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Title: Skin
Author: [ profile] laurelin_kit
Rating: Hard R
Version: Movie

Grey and Dappled Gold )
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Change of plans! I'm going to try and adapt A Perfect Violation into my one-act!

And, because I'm silly and I *did* make a banner for it, I'll link to the fic.

Click on the picture to read the fic.

You think it would work as a one-act? Mrs T is pretty lenient when it comes to naughty material.
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Title: Whistling Sad Ballads
Author: [ profile] laurelin_kit
Rating: R for language.
Pairing: Faith/Billy the Kid
For the Pairing List That Ate Fandom

It just works so WELL )

Beckyyy, you're not here. Meh meh.
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Fic time! Written for The Day After Tomorrow Fic Challenge. Do it, it's really fun to kill off your favorite characters!

Here's mine. You may not want to read it if you haven't seen the Angel finale, because the scene is a parallel. Really parallel.

Colorblind )

Hm, now I'm depressed. Dammit. I haven't watched the finale a second time just for that reason!


May. 12th, 2004 06:15 pm
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Doing two catchy memes at once! Yay!

One: My WiPs in a nutshell. (May have to get the planning notebook for this one...hmnmm.)


If It's Tuesday, We Must Be In Greece
Spike: I go to find Buffy. Oh, look, she's right over there being chased! I shall help her!
Buffy: I am being chased! Hey, is that SPIKE? He's supposed to be dead!
Spike: *saves*
Buffy: Oh my God! No time for shock, we are now in a wacky kidnapping thing trying to resurrect some ancient demon!
Spike: Ain't it just like old times?

Pull Me Out From Inside
Fred: Wah! Have nightmares! Oh crap, it appears I'm dead. But wait, no I'm not! I'm in Pylea in my dead and rotting corpse! Ick.

Untitled Lost Boys fic
Sam: Damn, Frog brothers left. Oh wait, they're back!
Frog brothers: We're back! We have more weapons!
All: Yay!!!

Red Wine and Sand: A Love Story
Billy (the Kid): I am hot and crazy.
Jane: You are indeed. Let us fuck.
Billy: No! I'm dead!
Jane: Pat Garrett! You suck! I shall now be reformed and no longer a prostitute!

Second meme!

Ask any of the characters I write for in any of my fics any question whatsoever and I will answer them.
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Pick five, or ten, or more, of your fic titles. List them in your journal and explain how you came up with each one. Post this promptly as well, so that the meme spreads.

I'm pretty boring, actually )
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Oh, most kickass, I wrote something! Chapter of Lost in the Shadows. This is great!

Nelson: Be Happy Please (chapter 8) )

Wrist hurts. PUPPET!ANGEL DOWNLOADED! Possibly the most entertaining 40 minutes I've ever spent. Couldn't stop laughing. I'll be quoting it from now until doomsday.

I want more icon space. Damn, I want a paid account. *curses parents* IT'S NOT THAT MUCH! I have all these new, beautiful Buffy 24 icons and can't use them because I'm too deeply addicted to the three I have NOW. Grr! Oh well.

Another song addiction: Bif Naked's Lucky. Found on

Going to bed now.


Aug. 30th, 2003 02:10 pm
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I just got this incredible surge of SHAME. Someone left me a review on Unchain Me, Sister that said, "Please don't tell me you've abandoned this fic right when it's getting REALLY good?!?!?! Don't leave us all hanging like this!" I first got really indignant about it, going "What the hell? I haven't abandoned this! What's..uhh...'Fruit Loop7' talking about?" Then I glanced at the Last Updated date and saw the last chapter had been written in May. I've been working on that one lately, actually. I drew a picture - am still drawing a picture - of Fiona at a concert, and I just made a few icons for it. And I'm writing some of the fifth chapter now. I just haven't been able to reenter that fandom in a while. I just watched all the David parts last night, luckily, so maybe I'll get something done today.

I've also got Lost in the Shadows to work on, and I need to sit down and have a talk with it about the redundancy and inconsistent information in it. Break out the good ol' red pen and get my own facts straight.

More unfortunately, I'm listening to "Come Sail Away," by Styx, which makes me get a deep, irresistable urge to write in my Pirates of the Carribean fic of the same name, which doesn't even have the first chapter written.


Then there's my Stand By Me fic, which I don't have on the computer, because I don't need that kind of hassling.

And Red Wine and Sand: A Love Story. It's only one chapter long. And I haven't touched it since March.

I'm not even going to mention Shield and Sword. Last Updated in April. And I want to just suck it up and write Slaver's Pride. And finish THAT DAMN FACULTY FIC. It's become that in my mind. "THAT DAMN FACULTY FIC." I'm out of the fandom, and can't just spit out the middle bit in between where I am now and the end. I have the end written. I know exactly what has to happen, but can't get down to writing it.

I have been working in a fic, though, that unnamed THING that has eaten three notebooks so far that I keep spoilering for. Yes. The infamous...YOUNG GUNS FIC. It needs a title. It really needs a title. It is begging for a title. I'm thinking something along the lines of the "whirlwind" theme. Or a line from one of the songs. (Speaking of, now listening to Billy Get Your Guns.)

Anyway, I guess the point of this entry is that I feel like an incredibly unmotivated unproductive lazy procrastinating blob of annoyingness. I need to write more postable things, not just spoilers.

I think I'll finish that chapter of Unchain Me, Sister now.

And get myself a new host for my pictures so I can show people my manips, crude though they may be. I feel like running off and making a slew of fic-themed icons and be all narcissistic. Did I spell that right? Oh, and [ profile] queen_kiwi, I need to give you the Kate pic I did and make you a few icons.

I will now be productive. Yes. Good.

[ profile] beckyincharge, please get online. I need to babble. And we need to force each other to write.


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