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Today my dad and I went to see Star Wars in Concert at the Amway Arena, and my god, it was glorious. GLORIOUS. An entire stadium of people who love Star Wars enough to buy tickets to an orchestrated movie montage narrated by Anthony Daniels. It was almost worth the price of admission alone for the opening crawl.

They had props outside the theater for you to look at, which I checked out during intermission. The coolest, in my opinion, were the Chewie suit and Han in carbonite. While I was walking past the display with two Ewok costumes in it, there were two boys up close staring at it, and I heard their father chide them as I walked away: "Come on, you remember how I feel about Ewoks."

Han Solo tiglo carbonite! )

I saw people in full Jedi regalia, little children in Jedi costumes, a little girl dressed as Leia in the row in front of me, hundreds of Star Wars shirts, and even a Slave Leia descending the staircase next to me. It was fantastic seeing so many happy nerds of all ages and all kinds.

It was amazing. I'm so glad I went. They did a wonderful job of blending clips with the music to tell a condensed version of the entire saga from Episode I to VI. I would not have protested the addition of more Han Solo, but I wouldn't take anything away. The entire arena gave the orchestra a standing ovation; Anthony Daniels was clearly shocked by it. After exclaiming "You really don't want to go home yet!" he asked if we would like to return to the Dark Side, and then we had an encore of the Imperial March!

I am so glad my father dragged my unwilling ten year-old self to the theaters to see the original trilogy's rerelease. He had no idea what an impact that movie would have on my life, and how much I would love it almost fifteen years later.

Thanks, Dad.
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me: oh my god.
Dad: lol
me: So um. What is your role. in this.
Dad My role is that I'm on the first island with the Route 1 people handing out both my promo materials as well as possibly stuff for the event.
me: So no bunny suits involved. No one but the bunny has to be suited up.
Dad: oh god no
me: Thank god. No bunny ears, either, right?
Dad: nope. no fluffy tail either before you ask

Reminding him who Neil Gaiman is:

me: .He wrote Stardust. That thing with Claire Danes and the flying ship with Robert de Niro where she was a star.
Dad: wow, guess I need to see that one
me: You did
Dad: huh?
me: It was a while ago though
Dad: was I high?
me: Apparently
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Tuesday: Poppy's Birthday
  • Caramelized Onion Dip
  • Tomato White Bean Puree (done)
  • Snickerdoodles (make Monday)
  • Lemon cookies (make Monday)
Thursday: Thanksgiving

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Mom: Must return Mad Men DVDs?
Me: Must finish Mad Men DVDs.
Mom: Maybe watch soon. Maybe speak in sentence fragments.

I knew I would have trouble sleeping so I left instructions for my dad on arranging the ribs in the grill, but I still woke up around nine going DID HE READ THE EMAIL IS HE DOING IT CORRECTLY ARE THE RIBS IN IF HE DOESN'T PUT THEM ON THE GRILL NOW IT'LL BE LIKE SIX BY THE TIME THEY'RE DONE and so I dragged myself out of bed, walked out to the porch and saw him cleaning the grill and lighting the briquettes so I just toddled back to bed.

Any smoking tips, internet? I have done this a few times but I am still a novice.

I had some bizarre dream that I was living in a building with the guys from The Big Bang Theory and rooming with Penny (it wasn't the same building, that's why I said ai> building) and everyone was making too much noise and Sheldon came over to complain to us so I went and yelled at everyone that they were keeping everyone up with their noise, and being inconsiderate, and Dr. Camille Saroyan was off in the corner agreeing with me and backing me up and mid-rant I remembered that I needed to get up early on Tuesday (because this is apparently happening TONIGHT in chronological order because I DO need to get up early tomorrow) and I ran back to my little apartment and started putting together my school stuff and getting my coffee ready for the morning.
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Happy Father's Day!
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Memorial Day Barbecue )

My uncle is a plumber. These are some of the things he told us he has fished out of toilets.

ten crushed aluminum cans
a spatula
a Barbie
a showerhead
lots of silverware
half an apple
entire pill bottle
loooots of condoms (the husband does not use condoms)
81 tampons, three times (he lined them all up on the sidewalk because they kept swearing they never flushed them)
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[a discussion about a coffee table I want to make]

me: Soft maple would be okay coated a frillion times with polyurethane to make a coffee table, right?
Dad: Probably. The ad says 'soft' means it's 25% less hard than 'hard' And as long as no one is dancing on it in stiletto heels (hint hint) it should be fine. Google it and see what you find.
me: I'm not that retarded.
Dad: Who said I wasn't talking about Ethan?
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Merry Christmas! Or if you don't celebrate Christmas, Merry Day-Everything-Is-Closed!

For Christmas this year I got my mother a Meiwa kumquat tree, a bright turquoise beaded necklace and a Vera Wang white button-down shirt (the last of which I left in Orlando like a moron). And I got my dad a jar of avocado honey annnnd helped my mom buy him pants. (Dudes are hard to shop for.)

I received the Top Chef cookbook, a Calphalon frying pan, a cast-iron skillet, Pushing Daisies, The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia.

Dinner tonight was: twice baked potatoes, London broil, stir-fried green beans and seared scallops (in my new pan!). After dinner I made a pan sauce for the scallops so I can have the leftovers over some rice. Delicious!

We had my grandmother over for dinner and it was...weird. She's getting old, and her mind is deteriorating, and she's letting my uncle control things and manipulate her and she didn't try to come to my aunt's funeral or send a card or speak to him directly to offer her condolences. Then when my mom and I drove her home (I went along to borrow a bundt pan) we walked up to the door that my mom had just unlocked and opened and Gamma asks if we left the door unlocked. My mom brushed it off like, no, of course not, because we just opened it, but then she saw that the lights were on inside and said "Grayson must have been here." We got in there and my mom was going to talk about her mortgage and how Gamma shouldn't be living alone, but she just hurried me getting the pan and leaving. The ceiling fans were on, and Gamma hates the ceiling fans, and the air conditioning was turned down so low that Gamma would be cold and the TV was on but the screen was black. I thought about taking Gamma's new shirt into her room for her but for some reason I didn't. Once we got back in the car my mom said that it was likely that Grayson was still there in the house. Apparently he does that. He just comes in, changes stuff in Gamma's house and hides in the rooms if he doesn't want to talk to you. And he doesn't want to talk to us, because he and my mom are estranged because he's the devil. Where there would be a soul there is a deep dark blackness.

So that badness passed, at least, and I watched some Wonderfalls with my dad (he likes it) and then some Iron Chef: Battle Cobia and now there's two Office reruns. Merry Christmas to meee. Maybe I'll put on some Pushing Daisies.
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This Father's Day my parents and I drove to Winter Haven to spend the day with Poppy and Agnes (my dad's father and stepmother) and Ann, Richard and Heather (aunt, uncle and cousin). Heather brought her boyfriend Aaron, who is good people, and they brought Rock Band and a Wii. So for Father's Day, I played Rock Band (rocked the SHIT out of Electric Version, of course) and saw my dad play drums on Rock Band. (He failed.) I also got to see my mother do the same, and then we played Wii Tennis, Wii Golf and Wii Bowling. Definitely an excellent day. On the way up the driveway we kept making jokes about what I could have worn to get myself thrown out of the house. The candidates were t-shirts reading "Obama 08," "Gay? Fine by me!" and the winner would have been "GAY FOR OBAMA." Bless my relatives, but they're from Central Florida. Not Orlando Central Florida, but like NASCAR Central Florida. They're not real open-minded folk. Still fantastic enough to enjoy games though.

I had an excellent day. I love my dad. He's absolutely the coolest person I've ever met.

Now I'm going to go watch A Little Princess.
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Mom: Would you like a Peep?
Gamma: A piece of what?

Sea Tow

Mar. 6th, 2008 10:40 pm
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I went on a tow with my dad today that took the whole afternoon. It was pretty nice out there. Very relaxing. I took a few photos that turned out pretty well.


Towing itself is a rather sedate activity, but hopefully these aren't too boring. )


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