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Oh my God, last night I dreamed that the last Harry Potter book came out and I didn't get a copy, so I was biking around Melbourne at one in the morning trying to find a Walgreens or something that would have it and I had Gwen with me in a sling and April was somehow there, but she didn't want to ride on the bike with me, and I yelled at and pwned some giant football player guy and then...shot snakes.

All in the pursuit of Harry Potter and trying to avoid drive-by spoilering. God. Book needs to come out already.

Fourth roommate has moved in. She's a freshman. She seems nice. It doesn't really matter since I'm moving home in four days or so anyway.
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Yesterday I went to FX 2006 and embarrassed myself thoroughly and took ridiculous pictures with Stanislav Ianevski, Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk, got winked at by David fucking Carradine, and gushed over Timothy Zahn.

Photos and a full recap. )

So that was FX 2006.
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So, Walk the Line is great. Joaquin, despite his vague case of the crazies, was quite hot. Harry Potter was great, and I'm firmly on the Cuaron/Newell side instead of Columbus. Yes, they do cut out more, but the movies are easier to sit through. At least with a book you can skim, with a movie you have to sit through the whooooolllleee thiiiing.

Lovely, lovely weekend thus far and I've only been at home for the nights. And finally I can use my Ravenclaw icon.

Thanksgiving is coming up. That will probably be almost a nonevent basically consisting of food and not much relative interaction - oooooh, I forgot about the Thanksgiving Day parade. And putting up the tree. Right, not so much a nonevent, then! :O I will cut a bitch if I have to work on Thanksgiving morning. Ooooh no. You do not separate me from my parade.


Aug. 3rd, 2005 03:57 am
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A Random Harry Potter Survey!
BirthdayFebruary 22
Age when you first read Harry Potter12? 13?
Favorite BookOotP
Favorite Character(s)Harry
Favorite Proffesor(s)McGonagall
Favorite HouseRavenclaw (because we're smarter than you, yo)
Favorite Quidditch TeamGryffindor
Favorite CoupleJames and Lily
Favorite Magical AnimalHippogriff
Favorite Magical PlaceHogwarts
Favorite WeasleyI HAVE TO PICK?! ...The twins are one entity, right?
Favorite PetCrookshanks
Favorite Order MemberTonksTonksTonks
Favorite ClassDefense Against the Dark Arts
Favorite Wizarding SnackButterbeer
Favorite Gryffindor StudentOther than Harry, Hermione
Draco or Harry?Harry
H/Hr or R/Hr?R/Hr
Snape or Lupin?Luuuuupin
Crookshanks or Scabbers?Crookshanks
Hedwig or Pig?Pig
Harry or Ron?Harry
Crabbe or Goyle?Crabbe
Canon/Fanon Draco?Canon
Canon/Fanon Snape?Canon
D/Hr or D/G?D/G
H/D or H/SS?H/D
Your OTP?R/S
Favorite SlytherinSnape
Cho - annoying or not?She's just a teenage headcase of a girl and has every right to be, so no.
Do you write Fanfiction?Yes
Do you read Fanfition?Yes
Favorite Fanfiction?Shoebox Project
Canon or Fanon?Canon
One shot or Novel length?Depends on quality
Fluff or Angst?Equal amounts of both
Darkfic?If it's done well.
Very Powerful Harry?Yay, power!
Very Sexy Draco?Bleeeugh.
Gen, Het, or Slash?All.
Fanfiction Petpeeves?Very Sexy Draco.
Did you Cry when Cedric Died?No
Did you cry when Sirius Died?Yes
All time favorite partEveryone's hate-on for Umbitch. "It unscrews the other way," the Weasley's departure, all that.
Were you mad about the whole H/C mistake?Heh? Why would I be?
Do you like Viktor Krum?Haven't seen enough of him to form an opinion.
Do you like Cho Chang?I don't have any opinion on her.
Do you like Fluer?I like Fleur. Who is this Fluer? A chimneysweep?
Do you like Cedric?Yes. He was pretty. Now he is dead. Such a pity.
What did you think of the Prophecy?Intriguing. Someone needs to go into the exact syntax and figure out loopholes and such.
Which characters need more development?Lupin!
Did Harry pass his O.W.Ls in Potions?No
Will Harry die or survive at the end of book 7?Live
Do you like the Marauders?LOVELOVELOVELOVE
Light side or dark side?Light
Who do you think is the HBP?I had no idea before the book came out.
Who do you think will die in HBP?I didn't think it would actually be ------------.
Who do you think Harry's new "love interest" is in HBP?Ginny
What do you think will be the "something huge" revealed about Lily Potter?That she fucked Remus?
Are you a Luna fan?Yes
Favorite Marauder?RemusSiriusJames. What? They're one!
Is Harry going to be back on the quidditch team?Duh.
How well do you think Harry will cope with Sirius's death in HBP?Pretty well.
Do you think Harry will be even more angry in HBP than in OotP?I kinda hope so and at the same time not.
Will Ron or Hermione die in either of the next 2 books?Nooo!
How do you think Ron and Hermione will react when they find out about the prophecy?" Sucks to be you, Harry."
Harry Potter Movies
Do you like the movies as much as the books?No
Hottest HP actor?Gary Oldman
Do you think Emma Watson is too girly for Hermione?No
What do you think of Ruperts long hair in GoF?Bleeeh.
Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint?Dan
Chris Columbus or Alfonso?Alfonso all the way, baby.
Was the warewolf too bald?No
What scene did they leave out in the movie you wish they hadn't?The fucking EXPLANATION ABOUT THE MARAUDERS.
Favorite movie moment?HoYay! HoYay of R/S goodness!
Least favorite movie moment?So much Columbus-directed badness. Can't pick one.
Favorite character in movie?Oliver Wood was quite lovely.
Favorite Movie?Prizoner of Azkaban
Was that how you imagined the basalisk?Nope.
Do you wish Richard Harris could still play Dumbledore?No, he kinda looked like he was about to keel over anyway. What? Too soon?
Do you think Snape is sexy?No.
Do you wish you looked like Emma Watson?A tiny bit. She is quite adorable.
And for the lst question, how has Harry Potter changed your life?I have much better snark thanks to fandom. And OMGWTF CASSIE CLAIRE! All of you, wank!



Jul. 16th, 2005 06:13 am
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Good morning. I just finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. No, I haven't slept since I got back from the bookstore. Yes, the sun is rising.

Spoilers )
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This is the obligatory spoilers-or-no-spoilers in relation to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

You spoil me, or post spoilers without a lj-cut and I will scream in anguish. For a long time. Then I will hunt down your phone number and scream over the phone so you can feel the palpable agony of my spoilered self.

Because secretly, I long to know what happens. But the stronger part of me says no, so the final verdict is NO SPOILERS. LJ-CUT PLZ AND TELL ME HOW FAR THE SPOILERS GO TO.

Although, like a total asshole, I still have this urge to run through fandom screaming "OMG RON/HERMIONE SEX!!!111!! THEN THEY DIE!" Buuut I already did the fake spoilers for Lost on April Fools, so fuck that.


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