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Icon post!

+ 56 Much Ado About Nothing


+ Comment
+ Credit
+ Enjoy!

Note: These are not bases. Do not customize.

I pray thee now tell me, for which of my bad parts didst thou first fall in love with me? )
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YAY! I found the pictures of the Japanese flying squirrels that I had been looking for when I made my previous cute animal icons!

So here's seven more.



And if anyone wants to point me in the direction of a scene or some screencaps of Veronica Mars looking very, very angry, it would be appreciated, because I cannot find a suitable cap to make an angry Veronica icon.

ETA: I forgot I made these yesterday! Anyway, if you don't know already, Lost is releasing a soundtrack of the score. The titles are pure crack, and so I made three icons to go with the best one.

Insensitivity = funny. )
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+ 16 Say Anything
+ 1 Directed by Dick by [ profile] beckyincharge

+ Comment, credit.


1.Image hosted by 2.Image hosted by

Listen to this song. It's a really good song. )
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Since [ profile] renethetoaster is becoming addicted to [ profile] secretary_fic, I got in the mood to make icons from it, and my icon muse came back. It's been a while.

+ 6 [ profile] secretary_fic, alternately Secretary, as archived on [ profile] janedavitt's site.

Comment, credit both [ profile] laurelin_kit and [ profile] secretary_fic, no hotlinking.


1.Image hosted by 2.Image hosted by

It’s pouring rain the day of her interview. )
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Icons: Bases/icons for [ profile] sangre_fria

These are for Cassie. Not for general grabs. )

Right now I'm also working on a set of Boone icons from Deus Ex Machina and other episodes, so, spoilers, obviously. I must express my Boone-love.
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Here's the obligatory icon resources post.

Feel free to skip )
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I have two banners for you, world, plus one icon

1. Gerry/Emmy/Patrick RPF
2. Erik/Raoul in Eyes of the Jackal by [ profile] beckyincharge
3. Icon: Erik/Raoul

+upload onto your own damn webspace :)

caught in a one-way street with the monsters in your head )
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{Text from [ profile] shoebox_project. Comment and credit if used.}
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*fans self*

Boy, I don't know why I do this sometimes. :)

Want, Take, Comment, Credit, Have.

1. 2.

Kinda like the first one better.
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So this is kinda related to the rabbit hole day. It's nuts.

I made you Dracula people some icons. Use them well.

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- Comment
- Credit
- No customization

1 Lost (spoiler for 'Special')
8 Phantom
1 Emmy Rossum
4 Fantastic Four

Follow the real, authentic cut... )

Far larger icon post coming up including all of my Phantom icons to date.
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Over the past few days I've been making icons, so here's a batch for you all to peruse and grab at will.

+Blanks are NOT bases, ask if you want me to customize.

8 Phantom of the Opera
4 Amy Acker
5 Jared Leto
1 [ profile] get_medieval
1 Misc


Pwned. )
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Sneaky bastard. While I wasn't paying attention, Lancelot snuck up and became my favorite character. :)

Icons! While I was procrastinating and working today, I started making some random icons.

I don't suppose it's terrible of me to post four icons without a cut, so here they are.

Pirates of the Carribean

Horatio Hornblower

I'll make some more when I get back home from The Incredibles.

Comment if you're taking any and CREDIT IN KEYWORDS.


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