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This is, more or less, the color palette of the living room at my parents house. I do not love it.

From right to left, the colors represent the walls, accent color, accent color, the couches and the wall units. The first, fourth and fifth are the ones that are difficult to change. The walls and the wall units actually look pretty nice together. The couches are a cool light brown, and the wall units are teak. I kind of hate the dark blue and vivid red for the accent colors, but aside from just looking at it and going "ugh" I can't quite figure out what would be better. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Because it's not like I have anything better to do. (I do have better things to do.)


Here's a mood board of some of the photos I've saved from Apartment Therapy and Decor8 and Design Sponge and the like. This is generally where my taste is trending towards right now, except with more art on the walls. For some reason I can't find any photos I've saved of walls with tons of photos.

Clockwise from top right:

1. I love these curtains. They were apparently custom made by a certified mom, which makes them entirely accessible to me. If I were to magic them up myself right this second they would be trimmed with yellow, not red, because I've developed a Stockholm-esque attachment to the color yellow thanks to the yellow EVERYTHING my dad has to buy for work. I love the realistic coziness of the room, and especially the ladder bookcase in the corner oh wait I'm making one of those right now.

2. This is the Small Cool winner from Apartment Therapy. I'm a sucker for a Danish credenza, and I love the mustard vase to the left of the tv. I'm also a big fan of the Italian Bond movie poster. Although I love color too much to stick to such a monochromatic color scheme, I do love gray and yellow together.

3. This is more like my preferred color scheme. This room belongs to Shay Ometz, one of the creative directors at Fossil. I love the yellow and aqua with pops of red. Somehow with the white wall and light-colored sofa it keeps from being too busy.

4. This is someone's very first apartment. It must be nice for her to have one of Martha Stewart's designers as a mother. It's a little too Breakfast at Tiffany's shabby chic for me, but I love the lamp and the classic loveseat. I would probably be way more ostentatious and upholster it in a wider stripe.

5. The large size of the bar tray photo is not representative of my priorities. I just think it's really gorgeous. I would buy Hendrick's just for the bottle.

6. I definitely picked this photo for the skull. I love the whole cabinet of curiosities trend that was floating around the design blogosphere last year. Little framed butterflies, maps, magnifying glasses, terrariums. Of course I killed my terrarium. But I don't live anywhere that I can harvest natural moss anyway. And the glass container broke in the middle of the night for some strange reason.

7. Fuck, I so want a card catalog. And that bag.
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Kitalita: I love coffee. I had one cup and now I want to reorganize my entire apartment, make a banquette and relearn how to sew.

So that was my yesterday. I came home from genetics and cleaned my entire bathroom top to bottom, stopped to eat lunch, lost steam, drank some coffee and then went insane on the apartment.

And then I started measuring walls and looking at furniture plans and trying to see how hard it would be to build a banquette for the corner of the dining room.

One of the projects I know I'm going to do because I have some crazy blank wallspace is make some large scale print signs.

Candi Mandi posted instructions on how she made this large faux vintage sign for her bedroom, and I think I want to make one for the entryway and above my headboard.

Unfortunately, I seem to have a massive mental block about what song lyrics or line I want to put up. I'd love to use a song by the New Pornographers, but that would require a song of theirs that isn't made up of nonsense lyrics. How, exactly, does one put "the phonebook's been ripped off and two shapes in the dark across the way know the price of flight its weight and size" on a poster?

So. Anyone have any ideas? I'm looking for something kind of poppy and bright.


Jan. 24th, 2010 10:40 pm
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under construction: my new recycling console )
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Cleaning is surprisingly tiring. Over the past few days I have:

1. Turned my cube bookshelf in my bedroom on its side and rearranged my DVD storage.
2. Moved my jewelry and accessories on top of the new surface.
3. Emptied out my wire double cube shelf and moved the magazine storage to my closet, and then temporarily put the wire cubes as my nightstand so I could take the matching Orgel lamp off the floor.
4. Reattached the wire covers for my ribbon chandelier and moved my pendant over to the corner where I'll hang it on a plant hanger.
5. Cleaned EVERYTHING in my ENTIRE bathroom, which, believe me, is a lot, and rearranged it all.
6. Hung art.
7. Picked up almost everything off the floor in my room.
8. Cleaned the closet.

It's looking really good so far. There are a few things I want to do over the next two weeks, and to keep from talking ad nauseum about it to everyone around me, I'll put it here.

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I put together my brand new grill this afternoon. I don't have a photo because the one I took was really blurry, but it's the Weber Smokey Joe, the small one that's about 15 inches across or so. I'm really pleased - it's small but versatile. I might be able to figure out how to rig it up to smoke smallish things. I was going to go out to the porch and figure out where to put it, and I ended up deciding to clean.

We'll start with a tour of my newly cleaned porch.


Here we go! )

Current furniture projects. )

And now for my design problem. My actual APARTMENT is great, very quickly being pulled together. But the layout lends itself to a little problem. I'm on the second floor, and my door is on the first floor. That means there's a tiny alcove at the bottom of the stairs that looks completely unfinished. There's NOTHING down there. I don't really want to paint, I REALLY want to wallpaper, but I can't, because that's a thousand times more of a pain than painting, and I'm considering drawing on it with a paint pen. Does anyone else have any other ideas?


I put my keys and stuff on a table at the top of the stairs, so a true landing strip is tough. All I can think is an umbrella holder, a coat hanger on the wall, and some big statement art thing. And a wall lamp.
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We haven't had many rainy days this year. In fact, before two weeks ago I had actually forgotten what it felt like to have a rainy day. I'm not kidding. It's been either cold and really sunny or stinking hot and really sunny. But suddenly, the clouds came, and I could walk without squinting. And then the day after it rained it was surprisingly freezing.

Today when I woke up it was a little gray outside. I spent an hour and a half feeling guilty about breathing, buying groceries, owning furniture and clothes in ecology, and then when I got out it was POURING. I managed to flirt my way into sharing an umbrella with a really cute brunette named Sara (just for [ profile] skyblade) to make it back to the parking garage, and then I narrowly escaped death driving back to my apartment in suddenly torrential rain.

As much as I like rainy days, I had forgotten that rainy days mean that I don't want to leave the apartment. Actually, that's not that bad. I just felt vaguely guilty about sitting on the sofa for most of the afternoon. But now I'm going to order Chinese.

I'm getting a chair from my aunt's house. It's wood frame, classic lines, with upholstered cushions that I'm going to get redone. My dad used to sit in it to watch TV when he was a kid. And no offense to my dad, but that was a little while ago. I've been looking for resources for modern, bright colorful fabrics. There are no Marimekko patterns that I'm partial to this season, so I'm at a loss. Ikea Stockholm could be nice, but I was hoping for more outside the box. Any suggestions?
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Since I just know you all were wondering about my new minimalist look for my apartment.

This is what it looks like after getting it ready for my small DINNER PARTY tonight, what am I thinking.

Three more. )
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[a discussion about a coffee table I want to make]

me: Soft maple would be okay coated a frillion times with polyurethane to make a coffee table, right?
Dad: Probably. The ad says 'soft' means it's 25% less hard than 'hard' And as long as no one is dancing on it in stiletto heels (hint hint) it should be fine. Google it and see what you find.
me: I'm not that retarded.
Dad: Who said I wasn't talking about Ethan?
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I decided to take a break from studying and go to the mall. I've been on the hunt for makeup storage and a toothbrush holder that isn't a Lion King glass. I saw a thing in the latest Real Simple about using mismatched ceramics to store your makeup, so I thought I'd check out Anthropologie. I would love to show you a photo, but on that fantastic weekend last week where everyone came over and got drunk and fucked with my head, Rob also happened to drop my camera, and it is now broken and my dad is going to send it off to be repaired.

Anyway, I looked in the sale section in Anthropologie and found three things. I can't find any of them on the website, so I'll describe them. I have a glass with some sort of woven basket cuzie that I'm going to put eyeliner and stuff in. I bought a tall glass with a blue L on it and a black woodcut looking stamp of a tiny Cupid. The last thing I bought was a small bowl about 5" diameter with an orange glaze on the outside that looks like it has little bubbles. I think I'll put smaller things like smallish eyeshadows or something. Then I went to Publix for food, came home and made Swedish meatballs. And after this episode of Gilmore Girls, I will go back to studying for my tests tomorrow.
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Is there like a rain-affective disorder like seasonal affective disorder? Because this sucks. Fay has been sitting on Brevard for the past 24 hours and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. We're on high ground, so we'll be okay, but I'm just stuck here until it decides to take off.

So, since I have nothing better to do, I figure I'll compile a big entry of apartment wishes and wants and ideas.

Curtains, dish gardens, etc. )
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After having a shit time early this weekend (SFers knows what I'm talking about), it turned out to be not so bad after all. It balanced out. On Friday, [ profile] avelena came up to go to Prime Outlets with me to shop, and she and Bryan and I had some Tex-Mex beforehand. I bought a purple dress (pics forthcoming, I swear) from the Gap outlet and a plain white tank because I desperately needed one. The dress is strapless, and was only $20, and the tank was $4. That night and most of the next day was shit, except for the brief spot of joy? entertaining bleakness? that was The Dark Knight.

Vague spoilers )

After the movie, Nick, Ethan and I went to my empty new apartment and Ethan started testing paints and painting one wall brown. We brought a frozen pizza and Mike's Hard Lemonade and I proceeded to get pretty hammered. The next day I had a hangover, but still managed to help Bryan put together my Malm bed frame and three-drawer dresser. We stayed there working on it until 8:30 at night after everyone had left. Seriously, have you all any idea how easy it is to make sex jokes about hardware related terms? We weren't even caulking anything! Every term, every instruction, every step, every request for a part or tool was complete hilarity. Good times. I spent most of the afternoon laying on the floor keeping my head stationary and close to the ground to minimize pain.

This week I have to still buy a mattress, and hopefully a comforter. And also paint. I'm still not sure what color I want to paint. I'm leaning towards Architectural Cream from Ralph Lauren paints at Home Depot.

Apartment Planning And A Request! )

No, LiveJournal. Ads do not cramp my style. That's because I DON'T HAVE THEM.
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As you will soon find out when I post my photos from today, I went to Ikea this afternoon. Ethan and Rebecca and I had lunch this Wednesday and talked about what we needed to buy for the apartment, and decided to go check Ikea for couches today.

I took some photos and I'm posting them here for reference.

Photos ahoy! )
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Newsflash: Fire-roasted tomato and olive oil Triscuits are fucking delicious.

Wow, you guys. An update is long overdue here. Um, okay. So this past weekend I went up to Orlando to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure with all my friends. I don't "do" roller-coasters, but neither did Kate or Nick, so we hung out on the Caro-Seuss-el and other kiddie rides until we all met up again for the Jurassic Park exhibit and then later the Spider-Man ride which I went on three times - more on that in a minute. I've never been to ANY of the Universal Theme Parks, as I'm a Disney person, so this was all new and exciting. Even better - free. I think the Jurassic Park section is my favorite for pure nerd value. For anyone who hasn't been there, you actually get to walk under the giant Jurassic Park gates with the theme music playing in the background and there are dinosaur heads poking out of the woods and the actual visitors center is there and eee eee eee eee eee!

Spider-Man broke at the climax the first two times. At that point, everyone else said "Fuck this" and waited outside, but me, Bryan and Rob went on for one more try, and it worked! It worked!

That night I slept on the couch at Tivoli, and Ethan and I stayed up until six in the morning talking about everything we could think of. The next day, Ethan, Grant, Kate and I went to International Prime Outlets to shop. Grant bought SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS, pants and shirts. Did I mention the socks? Because he was really excited about the socks.

After the shopping, Nick, Grant, Ford and I went to a cigar bar for a few hours. I had a Mike's hard lemonade, which was good, and then we stopped by the liquor store to get more booze before heading over to Kate's to watch Fern Gully. FERN GULLY. Which I haven't watched since I was maybe eight. I spent the night on Kate's couch that night after showing her a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, which I was pleased to hear her quote the next day.

Sunday was the big day of the weekend. Kate and Ethan had, for a few weeks, been planning a surprise birthday picnic for Bryan and Rebecca's 21st birthday parties. I already gave Rebecca her present last week - reusable Target shopping bags, and before you laugh, she was very pleased with them. I confess that I have no idea what to get Bryan, but his birthday isn't technically here yet, so I'm still safe. Anyway, the surprise went off without a hitch. Neither of them had any clue. It was fantastic. We went boating on the lake, Bryan climbed on the roof of the pavilion, we all played badminton aided by copious swearing - it was a lot of fun. Also, Bryan was smashed. Which was immensely amusing. He drank a good portion of a bottle of Gentleman Jack.

I'm very impatient to get my MOO Mini Cards that I got with my flickr account. Bryan knows what I'm talking about. I've been checking the mail obsessively for weeks now. And then last week I noticed that it's been THREE WEEKS, and checked, and it hadn't actually been ordered. So now I reordered last Thursday and I've been dying ever since. I bought frame mats to be able to set them up the way I want them and I made size mock-ups with green paper and I WANT THEM NOW.
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I just finished reading all the archives of and now I have nothing to do on the internet. Damn.

(Ahahahaha, today's xkcd is so true. I once had to make a flying leap towards my computer to turn off the Britney Spears, although that was a playlist mistake rather than "shuffle all.")

I've been occupying myself with paint chips and color palettes for the past week or so while trying to pick color options for my apartment with Ethan and Rebecca in the fall. Yeah, it's about four months away, but I'm impatient. And being ready far ahead of time is better than spending a week sleeping on the floor of an empty apartment not moving in our furniture because we still have to paint and we can't decide what color we want the living room.

At first I thought I wanted a darker light green on the walls of the living room like I've painted my room, but after looking at a bunch of photos of lighter-colored walls, I like the idea of a lighter, more neutral yellow-green, like this:

I have to confess that I got the exact color by holding my purse up to the color palette in photoshop. Because I really like the yellow-green of my purse, and I think it would make a really nice color for a wall. Actually, now looking at the purse on my closet door versus the color on my computer, the purse is even slightly more muted than that.

The brown there is a nice generic brown, because I'm still stuck on the idea of having a brown accent wall. I blame some of the IKEA sample rooms.

Like this one, which coincidentally is Ethan's favorite room in IKEA as well. )

Pretty damn convenient coincidence, considering our styles are going to have to play nice for us to live together. Anyway, that brown is a little dark, I think, although Ethan really likes a dark, almost purplish brown that I got from the Martha Stewart paint chips that's called Dark Fig, if I recall correctly. Something fig.

What are your ideas for good wall colors? Hex code accepted.

Here are some photos of an empty apartment like the one I'll be in. )

Also, I can't stop listening to this song. It's been going on for a month. Please send help. I don't need any help; this song is AWESOME.
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Good-bye, RENT. You know, it's nice to see that other people feel the exact same way about that play as I do.

I just worked a bit more on varnishing my bedside table. I haven't posted pics before now because really, I'd just be showing you pieces of wood thus far. And although I've been staining and varnishing it for the past week and a half or so, there wouldn't be much difference shown in the photos. "Oh look, here are the boards once I've sanded them." "Here they are slightly darker after one coat of stain." "Here they are after one coat of varnish." "Now they're on their second coat of varnish!" Etc. So here they are on their final coat of varnish before being assembled.

Photos )

Tomorrow I'll put it all together and it will look like something other than a bunch of shiny boards. But dammit, those shiny boards took a lot of effort to get that way.
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This is really for my own personal reference. I gathered up these photos from various decorating communities on LJ and other design blogs, and some are photos I took in the IKEA showroom. I'm not claiming to own any of the houses or stuff in the photos, nor am I taking credit for these photos. This is just an entry of Pretty Shit I Like.

Does anyone even HAVE dial-up any more? Is a warning really necessary? )
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My room is 90% finished right now. The paint is on the walls and my furniture has been completely rearranged in my room. My bed is now under my wide window and framed on either side by my wall units, and my desk is on the other side of the room. I also have room for a chair in here, as well. Tomorrow or maybe the day after I'll finish putting it together; all I have left to do is put up the bamboo blinds and hang some of my framed prints. I might go to IKEA this week and get curtains as well.

Today I got restless and went down to the Vero Beach Outlet Mall for some new pants. I got a pair of jeans at the GAP Outlet for $13, and they fit, which is awesome. I also got two new dresses - one from the GAP Outlet again and a dress from BCBG Max Azria that is actually the dress that Chuck is wearing in my icon. No joke. It's adorable. I do need to find a place that does alterations because it needs to be taken in at the shoulders a tiny bit, but other than that, perfect. Especially since it was only $29 and originally it was about $120. I almost emptied out my bank account to buy this gorgeous red coat at the Banana Republic outlet with a mandarin collar and military buttons. It was so pretty. Oh my God. You have no idea. It took immense willpower.

I just finished taking the e-Learning online tutorial for my BCC online classes, which taught me valuable skills as "Checking my email" and "Posting in a forum." It included helpful tips as "avoid humor and sarcasm, which can easily be misinterpreted over the internet." I'm so glad they were able to help me with that. I would never have figured it out on my own.

Tomorrow I start my classes - calculus from 10:50 to 1:05 and online Film Appreciation. Becky, I'm looking at you. That means I'm free after ONE tomorrow to do le furniture shopping.

Puppy! This is not helping me try to resist adopting a puppy. So smooshy. So fluffy. So cute.
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I bought paint for my room today! I was originally going to go with Glidden Pastel Sage, but once I got to Home Depot and saw the quart mixed, I realized how light it actually was and wanted something darker. So I went with Shy Blossom, which is a still light but slightly darker green. I still might use the Pastel Sage to do a stencil on one wall or something, because it is a nice color. I also went to JCPenney's to look at their wooden blinds to decide whether I want a bamboo shade or wooden blinds with tilt control.

I also went by BCC to turn in my application for enrollment, since I was two days late on it. Still no problem, though. They just accepted it and said I wouldn't even have to apply as a transient student; I'm technically just a readmit, since I took College Algebra. I still need to figure out how to request a transient letter from UCF. The admissions guy at BCC said to contact my adviser, but I don't have an adviser, according to UCF. UCF also still has me listed as an English major and no way to change it to a Biology major online. I also don't know whether the Biology major requires me to take Essentials of Calculus or Calculus 1 with Analytic Geometry. Am I actually going to have to drive up to Orlando to do this? How annoying.
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Today has been a nice but uneventful day. I did get to find a place in Melbourne that sells tapered wooden legs, so I won't have to go through the hassle of ordering furniture legs online and I can start work on whatever pieces I want. We're about halfway through installing the hardwood floors and they look beaaauuutiful. Today a nice man from the carpet store came by to measure our rooms so we can replace our old old carpet. Oh, by the by, I make furniture now as a hobby. I'm back on my furniture-making kick. I made a coffee table earlier this year but held off on making more because I had nowhere to put a lot of the pieces, but now I have nothing but free time and supplies and equipment, so my next project is going to be a giant ottoman, and then a sideboard and then maybe some shelves and my really big project for the spring is going to be a tiled table.

Since we're sadly approaching the end of having new episodes of TV to watch, I have two things to ask of you, friends-list.

ONE! Tell me of this "Netflix" thing versus "Blockbuster Online." Do any of you have it? Which has more advantages?

TWO! What shows should I get on either of those services to sustain me through having no new TV? Flood me with recommendations, flist! I already have Weeds and Deadwood on my computer to watch, but what else do I need to get into?


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