Jul. 13th, 2010

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If I give the writing analyst an open letter to a neckbeard I wrote a month ago, it tells me I write like Poe. If I give it an angry screed about people's inability to tell the difference between monkeys and apes, I write like Kipling. What this exercise has taught me is that I need to make an effort to write actual entries, because my blog is seriously lacking in blog content.
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I have a hypothesis about how people behave based on how they enter the internet. This is entirely unscientific and completely based on my own personal experience with ten years of internet.

I have a feeling that people who get into the internet via facebook or some other social media platform where you start out with connections to people you already know in person tend to be more boring. That sounds bitchier than I really mean it, but if you think about it, when you start off on Facebook you already have a set group of people who have to put up with your bullshit, because they're already your friends. They have a history of listening to you about your dreams and what you have for breakfast and they're already well-trained in letting their eyes glaze over as you speak. That's what friends are for.

People who enter the internet through a fandom or through a forum have to try harder to be listened to. They're walking into a noisy room and saying HEY, PAY ATTENTION TO ME. This can produce two different patterns. You can either become legitimately interesting, well-spoken, funny, or bring something of value to the discussion, be it good posts, interesting discourse or Harry Potter porn. Or you can go straight to the negative PAY ATTENTION TO ME and become a gigantic wanker. But hopefully you'll look around at everyone and think, well, if I'm going to connect with these new people, I need to have something to offer.

It's a different mindset, I think. It's the difference between coming to a party with a few friends and spending the night talking together, and maybe making one or two new friends, and wandering into a party where you know no one and having to bust out every social skill in your arsenal in order to not end up sitting next to the chip bowl nursing a watery Coke.

Now of course all of this is painted in broad terms and is probably wretchedly inaccurate but I just wondered if there would be a difference in the way you interact on the internet based on your first platform.


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