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1. Last Thursday Mike and I went to Animal Kingdom courtesy of my cousin who works there, and then we called Nick and had him meet us at Epcot when he got off work for drinking around the world. It was fantastic. I had a great time. I took some photos.

2. I finally got to meet Mike's girlfriend and all of his friends and they love me. They referred to me as the female version of Mike, which is pretty accurate. Mike and Jen are working on a New Moon trailer parody and have asked me to play Alice, which means I get to STEAL A CAR. Or rather, look badass next to my yellow Bug.

3. I'm home for Christmas and thus stuck with my old, shitty laptop that doesn't have AIM on it, so if I've vanished, that's why.

4. I've been shopping for presents for the past few days. I got my mom a Meiwa kumquat tree, which is perfect. We've been looking for a new citrus tree and her acacia tree just died after Hurricane Fay, so there's a tree vacancy in the yard.

5. I've been making slow-cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast. They're delicious. I also bought fresh scallops for Christmas dinner so we can do a surf-and-turf.
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It's been a pretty damn good Christmas so far. Yesterday I got the most adorable red wireless mouse from Grant for my computer. Today I got a new desk chair, Nintendogs, Superbad, Stranger Than Fiction and a rice cooker.

I'm now sitting on the sofa, relaxing and watching Die Hard while the turkey cooks.

I saw both Sweeney Todd and Walk Hard this weekend, both of which were excellent.
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Christmas was great!

Gift haul, for the interested. )

But yeah, today kinda sucked. I'm too tired to even talk about the suckage of it, but suffice to say, it sucked.
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I had a wonderful Christmas.

And your drunk-dials amuse me, babe. Even if you're only mildly buzzed.
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Well. Didn't sleep very well last night, I can tell you that for sure.

But this morning I got up and started making my dishes for turkey dinner while snarking on the Macy's parade, while looking decidedly unglam in my pajama top and sweatpants. Ahhh, Thanksgiving. It doesn't last long, because the second Santa's sleigh appears on my TV, I start watching Miracle on 34th Street. Yes, the one with Dr. Hammond and Dylan McDermott and Matilda.

Oh yeah, how could I forget to mention this: I MADE AN AWESOME BUTTER CUSTARD! IT'S SO GOOD!


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