Feb. 18th, 2010

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So you're walking along - maybe you're on campus, maybe in the park - and you see this.

(not my photo)

It's someone else's dog! (Presumably on a leash.) All you want to do is drop everything you're holding, run over, bury your face in dog neck and let loose a stream of nonsense garble that sounds like "WHOOOSSAAAADOGGGIEEEEE." But you can't. There are rules.

Approach. Acknowledge the owner's existence. (Yes, there are usually humans attached to dogs.) Ask the all important question "Is your dog friendly?"

If yes, approach. When the dog walks directly into you, brace yourself. Head-thumps may occur. Possible licking.

Remain standing during the duration of the petting. You may only interact with the dog for the amount of time it will take you to do the following:

1. Initial petting.

2. Remember that the owner is still there. Acknowledge their existence once more by asking the dog's name.

3. Pet the dog once more, this time using the name.

4. See if you can think of one more item of small talk. How old is the dog, where did you get him/her, etc.

Once you run out of topics, THANK the owner, pat the dog one more time, and LEAVE. The temptation will be very great to stand there ignoring the owner and playing with the dog, maybe even attempt to take the leash away from them, or stop them from leaving, but this is rude and not permissible. Cherish the time you had with someone else's dog, call a few people to shriek about your experience, but you must walk away now. Because this is not your dog.

(This entry brought to you by the ADORABLE German Shepherd I ran into outside of Genetics today.)


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