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Jan. 18th, 2009 01:31 am
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I also whupped Josh's ass in MarioKart. Sadly after he destroyed me in Tetris. But I more than made up for it.
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This is my last entry before I'm off the internets to go to NYC for a week. When I come back, expect lots of photos and a big fat entry about the experience. Right now I'm sitting on my floor, pantless, waiting for my laundry to finish.

Today I went and got my hair cut and highlighted, and while I was there, I learned something interesting. My hairdresser Megan is friends with this guy who used to room with Brandi C. of season one of Rock Of Love and now I Love Money. She of her disabled not-meth-scratched-face, birthday fake boobs, "OMG WHERE IS MY BOYFRIEND," and "When we put our boobs together we think better!" According to Megan, she is one psycho bitch. One night said roommate said something to piss her off and she broke a beer bottle and stabbed him in the back with it. She also - get this - used to live about ten minutes away from me in a complex behind Waterford Lakes shopping center. I am one degree of separation away from Brandi C.

Now to go fit a week's worth of clothes into one backpack, which I can totally do, so suck on that, boys. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I have to pack a million bags of pretty shoes and dresses. I'm packing minimally and I'll be looking great. SUCK IT.
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After having a shit time early this weekend (SFers knows what I'm talking about), it turned out to be not so bad after all. It balanced out. On Friday, [ profile] avelena came up to go to Prime Outlets with me to shop, and she and Bryan and I had some Tex-Mex beforehand. I bought a purple dress (pics forthcoming, I swear) from the Gap outlet and a plain white tank because I desperately needed one. The dress is strapless, and was only $20, and the tank was $4. That night and most of the next day was shit, except for the brief spot of joy? entertaining bleakness? that was The Dark Knight.

Vague spoilers )

After the movie, Nick, Ethan and I went to my empty new apartment and Ethan started testing paints and painting one wall brown. We brought a frozen pizza and Mike's Hard Lemonade and I proceeded to get pretty hammered. The next day I had a hangover, but still managed to help Bryan put together my Malm bed frame and three-drawer dresser. We stayed there working on it until 8:30 at night after everyone had left. Seriously, have you all any idea how easy it is to make sex jokes about hardware related terms? We weren't even caulking anything! Every term, every instruction, every step, every request for a part or tool was complete hilarity. Good times. I spent most of the afternoon laying on the floor keeping my head stationary and close to the ground to minimize pain.

This week I have to still buy a mattress, and hopefully a comforter. And also paint. I'm still not sure what color I want to paint. I'm leaning towards Architectural Cream from Ralph Lauren paints at Home Depot.

Apartment Planning And A Request! )

No, LiveJournal. Ads do not cramp my style. That's because I DON'T HAVE THEM.
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Tonight I went out to Richard's house to drink beer and watch wildlife, and after it got dark the power went out, so we spent a few hours in pitch black, wondering about clockspiders and raptors.

It was a good time, all in all. Ethan and I nearly died in torrential rain and floods going on a Taco Bell run, you know, the usual.

I took a video of Richard talking about his neighbors - when it uploads to Flickr, I'll post it. I've been having such a blast since I figured out my camera takes video.

One more photo )
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I took my final exam for calculus today. I think I did all right overall. I know I've passed the class. I got my final quiz back (10/10) and my last test (35.5/50). So that puts me at about a C for the class, which I'm pleased with, especially considering I wanted to drop the class about halfway through.

Ethan's present came in the mail today. I'm really impressed with their customer service; I ordered it last Friday and was expecting to have to take a trip back to Melbourne after I'd moved to pick it up. I want to pick up two more things to complete the gift - one that complements the thing that arrived today, and the other another separate tiny gift.

Tonight I was going to make Dale's Tandoori Pork Ribs from Top Chef, but ran out of time, so all I made was the marinade for tomorrow. I made Shepherd's Pie from scratch, including making my own beer gravy with a bit of Flying Dog lager. I mashed red potatoes and used fresh carrots. It was delicious.

I'm moving on Wednesday. I went to the office today and got some of my things from college to bring back, like my shower curtain, pots and pans, boxes. I also have some wine boxes from Wal-Mart that I can pack other things in.
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Today, I convinced one of my friends that I had flashes of psychic ability.

A Quick How-To Guide )
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Newsflash: Fire-roasted tomato and olive oil Triscuits are fucking delicious.

Wow, you guys. An update is long overdue here. Um, okay. So this past weekend I went up to Orlando to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure with all my friends. I don't "do" roller-coasters, but neither did Kate or Nick, so we hung out on the Caro-Seuss-el and other kiddie rides until we all met up again for the Jurassic Park exhibit and then later the Spider-Man ride which I went on three times - more on that in a minute. I've never been to ANY of the Universal Theme Parks, as I'm a Disney person, so this was all new and exciting. Even better - free. I think the Jurassic Park section is my favorite for pure nerd value. For anyone who hasn't been there, you actually get to walk under the giant Jurassic Park gates with the theme music playing in the background and there are dinosaur heads poking out of the woods and the actual visitors center is there and eee eee eee eee eee!

Spider-Man broke at the climax the first two times. At that point, everyone else said "Fuck this" and waited outside, but me, Bryan and Rob went on for one more try, and it worked! It worked!

That night I slept on the couch at Tivoli, and Ethan and I stayed up until six in the morning talking about everything we could think of. The next day, Ethan, Grant, Kate and I went to International Prime Outlets to shop. Grant bought SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS, pants and shirts. Did I mention the socks? Because he was really excited about the socks.

After the shopping, Nick, Grant, Ford and I went to a cigar bar for a few hours. I had a Mike's hard lemonade, which was good, and then we stopped by the liquor store to get more booze before heading over to Kate's to watch Fern Gully. FERN GULLY. Which I haven't watched since I was maybe eight. I spent the night on Kate's couch that night after showing her a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, which I was pleased to hear her quote the next day.

Sunday was the big day of the weekend. Kate and Ethan had, for a few weeks, been planning a surprise birthday picnic for Bryan and Rebecca's 21st birthday parties. I already gave Rebecca her present last week - reusable Target shopping bags, and before you laugh, she was very pleased with them. I confess that I have no idea what to get Bryan, but his birthday isn't technically here yet, so I'm still safe. Anyway, the surprise went off without a hitch. Neither of them had any clue. It was fantastic. We went boating on the lake, Bryan climbed on the roof of the pavilion, we all played badminton aided by copious swearing - it was a lot of fun. Also, Bryan was smashed. Which was immensely amusing. He drank a good portion of a bottle of Gentleman Jack.

I'm very impatient to get my MOO Mini Cards that I got with my flickr account. Bryan knows what I'm talking about. I've been checking the mail obsessively for weeks now. And then last week I noticed that it's been THREE WEEKS, and checked, and it hadn't actually been ordered. So now I reordered last Thursday and I've been dying ever since. I bought frame mats to be able to set them up the way I want them and I made size mock-ups with green paper and I WANT THEM NOW.
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I just finished reading all the archives of and now I have nothing to do on the internet. Damn.

(Ahahahaha, today's xkcd is so true. I once had to make a flying leap towards my computer to turn off the Britney Spears, although that was a playlist mistake rather than "shuffle all.")

I've been occupying myself with paint chips and color palettes for the past week or so while trying to pick color options for my apartment with Ethan and Rebecca in the fall. Yeah, it's about four months away, but I'm impatient. And being ready far ahead of time is better than spending a week sleeping on the floor of an empty apartment not moving in our furniture because we still have to paint and we can't decide what color we want the living room.

At first I thought I wanted a darker light green on the walls of the living room like I've painted my room, but after looking at a bunch of photos of lighter-colored walls, I like the idea of a lighter, more neutral yellow-green, like this:

I have to confess that I got the exact color by holding my purse up to the color palette in photoshop. Because I really like the yellow-green of my purse, and I think it would make a really nice color for a wall. Actually, now looking at the purse on my closet door versus the color on my computer, the purse is even slightly more muted than that.

The brown there is a nice generic brown, because I'm still stuck on the idea of having a brown accent wall. I blame some of the IKEA sample rooms.

Like this one, which coincidentally is Ethan's favorite room in IKEA as well. )

Pretty damn convenient coincidence, considering our styles are going to have to play nice for us to live together. Anyway, that brown is a little dark, I think, although Ethan really likes a dark, almost purplish brown that I got from the Martha Stewart paint chips that's called Dark Fig, if I recall correctly. Something fig.

What are your ideas for good wall colors? Hex code accepted.

Here are some photos of an empty apartment like the one I'll be in. )

Also, I can't stop listening to this song. It's been going on for a month. Please send help. I don't need any help; this song is AWESOME.
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First conversation of the morning.

me: ?
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Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll respond via comments. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, thoughts on yaoi, favorite type of underwear, graphic techniques, etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other!

I'm back from my camping trip!

Photos can be found here:



Mar. 5th, 2008 12:21 am
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This past weekend I drove up to Orlando on Friday to hang out with Kate, because she has class off that day. It was great; we rented the movie theater room at her apartment complex, where we watched Newsies and then Ethan came over and we watched Mean Girls. You all are soooo lucky I never saw Newsies when I was in the thick of my fanfiction days, because I can tell you right now there would have been some shamefully long stories squirreled away in notebooks under my bed about Jack Kelly. Anyway, that night, Grant,Rebecca, Josh and Rob joined us for dinner at Applebee's, and then most of us went back to Rebecca and Kate's where we proceeded to get drunk and play Katamari Damacy. I was already pretty tipsy from Applebee's, because apparently whatever tolerance for alcohol I did have has been completely demolished by either not having any for months and months or something to do with medication. And for the record, that was my first purchased drink at a restaurant. Delicious, delicious Smirnoffs.

The next day Kate went home to celebrate her birthday with her parents and Rebecca and I decided we needed to go to Target. Josh met us at Waterford Lakes at a craft fair, and then we went over to Petland to make ourselves feel bad about not adopting every animal in the world, and thennn we moved on to Target. As Rebecca and Josh were buying their recycling containers and trash cans and other large, plastic receptacles, I got the call from Grant that he and Bryan were beginning their apartment search, and where should I meet them to tag along?

Bizarre, yes, but I've discovered that I love apartment-hunting, or checking our real-estate of any kind.

(Ahahaha - it's the episode of Sex and the City with Dr. Venture as a foot fetishist. And Will Arnett as the guy who likes to have sex in public places!)

Anyway, apartment shopping. First we stopped by Arden Villas, the place I'm living next fall with Rebecca and Ethan. It has huge rooms, which is a plus. The next place we looked at was Barrington Place, and oh. Good. God. I have to say that if I had been looking for a 2/2, and been shown the upstairs unit like we were on this trip when I toured it looking at 3/3s, I would have picked it in a heartbeat. You would have been hard-pressed to keep me from signing my name on any paper they'd give me. To give you a picture of how much I loved this apartment: a few years ago my friend [ profile] mccflute lived with her boyfriend in an apartment in northern Orlando, where it was second-floor and when you opened the front door you immediately had to go up carpeted stairs to the living room, and there was a half-wall on the right and a kitchen in front of you. When Grant and I went over there to visit, I completely fell in love with that layout. It was immediately ingrained my brain as DREAM APARTMENT. So, the second that the girl who was giving us the tour opened the door and I saw stairs, I turned around to Grant and went "DAMMIT."

This story has a sad ending, though, because the next day after Bryan and Grant were already 90% in love with the place, they found out that it has the worst rating of any complex in the UCF area because it takes in low-income families and there are always kids running around unattended.

I'm really disappointed for them. They were already making plans: looking at the walls to see where the TV would go and where the couch would fit, picking rooms, everything. For half a day, they had a dream apartment. (My dream apartment, honestly.) And now not only has it disappeared for them, I won't even get to have it after my Arden Villas lease expires either. Damn you, Barrington Place. Damn you.

That night I stuck around Tivoli for as late as I could to avoid driving home. All three of us watched 3:10 to Yuma and Grant and I drank a little. I'd planned on driving Bryan back to Melbourne to pick up his car, so he drove in my car to pick up his, and by the time we got back to Melbourne I was sober.

I hate coming home, but thankfully the next morning I was off again back to Orlando to Kate's birthday party at Dinosaur World. It was fun and uneventful. Full of plaster dinosaurs. Yesterday - actually, technically two days ago now - I took a group calc quiz that I'm hoping I got a 10/10 on. I'll find out in the morning.

This weekend, Grant, Ethan, Bryan and I are going on a road trip to camp in North Carolina over spring break. I took my dad's gear bag from the office and brought it home. I borrowed a lot of cold weather gear from Bryan's mom, and I've already put that and a few items of clothing in the bag, even though it was only Monday when I did that. I'm pretty damn excited.

I've also been looking at cameras today and debating whether or not to buy the Diana+ camera from Amazon. I'd love to have it, but I'd also love to have it IN NORTH CAROLINA. Unfortunately, it only comes into stock next Wednesday, after we're probably already back here. Not like I don't love my digital camera, but lately it's lens has been a little too unforgiving to me. The Diana offers pretty unfocused colored photos with much less detail. Which I approve of, both on the basis of artistic merit and my own self-esteem. I'm going to bring my digital camera and maybe my dad's older film camera with the insanely large lens. I can't remember what it's called or what brand it is, but it's pretty nice. I don't know - I'm looking on eBay for similar cameras like the Diana and the Kodak Duaflex, because I'd like to play a bit more with photography. Maybe I'll find something.
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It's been four whole days and I haven't yet shared the wondrous story of my birthday party! I can't believe it!

It was on Friday, that monumental day when I turned 21, and surprisingly enough I haven't been caught on the 11 o'clock news, running naked and drunk down a city street. But there's still time. I promise.

The party was supposed to start at around five or six, but those two hours were spent sitting on the couch waiting for people to show up with only Becky for company, who had to leave to go to work at seven. Thankfully, just as I was about to panic and feel abandoned on my birthday, people started flooding in. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and coke and two kinds of beer and Smirnoffs and vodka and coconut rum and Jack Daniels (for Ethan). Also, karaoke.

A few photos. Probably none of me. )

I don't know how I managed to NOT upload one of the ten million blowtorch photos, but I'm too lazy and too close to leaving to quickly slap one up there, so here's the story behind that. First, Bryan is awesome. He's been offering to bake me things for the past six months or so. When I was recovering from mono, he made me creme brulee so I could gain back weight. Also, brownies. And finally, finally, I'm able to eat as much sweets as I damn well want to, so he offered to bring desserts to my party, and he DID. He made creme brulee, brownies and brought the materials to bake chocolate crater cake in my kitchen. He is fully responsible for the five extra pounds I'm sporting right now. (But in a good way! That is not intended to make him feel guilty!) But Richard provided the blowtorch to make the crusty sugar on the top of the creme brulee, and Bryan got to use it, and Richard took about five thousand photos of Bryan in various stages of burning things.

I still have brownies and crater cake in my fridge.

I got lots of lovely things for my birthday, which I'll take photos of maybe on Thursday when I get back from Jacksonville, and I might elaborate more about my party then too, but I had to get something up before the three hour drive of hell tonight. So here it is.

My party was awesome. I sang lots of karaoke. I know all the words to many many embarrassing songs. The end.
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Bryan: eyH
me: Hey. How did you know I just got back from running errands?
Bryan: t'nddi I ...
me: ?!
Bryan: srdwakcba ngpiytts i
tip ostt n'cai
me: WHAT
Bryan: LOL
droabeyke ht
me: The keyboard.
Bryan: SEY
me: HOW?
me: I am laughing SO HARD right now.
me: I have to tell the internet.
Bryan: ginyonna sa kcuf
it pots ot woh wonkt 'nod ylsuoires i
me: Restart?
Bryan: ot evah i kniht i
me: k
Bryan: ...
oot droW ni ti seod ti
me: This is hilarious.
Bryan: nees erve veeha i gniht up dekcuf tsom eht rafy b is sihT
drha so gnihgual m'i lfor
me: lol
Bryan: tghir tuo semoc ti sdrawkcab epyt i fi
me: lol
Bryan: KCUF
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A Very Scientific Lab Report )

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love my friends.

EDIT: Addendum )
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Okay, this is too fun to not share. For the last two weeks or so I've been recommending shows for Bryan to illegally download and catch up on, since he's been pretty much television illiterate for the past three years. So far he's gotten through Reaper, How I Met Your Mother, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, the first season of Veronica Mars, all of The Office and now while he's waiting to borrow DVDs of Arrested Development, I started him watching Lost.

Half the crap from the first season I'd completely forgotten about, so it was entertaining to hear his reactions and to reread [ profile] cleolinda's recaps again. But here are a few entertaining gems from his reactions to Lost.

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I went to Blue Springs/Hontoon Island this weekend for camping with Rebecca, Josh, Bryan and Grant. We stayed at Blue Springs the first night and the next day we went to Hontoon Island where we met up with Ethan, Justin, Nick and Kate, and then even later after that we all went to dinner.

It was the best weekend I've had in a long time, even though I froze my ass off at night and Rebecca's backpack got stolen and torn apart by bears. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun, and I felt normal.

I put up a lot of photos here and on Facebook. I really like this photo.

I also bought a new purse today. Photo inside. )
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81% John Edwards
79% Hillary Clinton
79% Barack Obama
78% Chris Dodd
77% Mike Gravel
76% Dennis Kucinich
73% Bill Richardson
68% Joe Biden
50% Rudy Giuliani
42% John McCain
33% Mike Huckabee
32% Mitt Romney
29% Tom Tancredo
25% Ron Paul
21% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

My week's been nice and busy thus far. Thursday night I went over to Bryan's house to watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Raiders of the Lost Ark with Bryan, Ethan, Jeremy and Dan.

On Friday night, Bryan and Jeremy picked me up and we drove out to Deer Park Run (in the middle of nowhere) at nine at night to meet Kate, Rebecca, Ethan and Nick to park and watch the meteor shower. It was nice and deserted out there. I didn't see any shooting stars, but the sky was clear enough for us to be able to just look at the stars anyway. I brought highly ineffective handwarmers and got to wear my giant fluffy pink jacket that it's never cold enough to wear, so all in all a really good night. We all agreed that we should meet on the back country roads more often just for the hell of it. Nighttime picnics, etc. After we drove back, Bryan and Jeremy stayed over until 3:30 looking through old West Shore yearbooks and finding and laughing at people we knew.

Saturday, Grant came back from Italy! He came over around four to tell stories and show me pictures, and two hours later people started showing up for the movie night later on, where we rented Blade Runner and watched both Kill Bills, although Grant was tired and napped through most of them. Jet lag is a cruel, cruel mistress. Now just about everyone is back up in Orlando because UCF classes start tomorrow. So today I spent most of the day on furniture. I sanded the pieces of the bedside table I'm making, put veneer on the edges and just put on the first coat of stain. I also watched Waitress, which was really cute. Definitely made me crave some pie, though. Some pie and Nathan Fillion. Yes.
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Errr, happy new year? I got to celebrate in the best way possible - hanging out at the Pembles with all my friends. Almost all. It was a really great party. I had a good last day of 2007, surprisingly. I got all good news from Jacksonville and I'm even allowed to loosen up on my dietary restrictions.

I've been relaxing for the past two days at home. Watched a lot of TV. Tonight I finished a rewatch of VM S1 with my dad, who got to watch the whole thing unfold without knowing the mystery arc. That was fun. Tomorrow hopefully my immune system will be a little more robust so I can get out and go on a shopping expedition with Rene.
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I love everyone.
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This is ridiculous! Perfect weather all morning and then when I have to go to my statistics class, it starts pouring at like a forty-five degree angle. I got halfway down the Towers walk before my umbrella nearly blew out and I realized I wouldn't make it. Sooooo frustrating. I have my notes printed out and everything. I don't wanna not go today.

Anyway, I'm alive, lol. I realize it's been since...May...that I've updated. Once you get into not updating it snowballs, I guess. Biggest news: I got a new car!

I can't resist adding a few more photos. )

I've been looking for cars to replace the truck from hell, and I test drove this one just for fun. We went on to the Honda place afterwards and got our hearts broken over a 2006 blue Civic (Mom wanted that and I'd get the Vibe) when it was about four thousand more than expected. So we went home, dejected, and I came back the next weekend to continue car shopping and THE BUG WAS TOTALLY IN THE GARAGE WHEEEE! And my parents said all these wonderful things about how I'm a great kid and I deserve an awesome car since my grades are good and I've driven the truck for over two years now and was so compliant about getting the Vibe and I haven't been arrested or anything. Thus, I get a car! I plan to put black pinstripes on the side and call it the Lil Pussy Wagon.

Real-time LJ update! It is now four! I did go to class! The shuttle came by and I ran out the door mid-LJing and caught it. So I just spent two hours in statistical hell.

Continuation: I went camping this weekend at Wekiwa Springs with Ethan, Richard, Grant, Rebecca, Stephen, Steven, Aaron, Catie, Jeremy, Nick and Bryan. It was awesome, although sleeping on the ground was not awesome, and neither was getting about fifty bug bites. But it was all worth it for the canoeing and the freeeezing springs. And the bears! Did I mention the bears? Because there were bears. They walked through our campsite while Rebecca and I were asleep. Bears! They were also wandering around while we were awake, but I never saw them. Everyone would go "Look! Bears!" and I'd look and they would have moved already. Furry bastards.

So that's my life since May. Now I'm going to go shower and clean my room.


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