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Mom: Must return Mad Men DVDs?
Me: Must finish Mad Men DVDs.
Mom: Maybe watch soon. Maybe speak in sentence fragments.

I knew I would have trouble sleeping so I left instructions for my dad on arranging the ribs in the grill, but I still woke up around nine going DID HE READ THE EMAIL IS HE DOING IT CORRECTLY ARE THE RIBS IN IF HE DOESN'T PUT THEM ON THE GRILL NOW IT'LL BE LIKE SIX BY THE TIME THEY'RE DONE and so I dragged myself out of bed, walked out to the porch and saw him cleaning the grill and lighting the briquettes so I just toddled back to bed.

Any smoking tips, internet? I have done this a few times but I am still a novice.

I had some bizarre dream that I was living in a building with the guys from The Big Bang Theory and rooming with Penny (it wasn't the same building, that's why I said ai> building) and everyone was making too much noise and Sheldon came over to complain to us so I went and yelled at everyone that they were keeping everyone up with their noise, and being inconsiderate, and Dr. Camille Saroyan was off in the corner agreeing with me and backing me up and mid-rant I remembered that I needed to get up early on Tuesday (because this is apparently happening TONIGHT in chronological order because I DO need to get up early tomorrow) and I ran back to my little apartment and started putting together my school stuff and getting my coffee ready for the morning.


May. 9th, 2009 07:43 pm
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I dreamed last night that I was in my physics classroom, taking my final, but it wasn't about physics. Dr. Schulte was at the front of the room, and I was trying to help a friend next to me who was an amalgamation of many of my friends, and she flipped out and couldn't do the last page, and since I was done with mine, I tried to help her, but then I turned over her test and saw that there was a whole other page of questions that I hadn't seen or didn't have on my test. She left somewhere during this and I gave up on trying to help her with hers and just ripped off the last page of her test, the blank one, and started writing my answers on the paper instead of the looseleaf I was using before. They weren't physics questions, they were questions about songs, trying to figure out what the structure of a song was, like is this a four/four beat or what, and I didn't know some of the songs. I wrote down as many as I could while I was standing up because time was up and when I went to the front of the room, Dr. Schulte wasn't there and so I went through the door to the left and there were a million old physics professors, and one that had the same blue shirt as Dr. Schulte, but it wasn't him.

There was more, with a mansion, and a courtyard, and looking for my professor to hand in the test, and I think maybe Blair Waldorf, but the more I try to remember it the more it slips away.

I'm going to go take a walk.


Mar. 26th, 2009 09:16 am
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Dream: I dreamed that I lived next door to Deputy Leo from Veronica Mars. Odd, since I haven't watched that show in months, but okay. Apparently in my dream history, he used to have a thing for me. My dream even included a flashback. He liked recycling, too. But, dream me somehow managed to fuck it up and turn him down and now he hated me and I felt guilty about it and wished I could fix it somehow.


I just typed this whole thing about how I can see that gross kid who chews on his fingers all the time but it grossed me out to even think about it that much, and it's kind of boring if you're not sitting near him feeling bile rise in your throat.

I'm debating whether or not to move my computer desk into the living room. Thrilling, I know. I have so little out there now that I definitely have the room, but where will I put my glasses when I sleep? Right now I just have my sofa and a handful of end tables. (Seriously, I have like five.) One of which holds the TV. I don't have any creative solutions popping out at me for what to do with this room. And I need another access point, because right now my wireless doesn't work.

To get back to class-related bitching, there's this woman in Ecology here that drives me up the wall. She's in her fifties, with mom jeans and curly suburban mom hair. And she constantly, constantly, CONSTANTLY talks in class. I'm not saying talking to the people next to her or anything, she raises her hand at EEEEVERYTHING. In the middle of lecture, she'll raise her hand and start, not arguing with the professor, but, like, debating with him. She'll bring up things that should be asked at the end of lecture, or in office hours. And she can't just answer a simple question, like when, for instance, Dr. Jenkins is trying to remember the name Brazilian tree peppers. She has to go on about how they're in her neighborhood, and she sees them all the time, and oh my God shut up. This is not your talking time. I don't even know how to properly explain exactly what she does, but everyone in the class sighs when she does this.

We were just talking about alternative stable states and she raised her hand and goes "Now, could Florida be an example of this, with the -"

"Are you reading my slides? We'll get to that." Jenkins was being playful, but firm. We are getting to it.

"Because it's getting so dry, and..."

"We'll get to that."

(almost sulky) "Okay."

Drives me crazy. She just did it again while I was typing that, and I actually heard someone mutter "shut up."
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I had a dream where I hung out with Anne Hathaway and went to Chinatown and saw some weird pet shop with a bunch of bizarre animal hybrids for sale, and before that dream plotline I had another of my insane crazy jealousy dreams that's going to have me irrationally on edge for the entire day.

Does anyone else have dreams so strong that they affect their mood strongly after they wake?
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I drove myself nuts last night studying with the vaguest and least useful study sheet ever, and so of course when I went to sleep my mind wouldn't let me rest either. First I had a dream somehow related to, um, fish? I think? And then going and taking a test and realizing I had no time to study in between and then packing a lunch or trying to tell a lunch person that I'm sorry, I don't want your lunch, I brought my own sandwich. But I will take the soup, thank you. Cheese on the soup? Okay. (You can tell I've been to Olive Garden recently.)

I literally JUMPED when my alarm clock went off this morning and briefly panicked because I couldn't remember - couldn't remember! - if my test was at 8 or 8:30. It was 8:30, as ALL MONDAYS ARE, in my regular classroom, which I knew full well, but still panicked about. I'm still wearing the shirt I slept in last night. I ran out the door with my water bottle, my sandwich and my caffeinated cocoa and got to my class in time to review thoroughly for my Biology test, which I'm really confident I got an A in, or at least a very high B. Of course I can't remember any of the questions I was shaky on, because the doors here have a magical ability to wipe my brain of any test questions as I walk through them to leave. I had time to run to my car and swap my thermos for my water bottle before going to my next test and studying first. That one was slightly more irritating. I'm not partial to American history. There's not much of it so it's really bogged down in minutae. There's less perspective than in world or European history. I like my history to have a bit of epic scope to it. I don't really care who was the Speaker of the House 150 years ago. I like the big stuff better.

Also the bonus questions were about football, UCF football, and I don't care about UCF football from thirty years ago.

I have no idea why these two tests freaked me out so much that I couldn't sleep, dreamed about them last night and sent me into jumpy, panicky mode this morning.

EDIT: Also, my view from the toilet now is very strangely empty since I cleaned off my bathroom counter.


Apr. 24th, 2008 12:09 pm
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Yesterday, every possible thing in the universe conspired to keep me from going to see Wicked. First I slept terribly the night before. Then, after class, when I wanted to take a nap to perk myself up to be able to stay awake throughout Wicked, I tossed and turned for an hour and a half and didn't fall asleep once. I got up and watched a few episodes of 30 Rock, hoping to get rid of the headache that had suddenly arrived upon getting up. That didn't go away, so after eating a bowl of Roasted Tomato Triscuits, I took two Ultrams and went back to bed. I got up to eat dinner at 5:30, and then got dressed and got in the car.

About two miles south of the 520 exit on 95, I was reclining in the passenger seat, willing my headache to go away, when suddenly I thought to myself, "I feel weird. I wonder if I need to throw up." The instant the words "throw up" entered my brain, the rest of my body chimed in to say "YES, YOU DO. RIGHT NOW." Thank God we had a Target bag in the backseat, that's all I'm saying. We made one stop to get a bottle of water and a pack of gum and then we were off to Wicked with not another hitch. My headache had also disappeared.

Wicked was incredible. So much so that I'm considering dropping a hundred bucks or so to see it again in NYC in August. I was worried at first that the Glinda would be just Cheno-lite, but she was completely inspired by Kristin Chenoweth, but seriously, I wanted to see the Cheno, so this was just fine by me. Her voice sounded almost exactly like the OBC recording. I approve. Elphaba took me half a song to get warmed up to, but she was wonderful as well.

Last night I slept wonderfully, and had a bizarre yet awesome dream. We still had Gwen and Nosy, our two late ferrets, and they were in my parents' laundry basket. And I picked them up to take them out, and there were more ferrets. And even more under the next layer of clothes. And more. And more. And I kept trying to put them in one spot so I could figure out where they came from and since they were ferrets, they just slithered all over the place and I had to run around closing doors. Then through the rest of the entirely unrelated dream I would occasionally see a ferret and have to stop it from going outside. It must be derived from my need control all small, furry animals. The rest of the dream was pretty nice, too. I was going on vacation with a bunch of friends (again) and my boyfriend was Will Tippin. God, that was nice. He was snuggly.
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I dreamed there was an entire box of really cool effects film sitting out somewhere and I wanted to take some, because it appeared to be free, but none of it fit my camera.

Now it's time to go to class and take a quiz.
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I dreamed that I was going to Spain and all I could pack was my backpack, and in the airport I got really pissed off because I realized I forgot my Holga camera and I wanted to take photos with it. And then I was in some Spanish street or something taking taxis and I had booze in my purse and a bunch of cute outfits that I wake up and don't have any more. Dammit.

And I dreamed that I had gotten up and was getting ready for class, but I forgot to take the clothes from my dream out of my bag, and that's why it was really heavy.

God. That's almost refreshingly normal.
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Oh my God, last night I dreamed that the last Harry Potter book came out and I didn't get a copy, so I was biking around Melbourne at one in the morning trying to find a Walgreens or something that would have it and I had Gwen with me in a sling and April was somehow there, but she didn't want to ride on the bike with me, and I yelled at and pwned some giant football player guy and then...shot snakes.

All in the pursuit of Harry Potter and trying to avoid drive-by spoilering. God. Book needs to come out already.

Fourth roommate has moved in. She's a freshman. She seems nice. It doesn't really matter since I'm moving home in four days or so anyway.
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Dreamt about something involving Paris Hilton and sharks and locking all my doors to hide from a shark. Or an alligator. Or something. Whatevah.

SOTIRED. Must finish essay. Must finish essay. Then I can nap and then work on my OTHER essay.

P.S. There is no God.


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This past three-day weekend I stayed at Grant's apartment, shot people with Nerf guns and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was wonderful. Grant drank 12 beers and 3 shots of vodka Saturday night and did not puke or have a hangover the next day. Most impressive. I got to see most of the guild/forum and that was good. I'm glad that I'm in college now because it means I can pick and choose when I stay down there or not and I no longer have to worry about clearing it with the parents and appeasing their worries.

We discussed Plato's Crito in Research and Argumentation today, and I talked to Brad, a classmate of mine, beforehand. Brad seems opposed to both taking off his sunglasses and attending to his hair in any way. It was unwashed and messy. And he doesn't know how to use apostrophes.

I ate lunch with Raquel, Chika and two new girls, Paree and Paula, the latter being from Argentina. Paula is 31, although she looks about twenty. For some reason I seem to be picking up multilingual friends like crazy here.

Last night I had a dream involving some bizarre slave camp thing where I had to pick clothes to take with me, blah blah, but the really important part was that I got into a verbal showdown with some woman trying to intimidate me. She was saying things like I'm not good enough for something and etc. etc. and for once in my dream life, I actually just went 'Bitch, please,' and went off on her and won. That was a very good feeling. I don't usually kick ass in my dreams. And I actually said 'Bitch, please,' in the dream!

Ethan, in his infinite kindness, scanned in a few drawings I did recently so I can color them and edit them and post them - oh joy! It would figure that once I don't have a scanner or my tablet, I'd want to make with the art.

Batgirl! Because I'm a good little meme whore. )

And now I must read Exemplary Stories, so I can write a five page essay on it, I hate you, Professor Morris
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Hurrrrrr. I'm cold. So cold I dreamt I was in a snowy cave and kept getting buried in snow and had to run through snowy walls.

Too cold to go retake my Santa picture this morning. That will probably occur tonight after work, then, or better, tomorrow after work so it doesn't interfere with Rene's Yule celebration.

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Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I want to sleeeeep.

I dreamt of strange things last night.

Like buying a vibrator at Publix and having some lady at the cash register look at me sternly and give me a Virgin Mary statuette. (Too much Sex and the City?)

Arrgh. Mom just came in and pretended I didn't have work and wanted me to work on the tree just to be able to go "Well, I don't have your work schedule," when I reminded her I have work. Work, yes. LIKE I HAVE EVERY TUESDAY, WITHOUT FAIL. Every. Single. Tuesday.

Also I dreamt that Grant visited me at work and then there was someone who was shot and someone took hostages.

I'm going to be so fucking bored at work today. I need a book.
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Absinthe at the Fly Honey Warehouse and You Shook Me All Night Long always play one after another (due to title mislabeling) on my iPod. It's like a double dosage of joy.

And now I must get ready for work. Where there will be nothing to do, and I'll stand there the entire time writing NaNoWriMo like a maniac.

TheFest and road trip need to come now. I'm looking forward to them so much it's not even funny.

ETA: Really weird dream last night. I dreamt that my dad was working on the pool or something and that half our yard was suddenly really marshy (we live on the harbor, in case you didn't know), and I kept seeing a tall fin surface in the grass, too tall for a dolphin, about shark-sized, but it turned out to be a motherfucking sperm whale. (Which, I just realize, doesn't make sense. I mean, besides the fact that they can't swim through marshy land and are probably way too big to get into the harbor in the first place, but they don't have tall fins.) And somehow it flopped its way into the pool, and then...swam out of it. And we were all freaking out and I didn't want to leave to get the camera in case they stopped, and then a killer whale appeared and flopped up on the deck and scared us all because TEEEETH, and we got a picture of that one, and it flopped in the pool and swam around a bit and then went away and my alarm went off again and I woke up. Anyone who's ever been to my house knows that my pool would only be able to fit a whale if it were small and curled its tail up around. So, yeah. Weiiiiird.
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My dreams are weird.

Really, really weird.

I'm not going to talk about the World of Warcraft one. Suffice to say, my mental pictures did involve the little hitpoint/mana bar at the top of the screen.

There was another one where I somehow sent a "While You Were Out" phone message slip to Grant as I was driving over on my day off, and the message somehow involved the word "hroo" which is not actually a word at all. The whole phrase was "At Cassie's hroo" which I think meant "At Cassie's house" but also doesn't make sense because at the time of sending it, I was driving. And Cassie lives at Oxford now.

I also dreamt...oooh, that's weird. Dreamt I was busting up some weird drug deal undercover something except minus the drugs, and (oh fuck, there was Pokemon in that part of the dream) there were giant cupboards everywhere and certain animals would attack me to get me to run away and I had to do certain things to get them to stop and WIN. Wtf.

(I think the fact that it's Lostnesday and VMarsday precludes driving over there today. Also, it would raise questions like, "What are you going to be doing in Orlando for only an hour, Laura?" But I'd kill to be able to. But I will be up there early in the morning on Saturday. And I mean early. Like whoa. Like...leave a key under the doormat and I WILL wake you up. Yes. I do mean it. Wait, do you even have a doormat?)

It's Lostnesday! And VMarsday! And I am using an icon that applies to neither!

My jewelry came and it IS tiny, but also adorable. I celebrated by buying another one. The garnet and citrine pendant I got is the size of my pinky fingernail, but adorable and worth it. The mother-of-pearl one is much larger.

And aaaugh, what should I be for Halloween?!

ETA: Oh yeah, and also part of my dream was that I was in a record store buying records and CDs. Like, real records. Quite cool. I think one of them was Dar Williams. Or Belle and Sebastian. I know one of the songs had something to do with the summer. It's weird what slips into my dreams.


Jun. 15th, 2005 11:43 am
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My dreams can be really, really fucked up sometimes.

Like, first I dreamed that Faith was all evil again and for some reason, me, April, and Becky had to fight her off in my house, so before she came, we had to get ready. So I went to my corner of handy things-that-can-be-used-as-weapons, and no kidding, I have one. Uncured walking sticks, a bamboo candleholder and my baseball bat. I also grabbed my money bank, which I was just telling Grant about yesterday, because it's so full of coins I could knock someone out with it. I also had this one kitchen knife, which I've actually said to myself that it will be the knife I use if there's an intruder. Faith came in and we backed into the corner of my hallway and I used my money bank as a sling, because I tied it to the end of a rope. I missed once, hit her once, and it split open and sent money raining everywhere. I grabbed some of the bills and stuffed them in my pants because I knew Faith needed money to get out of town. Somehow I ended up holding her down with a knife in my hands and she was pushing them away and the knife flew away and fell by April's feet, so April threw it in the far corner of the room. I remember I was very, very angry at that, because now Faith could get at the knife. I got the knife back somehow and then I actually stabbed her and I remember being horrified and wanting to take it back and I think I apologized to her.

I'm not sure, she may have died, because the next I remember, I was in my dining room and we were fighting - no, there was...I was in the library first, solving a mystery of a murder. There were these things like zombies that wanted to come kill people.

What the fuck? I want to remember this dream.

Somehow it ended up in my dining room and I knew that in a certain amount of time, these evil things would attack. The first time they attacked, they set someone on fire that I: a) have no idea what they would be doing in my house and b) would rather like to see burn to death. And yet I put out the fire and saved them. The things retreated (for some reason my brain wants to call them Space Monkeys, but I refuse to use that name, because it would take all the terror out of it) and we got weapons again, like I got the bent up handle of a rake. (Was better than it sounds; it was metal and had a grip on it and a nice hook on the end for bashing.) My dad was there and he was helping barricade the house or whatever, and then right before they attacked again, Grant was in the front room on the computer and I could not get him to leave it and hide. I had to unplug it and pull him from the chair. I don't remember the fight then, but whatever happened made me very scared of the next attack. Everyone else disappeared until it was just me and Dad in the house and I could see the things through the blinds, waiting outside.

And then for no reason, I was off somewhere in the river on a boat, watching something go on with Tom Sawyer or something - and yes, it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Tom - and it was like a completely different dream. We came back from the boat trip or whatever and walked up the steps to my backyard (and everyone was back with me and it was my old pool) and started going up towards the house. Then I remembered that we had evil things stalking the house, so I walked over to look down at them. They were just...people. They were black and white, like in a black and white movie, but everything was color around them, and they were just people. I saw random people that I'd seen on the street, people I knew, characters on TV, Mrs. Tucker, just...people. I looked at them and said hello, and then told them they were kind of lame. They looked up at me blankly and then turned and walked away while I watched. I remember going, "That's it? That's all I had to do?" and then walking back to the house, halfway disappointed it wasn't harder.

ETA: Oh, and I have a haircut at 3.
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Weird-ass dream last night this morning. My backyard was a Mexican temple or something with all the stairs and stuff and for some reason I woke up late, and Grant was there on the back porch sitting with my parents and for some reason my grandmonster who was dating Stellan Skarsgaard, they were both there, and there were baby clouded leopards like the ones on Animal Planet last night.

I don't get it, either, but 2:30 seems a lot further away now.
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Last night I dreamed about doing senior boards and beating Jared Toomey with a lead pipe and various other things you'd find in a garage.

That is so not the kind of dreaming I expected, although the beating part was nice.

And now I have to DO senior board preparation. *shudder*


Mar. 5th, 2005 11:13 am
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Last night I dreamed about puppies and kitties. Not kidding. They were small and soft and fuzzy.

This morning I had leftover fajita nachos for breakfast and a brownie.

Now I'm going to write more and see how far I can get.

This song is so beautiful.
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Blaaaargh. I've been up since before five after waking up from a dream involving pirates deciding how I was going to sleep and using which blanket. Also, people were blaming my sickness on me possibly being pregnant, my response to this being, "Right, then, can we name my baby Jesus, because I HAVEN'T HAD SEX!"

After trying to go back to sleep (this failed miserably), I decided to go into the bathroom to break this fucking fever myself. Feet in hot water, cold washcloth on the head, the works.

Um...I think it kinda worked. Dunno yet. But now I have a sore throat.

Yay, school. Worst day ever? Betcha it's today.

EDIT: So, maybe not. No school for Kit, fever still in full swing and I am still breaking out in a sweat when I walk across the room.


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