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So I'm simplifying this to make a point, but basically, here's the thing.

Monkeys are not apes. Apes are not monkeys. King Kong is not a monkey. He's an ape. I realize they are both animals that look like people, but that does not mean they are the same thing. They're both members of the primate order, but dogs and cats are both members of Carnivora, and you don't see people calling kittens puppies.

Let's delve deeper into this classification and draw some parallels. Apes are members of the superfamily Hominoidea, which includes gibbons, siamangs, orangutans, gorillas, chimps, bonobos and us. The closest related monkeys to apes are the members of the superfamily Cercopithecoidea. These include all monkeys you would find in Africa and Asia - your baboons, macaques, langurs, etc.

Let's look at OTHER superfamilies in different orders that no one would ever mistake for one another!

How about bears and walruses? No one would ever mix those two up, but they're phylogenetically both placed in different superfamilies, just like apes and monkeys. They're both members of Carnivora, and members of the Suborder Caniformia, but who the fuck goes to Sea World and thinks they're looking at bears? (Except for the polar bear exhibit, you smartasses.)

Let's go even more ridiculous! How about members of the SAME superfamily that people never mix up? Mongooses and hyenas! They're both members of the same superfamily: Herpestoidea. But no one calls Riki-tiki-tavi a fucking hyena.

Yes, I realize we've all been SEVERELY retarded by our own culture's perception of monkey. Like, for instance, what the fuck is this supposed to be?

A chimp? This is supposed to be a chimp? What the fuck is that thing coming out of his ass? Is that a TAIL? BECAUSE CHIMPS DON'T FUCKING HAVE TAILS. IT SAYS "APE SHIT." IT'S AN APE. SIDE NOTE: Bananas come from SOUTHEAST ASIA, and guess who doesn't live in Southeast Asia? FUCKING CHIMPS.

If you're ever in doubt, people, just remember the sage words of my anthropology professor's FOUR YEAR OLD.

"That's not a monkey; that's an ape. Monkeys have tails. Apes don't."

This message has been brought to you by the Nostalgia Critic's King Kong review that I paused after 21 seconds in to scream.
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So you're walking along - maybe you're on campus, maybe in the park - and you see this.

(not my photo)

It's someone else's dog! (Presumably on a leash.) All you want to do is drop everything you're holding, run over, bury your face in dog neck and let loose a stream of nonsense garble that sounds like "WHOOOSSAAAADOGGGIEEEEE." But you can't. There are rules.

Approach. Acknowledge the owner's existence. (Yes, there are usually humans attached to dogs.) Ask the all important question "Is your dog friendly?"

If yes, approach. When the dog walks directly into you, brace yourself. Head-thumps may occur. Possible licking.

Remain standing during the duration of the petting. You may only interact with the dog for the amount of time it will take you to do the following:

1. Initial petting.

2. Remember that the owner is still there. Acknowledge their existence once more by asking the dog's name.

3. Pet the dog once more, this time using the name.

4. See if you can think of one more item of small talk. How old is the dog, where did you get him/her, etc.

Once you run out of topics, THANK the owner, pat the dog one more time, and LEAVE. The temptation will be very great to stand there ignoring the owner and playing with the dog, maybe even attempt to take the leash away from them, or stop them from leaving, but this is rude and not permissible. Cherish the time you had with someone else's dog, call a few people to shriek about your experience, but you must walk away now. Because this is not your dog.

(This entry brought to you by the ADORABLE German Shepherd I ran into outside of Genetics today.)
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I have new favorite animal names: numbat, potoroo, bettong.


Feb. 5th, 2010 09:35 pm
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A couple of months ago when my mom was still looking for a dog (she has since found one) we went out to the humane society to see what they had. We got taken back to the quarantine area to see the dogs that weren't out for adoption yet.

In the back, they had this wolf. This huge, beautiful, black and brown wolfdog. He was so sweet. He had a massive furry ruff and he would press his neck up against the fence so I could give him scritches. When we tried to walk away to look at other, realistic dogs, he howled when I was out of sight and jumped up against the gate when I started to walk back. He was loving and snuggly and when I felt confident enough to put my entire arm around the side of the gate to pet him he just leaned into me while I was petting him.

Honestly the ONLY reason I was able to walk away from the LEAST practical dog EVER was the fact that he WAS a wolf hybrid, and there are strict adoption rules here, and the woman at the pound said that there was a wolf hybrid rescue in the state that would be coming by to take him.


So I have no idea why, months later, I'm looking up photos of wolfdogs and missing that damn dog. There is no way I could have kept a BEAR-SIZED DOG in my apartment, there's no way I could afford to feed him, and I'd probably be screwed if I ever wanted a pet smaller than him, and if I wanted to buy a dog bed for him I would have to buy AN ACTUAL TWIN BED. But it's just one of those stupid things where you spend maybe twenty minutes with a dog and totally fall in love. I just have this insane urge to drive out to the pound and ask which rescue came and picked him up but I'd be terrified that I would get there and they would say no one ever picked him up, and ugh. This is why I don't go to the pound.

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My dad and I rescued this little guy from the gutter. We ended up taking him to a great park where he trotted off (after some minor prodding) into some palmetto brush. But beforehand, we got to take him home and let him scare the shit out of the cats.

Video )


I finished refurbishing my bike this weekend. It took a day longer than expected, but we got it done. I painted the basket, the bike rack, the fenders. My dad and I took forever to put all the parts back together.

More photos. )
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I left at 8:30 to go to my ecology test. I finished it in an hour and headed back home. While I was going on Dean Rd, this little two-lane sort-of country road that goes to my apartment, I passed by something laying in the middle of the road that sort of looked like a black cat. It had a long tail, dark fur. I went on for about 100 yards running through "I have a newspaper next to me in the seat, what if it were MY cat, what if it's still okay, do I know where an animal hospital is?" So I turned around, as I've always wanted to do whenever I see something on the side of the road and pulled off next to it. It's not a cat. It was an otter.

I didn't even know there WERE otters in my area, not a quarter of a mile from where I live, and I have to find this out by wrapping one in newspaper and carrying it to the side of the road. He was already stiff. It was harder than I thought it would be to scoop him up off the road. I bent down and had to struggle a few times before I could get my hands around him enough to lift. Otters are pretty solid creatures. Their fur doesn't take up much space - it's all otter. His tail hadn't stiffened up at all, it still hung down, heavy and limp. There was a car coming in the direction I came from that stopped for me and I managed to snatch him up as cars came from the other direction. He wasn't smushed or anything like you see sometimes on the road. He just had his head back and a little blood underneath it. Until I touched him I still had a hope that he was alive and I could drive him to some animal hospital in the area. I don't have a shovel or anything in my car or I would probably have buried him. I just wrapped him up in the paper and put him under a nice bush.

I was just gone for an hour.


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