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I'm now discovering the wealth of Lost/Disney music videos on YouTube.

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So here's the deal. I'm having a Lost viewing party next Sunday.

There's a two hour retrospective starting at 7 PM on Sunday, and then the finale from 9 to 11:30 PM. I will have food and drinks courtesy of the Dharma supply drop, and throughout the afternoon I'll be playing some of the greatest hits of Lost.

I have a sofa that's great for sleeping and an air mattress if people need to crash here, plus seating and popcorn for all.

RSVP here if you're attending!
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Spoilers for last night's lost.
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I would like to host a party for the season finale of Lost. Since this is me, this will involve themed cooking. What kind of foods or drinks do you think would go best for a Lost-themed party?

So far I'm thinking a lot of island-themed foods. Grilled pork, of course, for the boar. Mangoes. Some kind of peanut butter dish. I'm going to try to get some Dharma beer. Anyone else have ideas, links to recipes, etc?

Also, mark your calendars if you're in the area and interested!

Edit: Currently looking at

Pork and mango skewers
Dharma labels
Mango chutney, mango salsa
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Okay, this is too fun to not share. For the last two weeks or so I've been recommending shows for Bryan to illegally download and catch up on, since he's been pretty much television illiterate for the past three years. So far he's gotten through Reaper, How I Met Your Mother, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, the first season of Veronica Mars, all of The Office and now while he's waiting to borrow DVDs of Arrested Development, I started him watching Lost.

Half the crap from the first season I'd completely forgotten about, so it was entertaining to hear his reactions and to reread [ profile] cleolinda's recaps again. But here are a few entertaining gems from his reactions to Lost.

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OMG ED HELMS BACK ON THE DAILY SHOW. IS HE BACK OR IS THIS AN OLD SPOT OR WHAT? I mean, it's not like he's had The Office to work on lately. Maybe he's bored.

And Lost, I'm very disappointed with you. Read more... )

Today we got insurance back on the RV so tomorrow we can drive it over to Orlando to check out the campsite I'm staying in on Saturday night. It's an impractical and ultimately pointless gesture intended to appease my mother's anxiety. Hopefully it'll do its job, because I don't want to have to fight her to go camping. But worst case scenario is that it's not to her liking, but that would just mean that we would park the RV over there and I'd stay in THAT at the campsite. Which wouldn't be too terrible (refrigerator for booze! air conditioning! mattress!) but still impractical and annoying. At any rate, Dad mentioned that while we were up there, to make it a non-pointless day, we might go to the Sanford Zoo. Since I haven't been in almost two years, that's pretty cool.
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Thoughts on tonight's Lost and Lost in general. )

I feel like my rant power has been exhausted now. Does anyone else have any other thoughts? I'd love to have more of a discussion.
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My reason for rewatching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?

Eliza Dushku in black leather, kthxbai.

New Lost tonight in about fifteen minutes, and Veronica Mars at the same time. I wish I could use Photoshop tonight, dammit. Must clear hard drive.
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This isn't morning. This is more accurately described as the asscrack of dawn.

I am so sleeping on the car ride up.

Re: Lost

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My dreams are weird.

Really, really weird.

I'm not going to talk about the World of Warcraft one. Suffice to say, my mental pictures did involve the little hitpoint/mana bar at the top of the screen.

There was another one where I somehow sent a "While You Were Out" phone message slip to Grant as I was driving over on my day off, and the message somehow involved the word "hroo" which is not actually a word at all. The whole phrase was "At Cassie's hroo" which I think meant "At Cassie's house" but also doesn't make sense because at the time of sending it, I was driving. And Cassie lives at Oxford now.

I also dreamt...oooh, that's weird. Dreamt I was busting up some weird drug deal undercover something except minus the drugs, and (oh fuck, there was Pokemon in that part of the dream) there were giant cupboards everywhere and certain animals would attack me to get me to run away and I had to do certain things to get them to stop and WIN. Wtf.

(I think the fact that it's Lostnesday and VMarsday precludes driving over there today. Also, it would raise questions like, "What are you going to be doing in Orlando for only an hour, Laura?" But I'd kill to be able to. But I will be up there early in the morning on Saturday. And I mean early. Like whoa. Like...leave a key under the doormat and I WILL wake you up. Yes. I do mean it. Wait, do you even have a doormat?)

It's Lostnesday! And VMarsday! And I am using an icon that applies to neither!

My jewelry came and it IS tiny, but also adorable. I celebrated by buying another one. The garnet and citrine pendant I got is the size of my pinky fingernail, but adorable and worth it. The mother-of-pearl one is much larger.

And aaaugh, what should I be for Halloween?!

ETA: Oh yeah, and also part of my dream was that I was in a record store buying records and CDs. Like, real records. Quite cool. I think one of them was Dar Williams. Or Belle and Sebastian. I know one of the songs had something to do with the summer. It's weird what slips into my dreams.
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*snicker* In the character bios on Oceanic Flight 815, we find out a very minor name-related spoiler. )
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After frantic cleaning today, Grant came over to watch Lost. We ran out and picked up oriental take-out, ate dinner and then settled in to watch five episodes.

Five episodes later, I had learned a few things:

- He thinks Ethan is a superhuman.
- He was very touched and saddened by Special.
- He thought Whatever the Case May Be sucked.
- He thinks Sawyer rules.
- He hates Boone and called him many creative mean names.
- He loves Locke.

It was so much fun. In addition to oriental take-out, we had two servings of nachos. Nachos! Finally, I have the nachos I've been craving for days! I had a great time. But then again, I always have a great time when I'm with the man I love.

And I do love him very much.
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A few months late, Grant is getting into Lost. He is now on 1x08: Confidence Man.

Grant: Charlie is such a geek.
Grant: Wow
Grant: Claire is adorable.
Me: Claire is the cutest thing ever ever ever and I have such a girlcrush on her.
Grant: I just have a crush, period.

Grant: SAYID
Grant: NO

Ahhh, sweetie, you're freaking out about the same things I freaked out about the first time around. I love you. We need to actually have a Lost-a-thon with the last half of the season, at least. Don't you DARE watch Raised By Another without me.


Apr. 6th, 2005 10:31 pm
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This just fills me with rage. I was talking to my dad last night before curtain of "The Graduate" and he told me that Little League no longer kept score because it made the kids feel bad. He also said there was a poster somewhere in Palm Bay that said "Competition doesn't create character, it exposes it." YES, thank you!

Clive Owen - is he Bond or is he not, is he Bond or is he not? Lara Croft's 1st Boytoy - is he Bond or is he not, is he Bond or is he not?

Grant and I tried to go to Del's Freez after school today, but it was closed. Damn them! So we went to Natureworks, where I tried to hide my face so none of my old coworkers would recognize me. None were there, thank God. Bought smoothies, then we drove down to the park and sat together on a bench, drank smoothies and talked. (We would both run away from two-foot-wide spiders. Just in case you wondered.)

Then I went shoe shopping, and then I came back home to get myself made incoherent by Lost. Time to work on that wallpaper and icon set for Boone.
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I just rewatched the preview for next week's Lost... )

Oh my God!

Apr. 1st, 2005 11:29 am
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Oh my God, HUGE Lost spoilers I just heard!

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Title: Hold On (piano)
Artist: Sarah McLachlan

If anyone else is thinking about Lost.


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