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And I inked and colored another KOTOR comic! This one I'd done earlier and posted on deTox as a glorified sketch, mainly because I was desperate to show it to people, but I'm much happier with it now that I've gone back and fixed it. (I wonder if that was what Lucas said after the DVD release. Hm. Perhaps my penchant for saving PSDs and tweaking them isn't such a good thing after all, lol.) Anyway, comic. )

Next I'll be working on putting my layout together. I want a change.

Today I had my sort-of conference with my English prof about the privacy essay we're writing on. We worked out a focus for it, and I'm going to be writing on the changes in reasonable expectations of surveillance and that it is being defended and we're not going to turn into a 1984-esque collective. I got back my abstract (Plato's Crito in 150 words or less) and she liked it. Abstracts are one paragraph, though, and in concentrating on making the word count lower, I did forget to bring the points back to the speaker/writer, but all-in-all, I was pleased with how I measured up to her expectations. (I'm sure none of you really care about this, but it's for my own reference.)

The privacy essay can be a response to one of three essays: Etzioni, Strossen or DeCew. I picked Strossen, and sadly, so did 95% of the class, so I really have to work on this one. No one picked DeCew, because it's a feminist critique on privacy and ended up being one of those rants that scare even normal feminists. Like, "All heterosexual sex is rape!" kind of crazies. Funny story about that - when I was reading the DeCew essay I got through the first paragraph and went "Oh God, this better not be like the 'all het sex is rape!' crazies." And sure enough, it honest to God was. The Etzioni article is all pro-surveillance and anti-privacy, but it was in carefully stated arguments like about testing babies for HIV without letting the parents know and is that a violation of privacy, so you can't really disagree, because who wants to say "Hey, I think babies should grow up with HIV!"? So the Strossen article is the best bet. I think I'm the only person in the class that's heading into talking about the Sodomy Laws, so my essay will be unique in that way. I'm really going to work hard on this one between now and Thursday. I want it to be good. Plus, it needs to be different, to distinguish it from the ten thousand other Strossen essays she'll be reading this weekend.

I really wish I could just skip this week and have done all the work I need to do. My Pride and Prejudice essay is due on the 13th, and I have to finish that before this weekend because there's no way in hell I'm going to do another Modern Western Civ essay the night before it's due, no matter how familiar I am with the source material and the prompt. I should probably reread P&P, too, even though I know it well and will be watching the miniseries again this week.

Oh, and my Sociology test is on Valentine's Day. This is going to be fun, because we don't have a study guide yet, we're going to be watching a movie for the next two days, and we haven't taken notes in about a week. And we're supposed to have read a lot in the book, but he just covers it in class, so no one really bothers. Grrr. I'm sorry, Grant, but I'm going to be bringing some textbooks with me this weekend. I usually try to avoid that, but it cannot be done.

And I hate Biblical Lit. I do not wish to read the assigned chapters. I do not care. I do not like it. It does not interest me. Thus, I must work twice as hard. GRARGH.

But despite all my bitching about all this work I need to do, the only thing I really don't want to do is my laundry. That's the main thing that's pissing me off. Can't it just do itself? Maybe? Please?
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Another comic! This one is my second KOTOR comic, but the only one posted here. I haven't finished the game. Please do not tell me anything about the plot. I refuse to be spoiled.

Upper City adventures. )
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So, because I'm disgusting and sappy, I'm going to watch one romantic movie every day until Valentine's Day.

Tonight, it's Ever After.

Why Fanfiction Is the Bestest Thing EVER. I wholeheartedly agree. The main reason I got an 800 Verbal on my SAT is because I was at the height of my ficwriting and beta-ing duties. Fanfiction is the reason I want to write for a living. Everything I've learned about writing, I've learned from fanfiction. It is an invaluable tool for writers.

I'm going to try and finish coloring my KOTOR comic tonight.

I slept through the afternoon today when I should have been brainstorming on my privacy argument and doing my laundry. So I'm gonna have to do laundry tomorrow and brainstorm fast tonight and tomorrow before my meeting with the professor. At least it's only a ten minute meeting.

ETA: The Broccoli Test intrigues me. It's whether someone can signal to their significant other across the supermarket, without words, that they want them to pick up some broccoli.

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I drew a picture of Rene a while back and finally colored it.

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This past three-day weekend I stayed at Grant's apartment, shot people with Nerf guns and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was wonderful. Grant drank 12 beers and 3 shots of vodka Saturday night and did not puke or have a hangover the next day. Most impressive. I got to see most of the guild/forum and that was good. I'm glad that I'm in college now because it means I can pick and choose when I stay down there or not and I no longer have to worry about clearing it with the parents and appeasing their worries.

We discussed Plato's Crito in Research and Argumentation today, and I talked to Brad, a classmate of mine, beforehand. Brad seems opposed to both taking off his sunglasses and attending to his hair in any way. It was unwashed and messy. And he doesn't know how to use apostrophes.

I ate lunch with Raquel, Chika and two new girls, Paree and Paula, the latter being from Argentina. Paula is 31, although she looks about twenty. For some reason I seem to be picking up multilingual friends like crazy here.

Last night I had a dream involving some bizarre slave camp thing where I had to pick clothes to take with me, blah blah, but the really important part was that I got into a verbal showdown with some woman trying to intimidate me. She was saying things like I'm not good enough for something and etc. etc. and for once in my dream life, I actually just went 'Bitch, please,' and went off on her and won. That was a very good feeling. I don't usually kick ass in my dreams. And I actually said 'Bitch, please,' in the dream!

Ethan, in his infinite kindness, scanned in a few drawings I did recently so I can color them and edit them and post them - oh joy! It would figure that once I don't have a scanner or my tablet, I'd want to make with the art.

Batgirl! Because I'm a good little meme whore. )

And now I must read Exemplary Stories, so I can write a five page essay on it, I hate you, Professor Morris
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World of Warcraft fanart
because I'm a geek

Free Image Hosting at
Click for full size.


Apr. 30th, 2004 09:19 pm
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I've been drawing a bit more over the past few days. Blame [ profile] telumindel, lol, can't help but draw around her.

Drusilla )

Random person )

I'm so bored I'm watching Tomb Raider. And not even the one with Gerard Butler. Damn. That's bad.

Someone talk to meee!


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