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[ profile] skyblade writes about the Avengers movie.

What we have is the release of several different movies. with an end-game in mind. To be honest, it strikes me as one of those "Charge you to see more than one movie" deal. There were several criticsms of Iron Man 2 when it came out, and a lot of the defenders used the reasoning that they had to "set things up." I don't think that really flies as an excuse, however. One should now have to spend ten dollar and wait two years for something to pay off. Hundreds of millions of dollars for a set-up? Besides, if you're not enjoying the ride, I have serious doubts about the destination.

He's going to yell at me for picking that quote but I have no idea what else to pull.

Ferris Club, featuring the best character.
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Ooh. This trailer is a little too accurate.

Gonna go check for cameras.
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I'm watching The Sound of Music on TV right now and it makes me miss my Fraulein Maria hair from the summer. Not enough to stop growing it out though. But still, it was nice.
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After having a shit time early this weekend (SFers knows what I'm talking about), it turned out to be not so bad after all. It balanced out. On Friday, [ profile] avelena came up to go to Prime Outlets with me to shop, and she and Bryan and I had some Tex-Mex beforehand. I bought a purple dress (pics forthcoming, I swear) from the Gap outlet and a plain white tank because I desperately needed one. The dress is strapless, and was only $20, and the tank was $4. That night and most of the next day was shit, except for the brief spot of joy? entertaining bleakness? that was The Dark Knight.

Vague spoilers )

After the movie, Nick, Ethan and I went to my empty new apartment and Ethan started testing paints and painting one wall brown. We brought a frozen pizza and Mike's Hard Lemonade and I proceeded to get pretty hammered. The next day I had a hangover, but still managed to help Bryan put together my Malm bed frame and three-drawer dresser. We stayed there working on it until 8:30 at night after everyone had left. Seriously, have you all any idea how easy it is to make sex jokes about hardware related terms? We weren't even caulking anything! Every term, every instruction, every step, every request for a part or tool was complete hilarity. Good times. I spent most of the afternoon laying on the floor keeping my head stationary and close to the ground to minimize pain.

This week I have to still buy a mattress, and hopefully a comforter. And also paint. I'm still not sure what color I want to paint. I'm leaning towards Architectural Cream from Ralph Lauren paints at Home Depot.

Apartment Planning And A Request! )

No, LiveJournal. Ads do not cramp my style. That's because I DON'T HAVE THEM.
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I'm watching Attack of the Clones out of pure masochism and I just got past the part where Anakin and Padme are frolicking in the field with the giant walking testicles and oh my God, you guys, this is SO LAME. It's like every character in this came down with a case of SERIOUS RETARDATION right before the events of the film. During the whole conversation between Obi-Wan and the clone aliens I couldn't decide which side was being dumber. Obi-Wan, for going "Oh, THAT guy? He died like ten years ago and I never spoke to him and have no idea what I'm doing here," or for the clone aliens for offering to show him the army and BELIEVING HIM after he goes "I'm totes here to inspect the army!" AFTER ALL THAT.
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Mmmm, Freddy Rodriguez, mmmm.
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It's been a pretty damn good Christmas so far. Yesterday I got the most adorable red wireless mouse from Grant for my computer. Today I got a new desk chair, Nintendogs, Superbad, Stranger Than Fiction and a rice cooker.

I'm now sitting on the sofa, relaxing and watching Die Hard while the turkey cooks.

I saw both Sweeney Todd and Walk Hard this weekend, both of which were excellent.
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Do you all realize how good The Departed is? Do you understand?! BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME. It's a good movie. Like, really, really good.
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I've run out of steam on packing up and cleaning my room. The majority of my clothes are stuffed neatly in an enormous duffel bag. To give you an idea of its enormity, I only have, like, three outfits not in it, and it still has empty room in it. I've packed up almost all my DVDs and my notebooks. I'm going to be in Orlando through Tuesday, since I'm picking Jake up from the airport then, hopefully. But still, since I'm not taking summer B classes, I figure it doesn't hurt to start the packing. I've also discovered this afternoon that when cleaning your room and pulling everything out from under your bed, it's helpful to have an escape path to the door.

I finally finished my rewatch of Arrested Development. Bless that show. MICHAEL LOVE MARRY. FAMILY LOVE MICHAEL. WORKERS LOVE NELLIE. (That last one took the rewatch to catch.)

And then I got to cleaning up my external hard drive and watching Stranger Than Fiction on my computer. See, I'm not physically cleaning, but still cleaning. But I was sort of inspired to make a picspam of Stranger Than Fiction, because it's one of the most visually gorgeous movies I've ever seen.

This is totally not dial-up safe. These are some pretty big caps from [ profile] dj_capslock and I didn't resize them because damn, it was enough work picking out the caps and uploading them.

Also, Spoon is amazing. )
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Woooow. Spider-Man 3 was really, really, really, really, really bad. Like, really bad. Like, epically bad. Legendarily bad. Wow. Wow. That was hysterical.

After Grant and I went to see it, I went over to Rene's and we watched Attack of the Clones, which is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. Loooong. I'm really exhausted right now, so sorry I'm not more coherent or witty.

I went to a cruise-in at Sonic today. It was glorious. They had some nice old GTOs and the like, but most importantly, they had both a Chevy Nova and a Dodge Charger. I was most pleased.
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Big Fish >>>>>>>>>>> The Notebook

EDIT: Okay, so I'm changing my NaNo plot. I can do this, right? I can totally catch up. But I need help. I need pictures of pretty people to help me with character facemodels. If they look like they could fit into a historical piece, that would be excellent.

EDIT THE SECOND: Naked, young Yul Brynner. Make more like this, please.
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I was bored as shit this afternoon, so I decided to do a useless meme.

10 Love Stories I Love, in no particular order whatsoever. )
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Felicity: An American Girl Adventure )

And like I said I would, three icons.

01. Image hosted by 02. Image hosted by 03. Image hosted by
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*cowers under desk*

omg that thing just killed a t-rex. A T-REX.
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So, Walk the Line is great. Joaquin, despite his vague case of the crazies, was quite hot. Harry Potter was great, and I'm firmly on the Cuaron/Newell side instead of Columbus. Yes, they do cut out more, but the movies are easier to sit through. At least with a book you can skim, with a movie you have to sit through the whooooolllleee thiiiing.

Lovely, lovely weekend thus far and I've only been at home for the nights. And finally I can use my Ravenclaw icon.

Thanksgiving is coming up. That will probably be almost a nonevent basically consisting of food and not much relative interaction - oooooh, I forgot about the Thanksgiving Day parade. And putting up the tree. Right, not so much a nonevent, then! :O I will cut a bitch if I have to work on Thanksgiving morning. Ooooh no. You do not separate me from my parade.
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My reason for rewatching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?

Eliza Dushku in black leather, kthxbai.

New Lost tonight in about fifteen minutes, and Veronica Mars at the same time. I wish I could use Photoshop tonight, dammit. Must clear hard drive.
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I love today. Today is awesome.

I went to see Flightplan at 1:30 with Becky and April (an hour of "What the FUCK is going on?" five minutes of "Ohhhhh," and twenty more minutes of "Wait, this STILL doesn't make any sense.") and then I came home, lazed about a bit, and then went to work. I worked with Briahna and Rachel, and Briahna and I always have a blast together. It was really, really busy.

After they both left, though, I was stuck talking to an old guy who liked to recite poetry at me, an old magician and two sunburnt college guys from Ohio in Florida for an internship. At eleven thirty I finally managed to sneak off to clean the ladies room and Keith stopped me on the way back and said "GO HOME. I would have sent you home earlier, babe, but you seemed like you were having so much fun talking to those guys." Heh. Maybe not that much fun, but it was nice.

And when I got home, what did I find waiting for me? Takeout fried rice from Siam Orchid that my parents brought home for me!


Life is good.
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It's bright outside, the sun is shining, all is happy, I'm in the most secure room in the house.

I'm watching Jurassic Park.



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