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Freezer Ragu

1 can crushed tomatoes ($1.19)
1 pound ground beef (approx $3)
3 carrots (89¢ for 1 bunch)
2-3 cloves of garlic, minced (50¢)
1 large onion (75¢)

Season beef with salt and pepper, brown in pot. Remove ground beef with slotted spoon, set aside. Cook onions and minced carrots in pan for around 10 minutes, or until the carrots are softening and the onions are beginning to brown. Add minced garlic, cook for a few minutes until the garlic becomes fragrant. Splash about 1/4 C water, chicken stock or cooking wine in the pan to deglaze any brown bits stuck to bottom. Add ground beef back to pan with any juices that accumulated on the plate. Add can of crushed tomatoes, simmer for 20 minutes. Season to taste with salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and any other seasonings you wish. Let cool, divide into freezer bags and freeze.


May. 31st, 2010 08:54 pm
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Grilled panzanella for Memorial Day. I also made lemon garlic chicken from the Williams-Sonoma outdoor living cookbook, but we were too busy rushing to the table for me to get a good picture. Next time I'll remove it from the pan and crisp it under the broiler separately because the pieces snuggling next to each other didn't get good color. It was delicious though.

I've never made panzanella before. I'm officially in love. Although I think I want more bread next time, considering I just wanted to dive in and eat every tomato and lemon vinagrette soaked piece of bread before moving on to the (delicious) grape tomatoes and grilled asparagus and onions.

ALSO made some white sangria with grapes, strawberries and apples soaked in rum for a day, and then my parents convinced my grandmother to eat one. THAT was fun.

Panzanella recipe )
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Pork rib roast with a brown sugar/pepper glaze and roasted sweet potatoes with shallots and rosemary. I was going to make lemon sticky rolls but didn't want to spend two hours at midnight making the dough without my roommate's stand mixer.
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San Diego Zoo - a set on flickr

So Grant and I landed, Cassie took us straight to In N Out, we went home and proceeded to drink until we were sitting in the hall outside the bathroom crying on each other at 3 AM, woke up at 6, got Carls Jr for breakfast and then went to the San Diego Zoo in a hungover daze.

Seriously. Carls Jr for breakfast. A western bacon cheeseburger for breakfast. We were wobbling around the zoo groaning for hours. IT'S LIKE LEAD. WE REGRET BURGER. OUR LIVERS! OH GOD OUR LIVERS. BURGER DRUNK BURGER NEVER AGAIN.

And the zoo was fantastic! We pretty much had it to ourselves because it was lightly raining. We made it most of the way through the park before we got tired and walking in wet shoes was no longer fun. We finished off the day at the gorilla exhibit, where we got to stand three feet away from them while they slept under the overhang to get out of the rain. It was fucking incredible, and the perfect way to end the visit.

After that we drove back and had dinner at a really tiny Thai restaurant in Duarte called Thai City which was AMAZING. AMAZING. Food was beyond words. I got the satay dinner which came with chicken satay pieces and shrimp fried rice. Cassie got clear noodles with beef (my personal favorite - we all sampled) and Grant got a combination spicy lemongrass seafood soup.

Now we're watching the Oscars and not drinking. (Yet)
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According to Wikipedia, Michael Ruhlman and Rick Bayless, it's National Pig Day today! So that settles what I'm having for dinner. Sorry, [ profile] sweetpiglet, but I honor your favorite animal in different ways. Delicious ways.
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So I'm home with my parents for the weekend to work on my Projects and we go out to eat at Charlie and Jake's barbecue, and while we're eating I wax poetic about my dream of going to a barbecue festival and grazing on barbecue all day and then getting rolled out like Violet Beauregarde. But then my dad mentions that there's some upcoming barbecue/grilling festival that one of the guys that rents space in his storage yard is going to. Apparently you pay some registration fee and get to use a Big Green Egg and then when you go home the egg goes home with you.

Let me repeat - this several hundred dollar barbecue giant follows you home. So I get all excited, I'm thinking holy shit, I could totally enter, what would I make, I think smoked turkey and pulled pork, maybe I'll get to make some sort of punch, grill some vegetables. I can add barbecue champion to my resume!

And I get home and the festival is set during my vacation to LA. So I guess that just gives me time to prepare for next year.

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Bouillabaisse pasta for dinner. Unfortunately four clams staunchly refused to open during cooking, but all the mussels were good sports. This is my first foray into French cuisine and I have to say I'm quite thrilled with the results.
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Oricchette baked macaroni with fontina, swiss, cheddar and sliced hot Italian sausage pre-broiled in the oven.

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Memorial Day Barbecue )

My uncle is a plumber. These are some of the things he told us he has fished out of toilets.

ten crushed aluminum cans
a spatula
a Barbie
a showerhead
lots of silverware
half an apple
entire pill bottle
loooots of condoms (the husband does not use condoms)
81 tampons, three times (he lined them all up on the sidewalk because they kept swearing they never flushed them)

Meme Pt 2

Apr. 21st, 2009 09:03 pm
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More delicious food, for [ profile] iammeinuk. This is not something I made from scratch, but it was really delicious.
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I spent some time this afternoon organizing my photos on my hard drive and uploading some to my Flickr stream. I also made some delicious pasta for dinner last night and used some of the leftovers to make an easier and (in my opinion) superior lunch today. Photo and recipe below.


Farfalle with Spinach and Parmesan )

Food photo dump )
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I was starving so I made a lazy-ass version of Ilan's fideos with clams and saffron using a handful of pasta, a quarter of a cup of cream and a can of clams I picked up at the grocery store. And even with those minimal ingredients, it was delicious. I am so making it for realsies soon. Dry runs of recipes rock.
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I kind of hate myself for this, but the first thing I'm going to make from the Top Chef cookbook is Ilan's Fideos with Clams and Saffron. It looked delicious in the episode, it looks delicious in the photo, and someone on the internet says it's good. And Padma did almost lick her plate.

I'm watching Pushing Daisies. There's something about the way Ned hunches his shoulders and shoves his hands in his pocket and just looks so shy that makes my stomach leap into my throat. It's absolutely adorable. I guess I like tall shy skinny guys who look like sideways triangles with broad shoulders and thin profiles. That...does fit my M.O., actually. A lot. So, skinny guys with kind of broad shoulders and thin profiles, watch out. I'm coming.

I love the aunts. I love Ellen Green. I've been listening to "Suddenly Seymour" a lot for the past two months. We share a birthday, which is fabulous. I don't know whether I like Lily or Vivian better. Vivian is precious and squeaky, but Lily has a shotgun.
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I went home on Saturday to see if I could help my dad with the booth he'd set up at the Sebastian Clambake, but it turned out to be a dud as far as marketing goes. On the plus side, I had good local seafood for lunch both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday it was peel-and-eat shrimp that were very fresh, and clam strips that I could tell had just been made there. Sunday, unfortunately, turned out for the worse. My guess is that they ran out of the good stuff so they started subbing in frozen or canned food. The linguine with clam sauce I got was pasta topped with canned clams and jar garlic and some cooked parsley. There was no "sauce," just a topping on a styrofoam bowl of pasta. Disappointing. I could also tell that the clam strips weren't the same as Saturday's. They weren't as fat as the ones I'd gotten the day before, and the batter on Saturday had paprika or some other red grain spice in it. Sunday's were tough, skinny clam strips that looked like they had been taken out of a bag. Thankfully, the peel-and-eat shrimp was just as good as it was the day before, so I still could enjoy that.

While I was home I decided to take advantage of the larger kitchen and I made pierogies from scratch again. This time I only did one kind of filling - potato and cheese - so I only had to make two batches of dough. The first one produced the monster pierogies I usually make, and I used a smaller cup to make the dough circles for the second, so they're more modestly shaped.

I bought three things today when I went home: a stew cookbook today for $3 and smoked paprika and sweet Spanish paprika. I've been looking for different varieties of paprika since I read up on it and couldn't even find any variations at Whole Foods, so I was glad to find these. The Spanish paprika came in a large class bottle and contains about 4 oz or so. I hope it lasts for a while, since I go through that stuff like a motherfucker.

On Friday I mixed up a Cajun dry rub and put it on a London broil to sit in the fridge for a few days. I'm planning on making the same thing for Thanksgiving and I wanted to do a trial run to make sure I could do it right and that the dry rub tasted good with the meat. I came back tonight and drizzled a bit of olive oil on either side and stuck it in the oven for a few minutes. It came out beautifully. The outside was hot and spicy and the inside was pink and tender. I love my mother's London broil but she tends to cook things longer than I do, probably from undercooking paranoia. I prefer my meat on the rarer side, maybe even a bit rarer than this one turned out. I broiled it, turning every two minutes, for about seven minutes or so and then turned the oven to about 200 F and let it sit for two minutes. Next time I'll only let it sit in there for one. The dry rub came out spicier than I expected. I made it for a steak once before, but in smaller quantities so it came out differently. This time I used the correct amount of black pepper and so it came out much sharper and definitely peppery. It was excellent, especially with a pierogi. (Everything tastes good with a pierogi.)

I managed to wrangle hosting duties for the Thanksgiving potluck among my friends this year. I'm excited. It's too bad we probably won't be able to have it after the actual Thanksgiving date, because then Thanksgiving centerpieces would be discounted. I guess I'll have to splurge on a few decorations. I'll probably check Target's $1 section tomorrow after class. At some point I'm going to bring up my dad's two folding tables, and I'll probably have to grab at least a cheap tablecloth to cover up the velcro on the side.

Not a bad weekend. I think I'm going to go lay on my bed and slowly digest my dinner, like a fat snake or something.
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It started out well enough.

me: I'm going to make a test run of my London broil for Thanksgiving sometime soon.
I need people's opinion, and I trust the residents of your apartment to tell me the truth and give suggestions. Would you like some free food maybe next week or this week or something?
Grant: Most certainly.

Then it took a swift turn for the worse.

Grant:I decided I would make a sweet potato pie
Grant: FUCK
Grant: No, seriously, fuck off my fucking pie
me: I'll make ANOTHER pie!
Grant: PIE OFF
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- Mojo chicken thighs
- White rice
- Spicy fried corn and broccoli

I started the chicken marinating last night. I put it in the oven at 425F for about twenty-five minutes, turning it over halfway through. I put enough marinade in the pan with the thighs that they were almost half-poached. I wanted to have some vegetables with my dinner so I found a recipe for spicy fried corn and modified it.

This dinner is amazing. The chicken tasted so tart and flavorful. I'm so glad I went with white rice instead of yellow because that would have been too many flavors. I'm never letting something sit in a mojo marinade for any time shorter than 24 hours now. This was too perfect to settle for less. The vegetables are hella spicy, too. It's really excellent. I've already packed up a lunch of leftovers to take to campus tomorrow. Next time I make these vegetables I'll either tone down the chipotle or mix it with the white rice. It needs something to cut the fieriness.

Now I am profoundly stuffed and I'm going to go lay down and work on physics.


Aug. 24th, 2008 07:10 pm
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(white pizza with spinach, bacon, gorgonzola, mozzarella, feta cheese)


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