Jan. 30th, 2010

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In the comments of The Nostalgia Chick's latest video,The Smurfette Principle:

Long time listener, first time caller.

Hi, I'm male. I'd like to point out that, as a male it has been my experience that females tend to be the bane of my existence. I'm not gay, lord if only. No I'm cursed with a powerful need to be loved by the fairer sex. It has not been my experience to have ever been needed by the opposite sex, rather I am to be used by them. Females say they want equality and want something to connect with. Not true. Women want power and oddly they have it.

This episode was tiring. I feel like it really made few points. I feel like it didn't matter. Look, if those shows were not there for you analyze you wouldn't be the strong female you are today. Men put these stereotypes on women and women over come them. You really think that the vapid are made so by pop culture. Hardly. It is pop culture reflecting the ugly truth.

You female types are soul sucking demons. It's not your fault. I love each and every one of you. But only the really fat girls know what hard need and desperate rejection breeds. We the unattractive or the socially unfit (I'm socially unfit, but handsome) will always be the playthings of the ones who we cannot have.

I hope your next review is better. Has a point other then "Whaa! I'm a girl and there are better boy cartoons then girl cartoons!" Let me point out what happens when a director makes realistic female characters: Evangelion. Yep, Asuka (spelling?) was the perfect example of the real female. "I'm the best! I'm not the best?" Crumble.

If you made it down this far, let me finish by saying that men have more flaws then women. I'm not a women basher for any other reason that I was hurt, badly by a girl. Girl's hurt boys and boys hurt girls. But I never hurt another human being like I was hurt by that girl. I'll never stop loving her and I'll always measure the merits of another girl to her. They will always fall short.

I'm just a sad, sad man. I like Babes Bunny and thought she was a strong female counterpart...for a fucking cartoon. If you want female role models you look no further then your own self. You, Miss thang have the right head to be proud of your girlly bits. So drop it! Pop culture reflects, more often then not our blemishes.

Come hang out sometime. I'm a real life hater.

And in the rest of the comments! The mansplaining! Oh, the mansplaining! I thought I understood the subject, but NOW I KNOW I WAS WRONG. AND ALL IT TOOK WAS A MAN.
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So I'm home with my parents for the weekend to work on my Projects and we go out to eat at Charlie and Jake's barbecue, and while we're eating I wax poetic about my dream of going to a barbecue festival and grazing on barbecue all day and then getting rolled out like Violet Beauregarde. But then my dad mentions that there's some upcoming barbecue/grilling festival that one of the guys that rents space in his storage yard is going to. Apparently you pay some registration fee and get to use a Big Green Egg and then when you go home the egg goes home with you.

Let me repeat - this several hundred dollar barbecue giant follows you home. So I get all excited, I'm thinking holy shit, I could totally enter, what would I make, I think smoked turkey and pulled pork, maybe I'll get to make some sort of punch, grill some vegetables. I can add barbecue champion to my resume!

And I get home and the festival is set during my vacation to LA. So I guess that just gives me time to prepare for next year.



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