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One of my favorite things about Disney, Animal Kingdom in particular, is the level of detail in their exhibits and sets. The last two times I've been there I was fascinated with the typography and signs. The photo above links to the flickr gallery I've put together with photos of some of the signs and fake posters they have, mostly in the Africa area.
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Friday: Florida Aquarium in Tampa
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Monday: Animal Kingdom
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My ass is scraped raw and I have scraped elbows, patches on my back and toes, and a giant painful bruise on my pubic bone.

Today was awesome.

Grant and I went to Blizzard Beach. Wait, no we didn't, we spent two hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic only to find out that Blizzard Beach is full to capacity and will reopen later! So we went to Downtown Disney and looked through the movie memorabilia store, Virgin Megastore and went to DisneyQuest for a few hours and had bucketloads of fun. I love that place. Then we went back to Blizzard Beach and had an incredibly fun time on the lazy river and on the tubey things and then the wave pool. Then I scraped up my ass on one of the slides and lost my glasses which were found thanks to wonderful lifeguards later and Grant accidentally landed on me and his foot bruised me, but it's all okay and today was a good day despite that sour ending and the unluckiness.
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Wow, I had a hell of a weekend. On Friday I went up to Ft. Wilderness with Becky, April and Cassie and met Grant there, since he was already in the area thanks to college orientation. A golf cart was procured by my parents while we were swimming (and having an evil game of Marco Polo - A GIRLFRIEND DOES NOT DOUBLE AS A HUMAN SHIELD!), and then we spent a few hours driving around in it. I was driving fine, it was fun, I was scaring the three unfortunates on the back bench seat, and then Grant decided to drive and promptly crashed it into a stationary cherry-picker. We will never let him live it down. Never. ♥

We went to the petting zoo and snuck in after hours to see the ponies. They were cute ponies, but to our horror, we all discovered that Grant had a disgusting talent: whenever he petted one, it pooped. Seriously. Three for three, I think it was. We found ponies necking and I named them Obi-Wan and Anakin. (One was mottled tan, one was black. Of course they're Obi-Wan and Anakin!) The horses in the barn were all Clydesdales and Percherons and other massive things with heads the size of our torsos, and had quite clear signs saying "DO NOT PET OR FEED." And...and...wait for it...guess what we did?

All of us lazed around in the bedroom a while because it was pouring outside and then he had to leave and drive home in the rain, in the dark, because he had work tomorrow. (I was not pleased with this situation.) He was fine, though, and didn't get lost and drove home okay.

Becky crashed early (after we all had a long, deep conversation about societal views on sex and love and gossiping about people we hated and bitching about weird people and talking about religion, as we do at all sleepovers) and Cassie and April and I stayed up until about 3 A.M. scaring ourselves with talk about ghosts. And I showed them some Logan/Veronica scenes.

The next morning we woke up and went over to the Wilderness Lodge, followed by rain. We waited around in the gift shop for a while and then went outside to the pool when it cleared up. WHEEE, WILDERNESS LODGE HAS A SLIDE! AND A HOT TUB! The water was peeerfect and we saw a duck in a nest near the top of the slide. DUCK! It was very cute. I am officially in love with hot tubs. I need to either crash hotel pools a lot more, or make a rich friend. We went back to the cabin for lunch and had the best sandwiches ever. Roast beef and provolone all melty and mmmmm. Mmmmm. Then we watched Love Actually because it was raining again, and later took out the cart again and tried to go to Port Orleans, a plan which failed, so we just decided to go see Monsters, Inc. Hmmmph, and I got pulled over. Sort of. A guy asked me if I had ID to be driving the golf cart. YES, I DID, BITCH. :)

That night Cassie and I stayed up while Becky and April dropped off along the way and we watched The Phantom of the Opera. In the morning we woke up way early and decided to go to Port Orleans. So at around nine, we took the Disney bus to the marina, then the ferry to Magic Kingdom, then the monorail to the transportation center, then the monorail RIGHT BACK to Magic Kingdom, then waited for a half hour for a bus to Port Orleans, then we walked to the pool. I hadn't even gotten my swimsuit top wet when my parents showed up and it was eleven o'clock and they wanted to know if we were having fun. We hung around Port Orleans until about 2, swimming in the cooold water, groping each other and making lifeguards stare and going on the slide a million times and avoiding Creepy McLecherous-Stare. The hot tub there was lovely and picturesque and mmm, hot tub. It was so much fun. We ate expensive Disney food and then began the long drive home, in which everyone else napped but me.

When we got home, my BPAL scents hadn't arrived yet. WTF! Everyone left and I went in the pool and lazed around until Grant got off work and he came to pick me up to go see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Angelina Jolie stole my heterosexuality, too, but Brad Pitt kept returning it. It's very tired now from all the changing of hands. Damn, that movie was awesome. So funny, so sexy, so many explosions and gunfire and shooting and sex and fighting and YES. Must own this movie and watch it many more times without the twelve year-olds in the next seat over annoying the fuck out of me. Awesome, awesome movie.

And this morning I was hired for a job at a greeting card/trinket store in the mall whose name rhymes with spallmark.
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Haven't updated in a while now, have I? I'm not, in fact, dead, although my feet are making a strong argument that they are actually dead. I've been working on Summer Fine Arts from 8:00 to 1:30, on My Fair Lady. Ms Debbie (Yes, Cassie, that one, and she wants to know why you didn't join?) has been teaching us the waltz. And more of the waltz. And a bit more waltz. And some jumping and some stomping and some kicking. And some more waltz. So if that wasn't enough, at Cocoa Village Playhouse, we have Li'l Abner. Which, quite frankly, I can't stand. Some of the numbers are cute, but all in all I would rather do Birdie again.

...I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL! The MasterCard one with the little dog that someone buys water for and a collar for and then the biker puts in the sidecar and takes with him! That is so cute! *cough* Done now.

Anyway, recently my mom realized that the Play 4 Disney passes (4 days worth of tickets where you can go to any park at all during the day for four times) that she bought back when Molly and I went to Epcot expire on Thursday, so yesterday we went to MGM Studios. It was Star Wars Weekends, so we went on Star Tours twice, did Indiana Jones (sadly not in the sexual way. I'd love me some Harrison Ford, though.) and went to Muppet Vision 3D. I love Beaker and I miss the Muppets. They're a lot funnier now.

Today I left Stars early (THANK GOD, IF I HAD TO HEAR 'JUBILATION T. CORNPONE ONE MORE TIME I'D CRACK!) and Mom and I skipped out on the dinner we were supposed to go to with the Stiernas (MWAHAHAHA!) and went to Animal Kingdom. The kitties (translation: tigers) were up and about, and running around and KITTY! The gorillas were walking around, the male silverback was out. I went on the water ride, got the wettest and then decided the hell with it and just ran around in the fountain until I was completely soaked. But I was wearing my swimsuit, and it was okay. I ended up changing pants around a bend in the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Mom and I went to see the Festival of the Lion King. It's air-conditioned now! That might not seem that big of a deal for those in other states, but down here in the oven Florida, that's a biiig deal, especially when it's 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Becky called me at eleven last night and I got the message too late to call. I was really tempted to call her and hold the phone up. Lion King rules! And if I weren't about to fall asleep right now while typing this, I'd watch it. RIGHT NOW.

We tried to go to Magic Kingdom, but it was so crowded we could barely breathe. We went back to Frontierland and played on the "shooting range" for a while, walked past the (closed) Hall of Presidents, stared in horror at the tripling up, quadrupling up REALLY LONG line for the Peter Pan ride, ate some chicken and then went back home. Because we'll be coming back on Tuesday to see the flowers at Epcot and to run around and do Space Mountain as many times as we can. :D

"According to a new study, 50% of all Americans will get an STD by the age of 25. ...You're welcome." - Jimmy Fallon

Tomorrow at some time in the late afternoon, my Grandmother is coming over to have dinner with us. At, like three or four. O.x Until then, I'm free to...sit. And sit some more and no longer put pressure on my aching feet. Hey, I've got Buffy tapes!

[ profile] trollprincess, in case you read this, I'm WORKING on the Faith/Billy the Kid fic, it's just only written on paper. I'll type the first chapter up tomorrow. Don't put it back up for grabs yet, pleeeease!

I'm tired, my feet hurt, I'm going to bed. Muah!

(Kiera, you got AIM? Yay! <3)


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