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So, work today. And I've had an amazingly craptacular feeling swimming around in the pit of my stomach for the past two days, although yesterday the Veronica Mars marathon went swimmingly. I now have made two more addicts. Bweee!

Last night I went to see Kiss Me, Kate, the Summer Fine Arts production. SO. GOOD. Shara was incredible as Kate, and OMG LITTLE JACOB SO CUTE. He's going to be breaking hearts left and right. I saw so many people I knew and I love going back to see them. Lindsay Marks freaked the fuck out when she saw me. God, I miss SFA and CVP. I am too old for it, but it's still so sad. I love all of them. Being on stage is such a high. Such an incredible high. I miss SFA and all the people there and GAH we need a reunion.

Before work today I went over to Becky's and we sat around in her messy-but-improving room and talked for a while, then I fixed the frayed edges of her jeans so she could wear them on her first day as a waitress. She abused her poor boyfriend some when he stopped by, and then I left for work.

Today at work was mind-numbing. It wasn't so much boring or annoying as just numbing. Too slow to do much, too busy to spend all the time cleaning. I did sneak off to call Grant and see what he was up to. Brightened my day considerably.

I spent a godawful amount of time pacing behind the counter. Pacing. If I were in the zoo, they'd give me enrichment activities, like a rubber ball or something.

So now I'm watching Say Anything. Loveitloveitloveitloveitloveit.
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Ushered for "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" at CVP tonight. Cute play! After the show I went outside and said hi to some friendly Stars faces. Staci understood that I couldn't do Stars this year. Good. No matter how much she drives me nuts with her ways and her speechifying, she's such a PRESENCE.

Post show I went and got two big squishy hugs from Jacob and David. Haha, who cares about having a boyfriend when I get free hugs from two boys who SING and who have hordes of girls chasing after them? Ha, yes, yay for guy friends! I'm actually not sure about how large the horde is for Jacob, but I think they consist mainly of girls still in single digits. Poor kid is still just 14. And our David...I think if our sphere of existance was the world, he would be Orlando Bloom.

(P.S. Natalie, round up the gang! He misses us and wants to do stuff again! When's the next tearjerker movie coming out? We must drag him there!)

I worked on the Arthur/Lancelot/Guinevere in Writer's Workshop today. Possibly not the most appropriate use of school sanctioned writing time, but since when have I given a shit about writing porn in school? Hell, that's where I get most of my writing of it DONE!

Broadway Bound is canceled. Frankly, I'm just reacting with a half-hearted "meh." It hadn't sunk in yet anyway.

Tired. Want to do something tomorrow. DEFINITELY.

To do this weekend (self-reminder): Fake license plate (It's a new business for me!) ...for yearbook. Stupid pointless histogram for Environmental Science. (We're finished with just coloring things we're coloring things in and COUNTING SQUARES!)
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So, as I was picking up the mattress in the front room to be able to vacuum (Grandmother still in my room), I remembered it was Stars auditions today.

Even though I'd decided it wasn't for me this year, even though I don't have an audition song, even though most of my friends in there have left, I punched the mattress and screamed. Because I hated it. Because I loved it. Because even though I wanted to beat some sense into half the people there, I loved the other half. And I don't think I'll be able to do a big show this year because I have no time.

FUCK. I don't see half those people anywhere else! I won't get to see Blake, Amy Lacy, Wendy, Jason, Jen, Staci, David (even though he's not doing it this year anyway), T-Bone, Megan...

And they were doing Treasure Island this year. Goddammit. I don't even have a song. I haven't practiced voice in over six months. I want to do it so bad, but I hated Li'l Abner and I hated how Staci bitched at us and I hated her automatic auditions, and I hated the stupid little kids and I hated how condescending Dana Tarasavage was, and I hated the extra-special-Stars group but I loved my friends there.
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Lil Abner went great. We all rocked. You know how last year I gave the hugest kudos to Jacob for Birdie? This year it goes to David. Jubilation T. Cornpone will forever be stuck in my head, though. "I'm Past My Prime" is officially the cutest song in the show, and me and a few others all agreed there was more chemistry between Marryin' Sam and Daisy Mae than Daisy Mae and Abner.

I went to see the Producers starring Louis J. Stalden as Max Bialystock and ALAN RUCK AS LEO BLOOM AND I LOVE HIM OMG AND WANT HIS BABIES. *cough* Seriously. Always loved Alan Ruck, but now I think I'm a fangirl. I was in the third row and I yelled "I love you, Hendry William French," because I'm an idiot and at least I didn't make the sign and I know he saw me. I mean, come on, third row. The lights were on me. *squee* Alan Ruck is mah new babeh and I loooove him.

I CAN GET MY LICENSE! WOOOHOOOO! I just have to make an appointment.


I need to write. And I need company. WRITE! COMPANY! HELP!

Oh, and yay for new icons. A really hot Sarah Michelle Gellar, the good old A/B mock, and LITTLE CHRISTIAN BALE FROM LITTLE WOMEN.

This won't mean too much too all of you, but at SFA (My Fair Lady, for those of you who do not know), Shara (plays Mrs Higgins, is adorable), Colleen Fagan, Natalie (Mrs Pearce!), Abbi Davenport, Abby Depew, Amanda Norris (The Queen of Transylvania) and I played the "Ha" game. (You lay down with each person's head on the person before's stomach, first person says Ha, second person says Ha Ha, etc etc until someone starts laughing, at which point you start over.) After a bit we got Trenton (Freddy Eynsford-Hill) to play as well and we still couldn't make it to ten without breaking down completely. Jessica Yates (our Eliza, and the sweetest creature to ever walk the earth. If you do not instantly love her, your name is Scrooge.) joined for a bit, but then they made her go back and sing again. I laughed so hard I cried in that game. I think I gave poor Natalie whiplash from giggling.

I think I need to write now. Or something. Or finish watching Thelma and Louise.

ETA: The end of Thelma and Louise makes me cry. I'd go to Mexico with my friends if they were wanted for murder! <3!!!
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Haven't updated in a while now, have I? I'm not, in fact, dead, although my feet are making a strong argument that they are actually dead. I've been working on Summer Fine Arts from 8:00 to 1:30, on My Fair Lady. Ms Debbie (Yes, Cassie, that one, and she wants to know why you didn't join?) has been teaching us the waltz. And more of the waltz. And a bit more waltz. And some jumping and some stomping and some kicking. And some more waltz. So if that wasn't enough, at Cocoa Village Playhouse, we have Li'l Abner. Which, quite frankly, I can't stand. Some of the numbers are cute, but all in all I would rather do Birdie again.

...I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL! The MasterCard one with the little dog that someone buys water for and a collar for and then the biker puts in the sidecar and takes with him! That is so cute! *cough* Done now.

Anyway, recently my mom realized that the Play 4 Disney passes (4 days worth of tickets where you can go to any park at all during the day for four times) that she bought back when Molly and I went to Epcot expire on Thursday, so yesterday we went to MGM Studios. It was Star Wars Weekends, so we went on Star Tours twice, did Indiana Jones (sadly not in the sexual way. I'd love me some Harrison Ford, though.) and went to Muppet Vision 3D. I love Beaker and I miss the Muppets. They're a lot funnier now.

Today I left Stars early (THANK GOD, IF I HAD TO HEAR 'JUBILATION T. CORNPONE ONE MORE TIME I'D CRACK!) and Mom and I skipped out on the dinner we were supposed to go to with the Stiernas (MWAHAHAHA!) and went to Animal Kingdom. The kitties (translation: tigers) were up and about, and running around and KITTY! The gorillas were walking around, the male silverback was out. I went on the water ride, got the wettest and then decided the hell with it and just ran around in the fountain until I was completely soaked. But I was wearing my swimsuit, and it was okay. I ended up changing pants around a bend in the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Mom and I went to see the Festival of the Lion King. It's air-conditioned now! That might not seem that big of a deal for those in other states, but down here in the oven Florida, that's a biiig deal, especially when it's 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Becky called me at eleven last night and I got the message too late to call. I was really tempted to call her and hold the phone up. Lion King rules! And if I weren't about to fall asleep right now while typing this, I'd watch it. RIGHT NOW.

We tried to go to Magic Kingdom, but it was so crowded we could barely breathe. We went back to Frontierland and played on the "shooting range" for a while, walked past the (closed) Hall of Presidents, stared in horror at the tripling up, quadrupling up REALLY LONG line for the Peter Pan ride, ate some chicken and then went back home. Because we'll be coming back on Tuesday to see the flowers at Epcot and to run around and do Space Mountain as many times as we can. :D

"According to a new study, 50% of all Americans will get an STD by the age of 25. ...You're welcome." - Jimmy Fallon

Tomorrow at some time in the late afternoon, my Grandmother is coming over to have dinner with us. At, like three or four. O.x Until then, I'm free to...sit. And sit some more and no longer put pressure on my aching feet. Hey, I've got Buffy tapes!

[ profile] trollprincess, in case you read this, I'm WORKING on the Faith/Billy the Kid fic, it's just only written on paper. I'll type the first chapter up tomorrow. Don't put it back up for grabs yet, pleeeease!

I'm tired, my feet hurt, I'm going to bed. Muah!

(Kiera, you got AIM? Yay! <3)
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MOLLEH SANG GREAT! And so did Jacob, and Lindsay and David and Ryan (GAH, he's sooo funny!) and Jackie Benson and this one kid who sang Come What May so well I nearly fainted, and GAH IT WAS SO WOOOOOONDERFUL!

I'm talking about Stars auditions. I think I might post more coherently later, but I'm so happy I didn't crash and burn onstage. I was shaking in my shoes. LITERALLY.


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