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Dracula photos, everybody!

If we ever have a club, he can't join. )


Feb. 27th, 2005 01:26 am
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We did it. I have pictures, but I'm too tired and drained to post them yet.

Today I was exhilarated, depressed, thrilled, giggly, exhausted and very, very, very disappointed, but right now I just can't feel.

It's been a tough couple of days/weeks. So don't skimp on love. Don't hesitate to hug, don't hesitate to care about people, don't hesitate to tell people you love them, because knowing someone is there helps.
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Well, that owned. :) Ross, you were awesome. Rob, where is your spin-off TV show? Rene, DITTO, and pass the sherry. Kari, you are a beautiful dead thing, darling, I need to bite you some more. Brides: let's have an orgy.

Not raining on your parade, this cut is an umbrella. You don't have to read this if you feel bouncy. )
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Rehearsal went okay. Brides got some costumes, we sat in the dressing room reading Cosmo while rehearsal was going on. Post-rehearsal and post-OW-MY-HIPBONE-HURTS-FROM-DYING-DRAMATICALLY-ON-THE-STEPS, the girls and I went to enJoy Cafe and I had lobster bisque. Mmmmm. After THAT, Kari and Jackie and I went around to thrift shops to buy costumes for the brides. I grabbed two pretty nightgowns that should work and a pair of gloves. Kari and I laughed at the fugly clothes.

Then I got home to find cake in the oven and twice-baked potatoes in the fridge, all ready for my early birthday dinner from the parents tonight. :) Can't wait for TUUUESDAY WHEN I CAN BUY PORN! And register to vote.

Oh, and Spike/Angel is officially canon. Did I mention that?
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Natalie has some questions. Answer them, please? It won't take you long.
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So this is kinda related to the rabbit hole day. It's nuts.

I made you Dracula people some icons. Use them well.



Jan. 8th, 2005 11:48 am
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So, yesterday was definitely one of the most awesome days ever. It was [ profile] sangre_fria's birthday party. A total surprise that her mom set up. See, a limo would come pick her up from school, and a bunch of her friends, obviously including me, would run out and shock her to death. So, after waiting a half hour for the damn limo to show up, we finally got to go out and get her. :D Our Cass was surprised. We drove around for three hours. The limo was awesome. It was an SUV limo, fugly but huge and STILL A LIMO. We went to Publix and bought 66 dollars of junk food. ("We're going to Publix in a limo - welcome to Melbourne!" - Becky) After eating so much on our way to the beach (cream puffs, Doritos, pixi stix, ice cream, potato chips) that we wanted to puke, we decided to do a Chinese Fire Drill! RUNRUNRUNRUN! And then look at the beach. Becky, briefly, decided she wanted to go see Gerard Butler, and started running towards the water with intent to swim. She came back when she remembered she hates the ocean. We drove to House of Joe to pick up more sodas (because apparently we already got through the ENTIRE HUGE COOLER) and also to see if we could laugh at the dumb juniors that go there on Friday nights. They were not there, so we drove to Kacie's work (Chinese restaurant) to say hi. On the way, we started playing "I've never..." And now that damn novelty song is stuck in my head. The very short Chinese lady kicked us out soon enough, after not letting us use the phone, because the limo went to get gas, and apparently that takes a half hour. While waiting for it to come back, Rene positioned, first, me and Becky into a romance novel cover pose. Then April and Molly and Becky and Kristin. Then, April and I wandered off to check to see if we could see the limo, somehow ended up with Jackie taking a picture of us with our legs wrapped around each other, and then getting a thirtysomething guy extremely interested by this. Twas fun and also bizarre. Then, the FUCKING LIMO came back, so we just drove around, munching and talking and laughing at the reactions of everyone around the limo.

I'm glad the Cassie liked her Christmas present, too.

And TODAY, I'm going to see Phantom of the Opera! Oh, last night I made a few icons. Today I'm gonna try to make my Lancelot/Guinevere soundtrack and work on the Young Guns fic soundtrack. Once I finish listening to my favorite emo band.

In COUNT DRACULA news, here's the cast.

Dracula - [ profile] severepsychosis
Van Helsing - [ profile] theinfamousrab
Mina - [ profile] flame_of_death
Sybil - [ profile] renethetoaster
Brides - [ profile] laurelin_kit, [ profile] beckyincharge, [ profile] lindi_of_rohan, and a million scrillion others.

Becky and I are also two of the makeup girls, the awesome seniors that come in and go "No, darling, like this-" and apply perfect makeup to the little ones. AND I am the costume designer. I have the little folder that says "Costume Designer" on it, with all the pages and templates and paperwork. I. ROCK. This is, like, a dream job for me here. *squee!* So, beware, Ross, you may get a ponytail like Roxula. NO, KIDDING.


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