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Take just a few minutes of your day and watch this.
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Remember back when Garden State came out and everyone became immediately obsessed with Let Go, by Frou Frou, and when Sin City came out, and everyone was obsessed with Cells, by the Servant, and when Closer came out, and everyone listened to a lot of Damien Rice?

Get ready to love Scala and Kolacny Brothers, motherfuckers, because their cover of Creep was just used in the theatrical trailer for The Social Network, David Fincher's Facebook movie. (Yes, that is an extreme oversimplification of the plot.)

I have been listening to this Belgian girls choir for at least five or six years. It is next to impossible to find any illegal downloads of their music, so you'll just have to spend some money. (amazon) (iTunes)

I found them during Covers week on [ profile] audiography at some point in time, first with a download of their cover of I Touch Myself by the Divinyls. The cover is so sweet and earnest - a complete change from the playful tone of the original. They have a few music videos on Youtube, including one for the Cure's Friday I'm in Love and several live performances which include unreleased songs.

They are honestly one of my favorite groups. I love well-done covers, and I've always loved choral arrangements of songs. Another similar favorite of mine is the Langley Schools Music Project. Their cover of God Only Knows is completely fantastic. (here and sorry about the baby home video, it's the only one I could find)

There, a quick primer on Scala and Kolacny Brothers. Now you can download all their music as quickly as you can and pretend you knew about them before.


Not Dead

Jan. 3rd, 2010 12:46 am
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I have clearly been very lax with my posting. I know, terrible of me, depriving you all of the fascinating minutiae of my ever-changing exciting life, which currently involves YouTubing NSYNC videos on the couch while my boyfriend sleeps on the floor in front of the tv.

Is it a good excuse to say that my finals shellshocked me into a catatonic state? No? Whatever. It's not like I've been doing anything really awesome this break. It's been pretty quiet. Shopping for presents, making food. I made candy for the first time - salt caramels - and they turned out fantastically. So fantastically I am currently kicking myself for not bringing some up with me.

I met up with the Fellowship (my group of friends from high school) over break. Really looking forward to hanging out with [ profile] renethetoaster sometime soon, since we had a great time watching Nostalgia Chick videos and agreeing that we could totes review historical epics together. The rest of the visit was fraught with revertigo but it was good to see people again.

With help from Smitten Kitchen's max out tiny kitchen post, I've been working on ideas for my similarly tiny kitchen. I made a lovely pegboard over break which I will be putting up sometime this week. Also thinking of making a drop-leaf wall-mounted table for extra workspace. Today I dragged hapless boyfriend to Crate and Barrel and Ikea to purchase ramekins, a pot lid rack and some Blomster candlesticks.

On the subject of projects: I have an XBox I'm going to softmod into a media center, I need to reupholster the armchair I refinished in August, I want to put some Grundtal racks in my kitchen so I can avoid using my counterspace.

Like I said, thrilling exploits.
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I was very productive today. Despite about five hours of sleep last night I think I did very well on my bio exam in the morning. Sadly, I realized why I never look up any questions right after the test, because I spend the rest of the day KICKING MYSELF if I find I got them wrong. Like that mycorrhizal fungi goes with plants, not algae. Still, I think I did well. I got another 100 on a musical theatre quiz, and the midterm is on Friday. It's going to be the quizzes stapled together. I'm going to ace it. There's no question.

After class, Kay and I went home to change and eat and then we came back and went to the gym on campus. I speed-walked two miles on the treadmill and one mile on the bike. It felt excellent.

Then on the way home I picked up some chicken breast cutlets and made sticky lime chicken out of two - one for today, one for tomorrow. I had that with some white cheddar mashed potatoes I made from scratch last night. Then I cleaned up the recycling area and I plan on taking the garbage out later and the recycling to campus tomorrow.

Despite all above awesome, I think the best part about today is that I found a bootleg of Girl Talk's set at All Points West, here. I strenuously recommend that you all go over there and download the entire thing. It's about the best thing ever. For the next month, effectively, there will be no other album on my iPod. This is one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life, and definitely the most energetic. This is the video of the last part of the set. You can imagine me over to the left of the stage, because that's where I was.
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Carl Newman Reveals New Pornographers LP Details
"We're like Fleetwood Mac if Dylan joined."

The notion of a fourth album from a band like the New Pornographers— the side-project-gone-amok that, among others, harbors principal songwriter Carl Newman, Destroyer's Dan Bejar, and titan-voiced troubadour Neko Case— seems an almost impossible feat. It's hard enough keeping centrally-located bandmates together, let alone riding out the schedules of so many otherwise-occupied musicians over the many miles that separate them.

But against the odds, Newman tells us that the band's fourth LP of dashing, deftly crafted pop will be out in August, and will almost certainly be titled Challengers.


Edit: Argh. The most commonly asked question in the universe is being rehashed in the Angelina thread. It makes me want to post a link to the first page of the thread.

Ted Leo!

Apr. 2nd, 2007 12:22 pm
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Orlando is really a bad luck charm for Ted Leo. Three years ago his guitar broke. Last November his guitar string broke, people in the audience were assholes and he sliced his head open. And last night his echo thing broke.

But still, it rocked a lot. He practically played the entire new album. My feet hurt a lot. Like more than anyone's feet have hurt in the history of feet. I risked putting my feet bare on the floor just to make them hurt less. My ears were ringing like crazy at the end of the night.

And now I go to nap. Later I will finally do some of that music meme with the alphabetical songs.
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MOST FUCKING AWESOME CONCERT EVER ON SATURDAY, HELLO. The New Pornographers rocked so very hard. I can't even tell you. They completely blew me away. At one point they took requests and some smartass asked for "Eye of the Tiger," and they fucking played it! The first minute of it, but still! And then they teased me by playing the intro to "Total Eclipse of the Heart." I might have just died right then if they'd gone on. They were just...incredible. "Bleeding Heart Show" was amazing. I loved it so much. It was me and Grant and Ethan there. On the way back to the parking garage Ethan got a hot dog from the vendor and it smelled like...freedom? No. Just really, really good.

And so we returned home to TOGA PARTY in honor of SPARTAAAAAA. I went the Connie Nielsen in Gladiator route of anachronistic faux-ancient dress and wore a toga over a corset. It was quite fun, and I'm also 75% of the way to deciding to live with Nick, Richard and Bryan at Northgate. Still thinking very hard about that, but leaning towards it.

300 was naked men thighs pecs arms mrrf. I enjoyed it. Not great, not terrible, just a lot of fun. And Lena Headey ROCKS SO HARD. I love her very much.

I am now tired. Tomorrow my dad and I are going to Lowes to buy supplies to make furniture. I look forward to it. :)
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Ugh. I just listened to my first Panic! At the Disco song (worst band name ever, by the way), and fuck that noise, they just sound like Fall-Out Boy covering The Killers. Not a good combination.

ETA: [ profile] trollprincess, I assume you've seen this picture? MMMMGUH.
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Dear LiveJournal: Fuck you, stop logging me out. No love, Me.

UPN and WB are merging. I can only express puzzlement bordering on alarm. Please, networks, do not touch Veronica Mars. Also, thank you for not doing that WB Star Wars series people were worried about you doing last year.

Crito in 149 words. )

Anyway, back to what I mentioned in my earlier entry: I'm writing a response on teenage suicide. Not the real-problems kind, but the idiot kind. So here's some cynical points of view. ) Does anyone have the links to the MySpace suicide and the accompanying news story? That would be a great piece to present in class, too. ("you BROKE my LIFE," that kid.)

I'm back on a Jonathan Coulton kick. I hope, since my window is always open, no one opposes me singing about mad overlords.

And now to work on a five-page essay due Friday and study for a Biblical Lit quiz tomorrow!
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I am looking through the network of people who have music shared at Stetson, and I've found someone with simultaneously the worst and best taste in music. The Postal Service, Minus the Bear, Eisley, Damien Rice, Radiohead...Toby Keith, Faith Hill, Dashboard Confessional, The Killers, Shania Twain.

What. The hell.

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WF ISO good road trip music, plz.

Please refrain from suggesting FREEEEBIRRRRRRRD.
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My poor guitar is so out of tune it's not even funny. Yeeesh.


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