them as I walked away: "Come on, you remember how I feel about Ewoks."

Han Solo tiglo carbonite! )

I saw people in full Jedi regalia, little children in Jedi costumes, a little girl dressed as Leia in the row in front of me, hundreds of Star Wars shirts, and even a Slave Leia descending the staircase next to me. It was fantastic seeing so many happy nerds of all ages and all kinds.

It was amazing. I'm so glad I went. They did a wonderful job of blending clips with the music to tell a condensed version of the entire saga from Episode I to VI. I would not have protested the addition of more Han Solo, but I wouldn't take anything away. The entire arena gave the orchestra a standing ovation; Anthony Daniels was clearly shocked by it. After exclaiming "You really don't want to go home yet!" he asked if we would like to return to the Dark Side, and then we had an encore of the Imperial March!

I am so glad my father dragged my unwilling ten year-old self to the theaters to see the original trilogy's rerelease. He had no idea what an impact that movie would have on my life, and how much I would love it almost fifteen years later.

Thanks, Dad.
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Pork rib roast with a brown sugar/pepper glaze and roasted sweet potatoes with shallots and rosemary. I was going to make lemon sticky rolls but didn't want to spend two hours at midnight making the dough without my roommate's stand mixer.
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San Diego Zoo - a set on flickr

So Grant and I landed, Cassie took us straight to In N Out, we went home and proceeded to drink until we were sitting in the hall outside the bathroom crying on each other at 3 AM, woke up at 6, got Carls Jr for breakfast and then went to the San Diego Zoo in a hungover daze.

Seriously. Carls Jr for breakfast. A western bacon cheeseburger for breakfast. We were wobbling around the zoo groaning for hours. IT'S LIKE LEAD. WE REGRET BURGER. OUR LIVERS! OH GOD OUR LIVERS. BURGER DRUNK BURGER NEVER AGAIN.

And the zoo was fantastic! We pretty much had it to ourselves because it was lightly raining. We made it most of the way through the park before we got tired and walking in wet shoes was no longer fun. We finished off the day at the gorilla exhibit, where we got to stand three feet away from them while they slept under the overhang to get out of the rain. It was fucking incredible, and the perfect way to end the visit.

After that we drove back and had dinner at a really tiny Thai restaurant in Duarte called Thai City which was AMAZING. AMAZING. Food was beyond words. I got the satay dinner which came with chicken satay pieces and shrimp fried rice. Cassie got clear noodles with beef (my personal favorite - we all sampled) and Grant got a combination spicy lemongrass seafood soup.

Now we're watching the Oscars and not drinking. (Yet)
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Previously on my journal...


FINALLY. I HAVE MY RECYCLING CONSOLE. I finished it like two weeks ago or something but my dad couldn't find a good time to haul it up here with his truck. But now it's here, it's beautiful, and all it needs is a pair of garbage bins to put in each drawer.

Also in this photo: my robot Easter basket, the leaf tray I got at World Market for $3, and my bar tray.


Feb. 5th, 2010 09:35 pm
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A couple of months ago when my mom was still looking for a dog (she has since found one) we went out to the humane society to see what they had. We got taken back to the quarantine area to see the dogs that weren't out for adoption yet.

In the back, they had this wolf. This huge, beautiful, black and brown wolfdog. He was so sweet. He had a massive furry ruff and he would press his neck up against the fence so I could give him scritches. When we tried to walk away to look at other, realistic dogs, he howled when I was out of sight and jumped up against the gate when I started to walk back. He was loving and snuggly and when I felt confident enough to put my entire arm around the side of the gate to pet him he just leaned into me while I was petting him.

Honestly the ONLY reason I was able to walk away from the LEAST practical dog EVER was the fact that he WAS a wolf hybrid, and there are strict adoption rules here, and the woman at the pound said that there was a wolf hybrid rescue in the state that would be coming by to take him.


So I have no idea why, months later, I'm looking up photos of wolfdogs and missing that damn dog. There is no way I could have kept a BEAR-SIZED DOG in my apartment, there's no way I could afford to feed him, and I'd probably be screwed if I ever wanted a pet smaller than him, and if I wanted to buy a dog bed for him I would have to buy AN ACTUAL TWIN BED. But it's just one of those stupid things where you spend maybe twenty minutes with a dog and totally fall in love. I just have this insane urge to drive out to the pound and ask which rescue came and picked him up but I'd be terrified that I would get there and they would say no one ever picked him up, and ugh. This is why I don't go to the pound.

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Does this picture adequately express how gross it is outsite? Is it apparent how irritatingly half-cold it is and how gloomy and damp the air is? Do you see in the photo how this makes everything in the world depressing and gray? Can you tell from the photo how badly I DON'T want to be out of my bed?


Jan. 24th, 2010 10:40 pm
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under construction: my new recycling console )
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