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Sometimes I play a game where I watch students leave a classroom and I see how many guys I find cute. The results are usually dismal. There are way more cute girls than cute guys on this campus. Unfair! When I see cute girls I usually just study their adornments and try to determine if I can reproduce their messy updos or purchase my own stylish Anthropologie belts. I think this inequality may lead to some sex-role reversal scenarios where female intrasexual competition will occur, and we will use our newly developed antlers to fight over appealing males.

However I have also noticed that my personal preference for a male goes up by about two points if I discover that he's a funny nerd, so my new strategy is to stand outside classrooms making Arrested Development jokes and see who laughs. And then I will offer him a shiny pebble or feather and see if he responds.

I will never get tired of this gif.
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I convinced Mike to start watching 30 Rock. It was remarkably easy, actually. I just sent this email:

To: Mike:
From: Laura
Subject: Watch this show

Six hours later he called me and he had bought the first season and was halfway through.

Today my big task of the day was making braised Moroccan chicken. It didn't turn out as flavorful as I wanted, but the meat was cooked perfectly. I might try it some other time with a different marinade with more heat. I'll probably turn the leftovers into creamed chicken or something for lunch when school starts up again. Yesterday I did fuck all for the entire day but the day before that, that was excellent - I slept in and then went to a cigar bar with Nick and Mike, ate carnitas and refried beans at the bar from the Mexican restaurant two doors down and then we went back to watch some Phantom Menace. Bryan came over around ten and I gave him his present (The Poo Log) and then we all watched Freaks and Geeks.

Tomorrow I want to have fun and watch a movie and get drunk or something. Drunk drunk drunk.
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1. Last Thursday Mike and I went to Animal Kingdom courtesy of my cousin who works there, and then we called Nick and had him meet us at Epcot when he got off work for drinking around the world. It was fantastic. I had a great time. I took some photos.

2. I finally got to meet Mike's girlfriend and all of his friends and they love me. They referred to me as the female version of Mike, which is pretty accurate. Mike and Jen are working on a New Moon trailer parody and have asked me to play Alice, which means I get to STEAL A CAR. Or rather, look badass next to my yellow Bug.

3. I'm home for Christmas and thus stuck with my old, shitty laptop that doesn't have AIM on it, so if I've vanished, that's why.

4. I've been shopping for presents for the past few days. I got my mom a Meiwa kumquat tree, which is perfect. We've been looking for a new citrus tree and her acacia tree just died after Hurricane Fay, so there's a tree vacancy in the yard.

5. I've been making slow-cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast. They're delicious. I also bought fresh scallops for Christmas dinner so we can do a surf-and-turf.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 03:22 pm
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On my way home after a very, very trying day, I got on the bus - the lone passenger on this huge bus - and sat down at the front. Within two minutes, a guy on crutches flagged us down and I gave him my convenient seat and helped him with his crutches. Halfway through the bus ride I ask how he hurt his ankles and he immediately replies "Ninjas." Then he goes into a long story about how he has to watch out for the ninjas and they come out from everywhere and you should see the other guy. I said "I myself have some scars from a tiger fight," and then we discussed velociraptor attacks. Just before my stop he said "You'll never find out what really happened to me, by the way. When we part ways, you'll go off thinking 'Man, what about that crazy white boy and his ninja stories?' but you'll never know what really happened. I assured him that I prefer to believe it was a ninja, and then it was my stop.

That totally made my day. He lives in my apartment complex, too.


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