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Cleaning is surprisingly tiring. Over the past few days I have:

1. Turned my cube bookshelf in my bedroom on its side and rearranged my DVD storage.
2. Moved my jewelry and accessories on top of the new surface.
3. Emptied out my wire double cube shelf and moved the magazine storage to my closet, and then temporarily put the wire cubes as my nightstand so I could take the matching Orgel lamp off the floor.
4. Reattached the wire covers for my ribbon chandelier and moved my pendant over to the corner where I'll hang it on a plant hanger.
5. Cleaned EVERYTHING in my ENTIRE bathroom, which, believe me, is a lot, and rearranged it all.
6. Hung art.
7. Picked up almost everything off the floor in my room.
8. Cleaned the closet.

It's looking really good so far. There are a few things I want to do over the next two weeks, and to keep from talking ad nauseum about it to everyone around me, I'll put it here.

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I put together my brand new grill this afternoon. I don't have a photo because the one I took was really blurry, but it's the Weber Smokey Joe, the small one that's about 15 inches across or so. I'm really pleased - it's small but versatile. I might be able to figure out how to rig it up to smoke smallish things. I was going to go out to the porch and figure out where to put it, and I ended up deciding to clean.

We'll start with a tour of my newly cleaned porch.


Here we go! )

Current furniture projects. )

And now for my design problem. My actual APARTMENT is great, very quickly being pulled together. But the layout lends itself to a little problem. I'm on the second floor, and my door is on the first floor. That means there's a tiny alcove at the bottom of the stairs that looks completely unfinished. There's NOTHING down there. I don't really want to paint, I REALLY want to wallpaper, but I can't, because that's a thousand times more of a pain than painting, and I'm considering drawing on it with a paint pen. Does anyone else have any other ideas?


I put my keys and stuff on a table at the top of the stairs, so a true landing strip is tough. All I can think is an umbrella holder, a coat hanger on the wall, and some big statement art thing. And a wall lamp.


May. 20th, 2009 02:49 pm
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I waited for an hour and a half for a class that I wasn't able to get into, then got poured on again, and no matter how much rain gear I swear, I always end up with wet pant legs and soaked socks, and then I went to Target to not find any rain boots, TJMaxx and no boots, and my mom called me to be testy with me, and I went to Borders and bought the wrong kind of planner, so now I have to go back and return it, and I haven't heard back from the guy who wants to rent the extra room, and I kind of want to just sit down, be a baby and have a good self-pitying cry about it.
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Summer term starts tomorrow. I think that means a close to the lazy, dreamlike way everything's been for the past few weeks. I'm going to have to crack down on how late I stay up.

Right now all I'm taking is Chem II, but my parents have been somewhat begging me to take another class. So I'm browsing the course catalog, seeing if anyone has ditched a class I might like.

My mother came up yesterday and after an argument, we went to Ikea and found me a bookcase for my living room so it could look more complete. It's amazing how much one piece did for the room. Honestly, incredible. I'm going to take pictures today and post them later this evening.

Speaking of photos, does anyone have a working keygen for Photoshop CS3? The one I downloaded (that took forever) didn't open because of a problem with a .NET account, or something like that. Very frustrating. I'd love to be able to edit my photos for upload again.

I'm still looking for a roommate. I have a pretty good prospect in the form of my cousin's friend Kyle, and I'm hoping to god that it works out, because we literally cannot afford to pay this apartment over the summer. And I can't renew here because I have no idea if I could get a roommate for another year here, and the date passed by, and month to month the rent goes up by $150. All this crap just makes me want to cry. I have no idea what to do. I love it here. I love this apartment and the location and everything about it.
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I just got a scam email on my Craigslist ad and replied "I'm sorry, Sharon, but a Nigerian prince has already made me a better offer."
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Since I just know you all were wondering about my new minimalist look for my apartment.

This is what it looks like after getting it ready for my small DINNER PARTY tonight, what am I thinking.

Three more. )
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I just finished reading all the archives of and now I have nothing to do on the internet. Damn.

(Ahahahaha, today's xkcd is so true. I once had to make a flying leap towards my computer to turn off the Britney Spears, although that was a playlist mistake rather than "shuffle all.")

I've been occupying myself with paint chips and color palettes for the past week or so while trying to pick color options for my apartment with Ethan and Rebecca in the fall. Yeah, it's about four months away, but I'm impatient. And being ready far ahead of time is better than spending a week sleeping on the floor of an empty apartment not moving in our furniture because we still have to paint and we can't decide what color we want the living room.

At first I thought I wanted a darker light green on the walls of the living room like I've painted my room, but after looking at a bunch of photos of lighter-colored walls, I like the idea of a lighter, more neutral yellow-green, like this:

I have to confess that I got the exact color by holding my purse up to the color palette in photoshop. Because I really like the yellow-green of my purse, and I think it would make a really nice color for a wall. Actually, now looking at the purse on my closet door versus the color on my computer, the purse is even slightly more muted than that.

The brown there is a nice generic brown, because I'm still stuck on the idea of having a brown accent wall. I blame some of the IKEA sample rooms.

Like this one, which coincidentally is Ethan's favorite room in IKEA as well. )

Pretty damn convenient coincidence, considering our styles are going to have to play nice for us to live together. Anyway, that brown is a little dark, I think, although Ethan really likes a dark, almost purplish brown that I got from the Martha Stewart paint chips that's called Dark Fig, if I recall correctly. Something fig.

What are your ideas for good wall colors? Hex code accepted.

Here are some photos of an empty apartment like the one I'll be in. )

Also, I can't stop listening to this song. It's been going on for a month. Please send help. I don't need any help; this song is AWESOME.


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