Apr. 22nd, 2010

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Because it's not like I have anything better to do. (I do have better things to do.)


Here's a mood board of some of the photos I've saved from Apartment Therapy and Decor8 and Design Sponge and the like. This is generally where my taste is trending towards right now, except with more art on the walls. For some reason I can't find any photos I've saved of walls with tons of photos.

Clockwise from top right:

1. I love these curtains. They were apparently custom made by a certified mom, which makes them entirely accessible to me. If I were to magic them up myself right this second they would be trimmed with yellow, not red, because I've developed a Stockholm-esque attachment to the color yellow thanks to the yellow EVERYTHING my dad has to buy for work. I love the realistic coziness of the room, and especially the ladder bookcase in the corner oh wait I'm making one of those right now.

2. This is the Small Cool winner from Apartment Therapy. I'm a sucker for a Danish credenza, and I love the mustard vase to the left of the tv. I'm also a big fan of the Italian Bond movie poster. Although I love color too much to stick to such a monochromatic color scheme, I do love gray and yellow together.

3. This is more like my preferred color scheme. This room belongs to Shay Ometz, one of the creative directors at Fossil. I love the yellow and aqua with pops of red. Somehow with the white wall and light-colored sofa it keeps from being too busy.

4. This is someone's very first apartment. It must be nice for her to have one of Martha Stewart's designers as a mother. It's a little too Breakfast at Tiffany's shabby chic for me, but I love the lamp and the classic loveseat. I would probably be way more ostentatious and upholster it in a wider stripe.

5. The large size of the bar tray photo is not representative of my priorities. I just think it's really gorgeous. I would buy Hendrick's just for the bottle.

6. I definitely picked this photo for the skull. I love the whole cabinet of curiosities trend that was floating around the design blogosphere last year. Little framed butterflies, maps, magnifying glasses, terrariums. Of course I killed my terrarium. But I don't live anywhere that I can harvest natural moss anyway. And the glass container broke in the middle of the night for some strange reason.

7. Fuck, I so want a card catalog. And that bag.


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